How to display the Last Updated Date of your posts in WordPress

Updating your wordpress posts on regular basis is good, both in terms of SEO and the engagement of your readers with your blog. It’s not always true that whenever you publish any article, its complete one in terms of knowledge, depth and worth. As you keep on learning, you come to know new things; which you want to add in your old article.

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How to install LetsEncrypt SSL certificate free

Do you want to install LetsEncrypt SSL certificate for free on your blog?

I know the answer is yes and if your webhost offers it for you then you can install it easily though the cpanel interface. But what if your host does not offer this for you? Then you can follow our tutorial that will let you manually install https certificate from lets encrypt on your blog.

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How to Set Up Author Tracking On Your WordPress Site by MonsterInsights?

If you have more than one person writing content for the WordPress website, you will come across the need to track each and every individual author. That’s where author tracking on the WordPress website will become an important thing to do. Why should you enable author tracking on the website? Author tracking is one of … Read more

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

Having high bounce rate is a headache for every website-owner. If people land on your site and they just close the browser then it is not a good characteristic for your site.

What is Bounce Rate and does it matter?

If I go with dictionary definition of the word Bounce then it means repel. If any object hits another object and then moves back, preferably in the opposite direction then it means that the first object is bouncing from second object. This is what I have explained as per English dictionary.

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Why I quit blogging

In 2012, I quit blogging and joined as a software engineer in a multi-national company. But that happened as of a sudden and I was left with no option, rather than just joining a company as a full-time employee.

Well, leaving all that, let me continue to write this article.

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Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work For You And How To Let It Work?

why people fail at affiliate marketing

Have you failed in Affiliate Marketing and do you think that affiliate marketing does not work for you? Nothing comes easy in life unless of course, if you happen to win the National Lottery. To build any business, you would need to work hard with dedication, enthusiasm and above all, to prepare your mindset to … Read more