A2 Hosting Review by Atul Bansal

A2 Hosting Review by Atul Bansal

A2 Hosting is a web hosting company founded by Bryan Muthig in the year 2001. Originally, Bryan founded the company Iniquinet in August 2001. But when Iniquinet started to expand then Bryan Muthig thought of renaming it to something professionally accepted by everyone and so, he named Iniquinet to A2.

Why the name A2 Hosting?
Iniquinet started in Ann Arbor, a city in Michigan state of United States of America. Ann Arbor, starting with 2 As and so, the Bryan kept the name as A2 and the word Hosting he prefixed as people can judge by the name that it is a web hosting company. And so, the name emerged as A2Hosting.

That was something on the history and background of the company A2Hosting. Now let us go into the types of plans that A2 provides so that we can have detailed a2 hosting review.

A2 Hosting Review
A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Plans

In order to have an unbiased a2 hosting review, we need to first check the various plans that the host offers. The company sells below types of hosting plans:

• Shared
• WordPress
• Dedicated
• Reseller

A2 Shared Web Hosting

The first plan which is considered the starting and base plan for new bloggers and small firms is shared hosting. This is the cheapest plans when it comes to host any website.

A2 sells Linux and Windows based packages under Shared Hosting. And they have 3 types of shared hosting packages (under both windows and Linux platforms) – Lite, Swift and Turbo. Each of the shared packages comes with different features. The starting and the minimal package or plan which is sold by the name ‘Lite’ can host only single website while Swift and Turbo can handle unlimited sites.

With any of the shared hosting plan that you purchase, you can enjoy free SSL certificate from A2Hosting. The official support team will be available 24 by 7 for your help. They have their servers in 4 locations – Arizona and Michigan in America, Amsterdam in Europe and their Asian servers are in Singapore.

If you are a linux expert then you can enjoy command line interface Wp-CLI. You can enjoy free CDN from Cloudflare and can increase your webpage speed and performance.


The Lite plan is good for:

• Single Website.

• 5 databases.

• Unlimited storage and transfer.

• Half Gb of physical memory.

• Single core of 2.1 Ghz.

• You can create 25 email ids of yourself and your team.

• 25 parked domains.

• 5 subdomains.

• No add-on domain.

With Lite, you have to pay 3.92 dollars per month. However, you can activate the 51% discount by clicking on below link.


The swift is the best-selling shared plan from A2 Hosting. It is best in the sense that it does not remain limited to single site and you can have multiple sites hosted under this plan. It costs 4.90 dollars per month.

Swift is good for:

• To host multiple websites and blogs.

• The number of databases that can be configured with Swift is also unlimited.

• Like Lite, there is no limit on the bandwidth and storage capacity.

• Lite was having a limitation on number of email addresses but Swift uplifts that limitation and you can create unlimited email accounts.

• Physical memory of 1 Gb.

• Two cores of 2.1 Ghz each.

• Unlimited Subdomains.

• Unlimited parked domains.

• No Limit on add-on domains.


Turbo is the last plan when it comes to shared hosting. It will cost you $9.31 USD per month. This plan is basically for enhancing the speed and performance of your website with their turbo cache technology.

Along with all the features of Swift, Turbo will give you below additional benefits:

• You can host unlimited websites under Turbo.

• The number of mysql databases is also unlimited.

• You can enjoy turbo enhanced speed which is not possible with either Lite or Swift.

• Turbo cache and memcache features can be enjoyed with Turbo plan.

• 2 Gb physical memory.

You can try the same Lite/Swift/Turbo packages with Windows servers also. But with windows servers, the price is little high. But if you are not bound to windows then I will recommend you to have your servers on linux only as linux operating system is more secure as compared to windows.

More than price, it is the security and performance of a website that matters. So, always prefer linux over windows.

Managed WordPress A2Hosting

If you are purchasing any of the managed wordpress packages from A2 Hosting then you need not do anything for yourself. A2 support team will take care of installing wordpress, configuring any plugins etc. While Shared stresses on DIY (Do it yourself), managed is something that the company has to handle.

You will get free personal license of Jetpack with all the plans. The bandwidth transfer will be unlimited and you can have unlimited number of databases configured. The Litespeed cache will be available for your websites and that will also be free. Free SSL certificate and lots of free goodies will be for you.

There will not be any limit on email accounts as well and A2 team will help you in migrating your website from other host onto their servers. They have only one location of servers and that is, Michigan in USA.

The managed wordpress hosting from A2 comes in below plans:
• 1-Site
• 3-Sites
• Unlimited


• As the name suggests, it is good for hosting a single website.

• The starting price is 11.99 USD per month.

• 2 cores of 2.4 GHz.

• 2 GB physical memory.

• 8GB of virtual memory.

• Since it is for a single site, there will not be any provision for add-on domains.

• 10 Gb of Raid-10 storage.


• As by the name, you can have your 3 websites hosted under this package.

• The monthly price is $18.99.

• 25Gb of storage.

• 2.4 Ghz three cores.

• 3GB physical memory.

• 12 GB of virtual memory.

• Support for 2 add-on domains will be provided.


• Going by the name, this plan supports unlimited sites.

• 4 cores, each of 2.4 Ghz.

• Physical memory of 4 GB.

• 16Gb virtual memory.

• Subdomains, parked domains and add-on domains – all can be hosted unlimited.

• Raid-10 storage of 40GB.

VPS A2 Hosting

Next in the series comes VPS (Virtual Private Servers). To understand VPS, assume that you have been allocated a single fixed space in a big hall and you are not allowed to cross that space. You have some predefined boundaries and whether you want to dance, run, cry, jump – all you have to do in that space and within the boundaries only.

A2 supports below 3 VPS types:
• Unmanaged
• Managed
• Core

Unmanaged VPS

The unmanaged VPS is something for the system administrators and developers. If you are technical person then only you should go with this option as if you fall into any troubleshooting issues with your website then no support will be there to help you. Infact, you have to do everything on your own.

I will suggest you not to host your live websites under Unmanaged VPS unless you are very much sure about your system administration skills and you know what you are doing. Infact, my suggestions are that you can have an unmanaged server for learning the sysadmin and linux skills. You can keep it as testing environment where you can review your sites configurations and can host your sites on shared hosting or managed vps.

Entry, Mid and Elite are the different packages that fall into unmanaged a2 vps hosting. You will have the option to select any of the mentioned operating systems from CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Slackware, Ubuntu or Gentoo. Also, you can select any of the servers located in different parts of the world. You will get root access and free SSD. Obviously, root access is first priority of any system administration and that is the reason one goes for VPS.

• The starting price of Entry package is 5 dollars per month. The starting means that while configuring the server, you will have the option to increase any of the features such as if you want extra storage space, extra core or bandwidth.

• However under 5USD, you will get 20 Gb disk space, memory of 512Mb and single core CPU.

• Mid package starts from 10 USD per month.

• Like Entry, you can configure your Mid server as well.

• By default, you will get 30 Gb of disk storage, 1 Gb memory, single core cpu and bandwidth of 2 TB.

• Elite monthly starting price is 15 USD.

• Storage of 50 Gb.

• 4 cores.

• 2 TB bandwidth.

Managed VPS A2 Hosting

The managed VPS is something where you will enjoy the benefits of Virtual private servers but at zero risk. A2 support team will take care of your sites. If your sites experience slowness etc. then A2 Web Host team will be happily reviewing the logs etc. and will be supporting your sites.

Here, you can learn the vps hosting features and can play with it and along with it; you need not to worry for your sites downtime as that will be taken care by official technical support team from A2Hosting.

The managed vps a2hosting is divided into 3 categories – Power Plus, Prestige Plus and Pinnacle Plus. With every plan, you will get free ssd and ssl but you will not get root access here. With every plan, you can enjoy 2 dedicated IP addresses.

Power Plus
• RAM of 4GB

• Disk storage of 75 GB

• 2 TB bandwidth.

• 4 virtual CPUs.

• The monthly price is 32.99 dollars.

Prestige Plus
• 6GB of RAM.

• 100 Gb of raid-10 storage.

• 3 TB transfer.

• 6 virtual CPUs.

• The monthly price is 46.19 dollars.

Pinnacle Plus
• USD 65.99 per month price.

• 8 GB RAM.

• RAID-10 disk space of 150 Gb.

• 4 Tb transfer.

• vCPUS as 8.

Core VPS

The Core VPS a2hosting is managed hosting only but in core, you will get root access while in simply managed, root access was missing and A2 was responsible for handling everything for you. Since Core package will get you gain to root access, so this is little cheaper than managed without root access.

The Core VPS A2 Hosting has all the same 3 packages that managed has – Power plus, Pinnacle plus and Prestige plus. You will get the same configuration and features and just the pricing will be little different.

The power plus will cost you 25 dollars, prestige plus will cost you 35 USD while pinnacle plus will cost you 50 dollars per month.


If you see above, I gave you example of room and hall for VPS. If you want to acquire whole hall then we can say it as a dedicated server that is specifically designed for you and your websites. It is infact an upgradation to VPS.

Like VPS, Dedicated also comes with option of Unmanaged/Managed and Core. It similar to VPS only but just the configuration and pricing is different.

Unmanaged Dedicated A2 Hosting

The various plans under unmanaged dedicated SSD servers are:
• Sprint
• Exceed
• Mach

• The beginning price is 99.59 USD per month.

• The basic configuration of RAM starts from 8GB.

• Storage capacity of 2×500 Gb.

• Bandwidth of 10 Tb.

• Number of cores -2.

• Intel 3.1+ Ghz.

• Monthly price is USD 165.99.

• RAM starts from 8Gb.

• Bandwidth starts from 15Tb.

• 4 cores.

• 2.4 plus Ghz Intel xeon.

• 2×500 Gb storage.

• Price is 248.99 USD monthly.

• 16 Gb RAM.

• Storage of 2x1k GB.

• Bandwidth transfer starts from 20 Tb.

• 8 plus cores.

• 2 Intel Xeon 2.1 plus Ghz.

Managed Dedicated

Like VPS, this managed dedicated server is without root access. The plans here are same as those in unmanaged dedicated package; the only difference is in prices. The sprint plan will cost you 141.09 dollars; Exceed will cost USD 207.49 while Mach will cost you 290.49 USD per month.

Core Managed Dedicated

In Core managed dedicated A2 Hosting, you will get same prices and configuration as they are in without core package. The only benefit is that you will be getting root access here.

Make sure to take root access only if you think yourself as a good system administrator as any mistake can become a hurdle in the functioning of your sites.

Reseller A2 Hosting

If you want to earn by selling the web hosting packages then reseller a2hosting is for you. You can purchase any plan and then can resell to your own customers. You can charge whatever amount you want from your customers.

You need to pay fixed charges to A2Hosting and you are free to bill any amount to your customers. With every plan, you will be getting WHM control panel and enom reseller account from where you can manage all your customers easily.

Reseller comes into 4 categories:
• Bronze
• Silver
• Gold
• Platinum


• The price is 11.99 USD per month.

• Transfer of 400 GB.

• The storage is 30 Gb.

• You can create 40 accounts, which means you can sell to 40 customers.


• The monthly cost is 16.79 USD.

• 75 Gb storage.

• 600 Gb of bandwidth.

• It can be sold to 60 customers.


• Cost is 22.19 dollars per month.

• 150 Gb of space storage.

• 1k GB of transfer.

• You can create 80 client accounts.


• 37.19 USD per month is the cost.

• 200 Gb of raid-10 space.

• 2k GB of bandwidth.

• This reseller plan can be sold to 100 clients.

Which A2 Hosting plan to purchase?
I have mentioned above all the plans that the company is offering and based on your requirements, you need to select any one. If you are just starting then you should go with any of their Shared plans.

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My Unbiased A2 Hosting Review

BloggerPNG is also on A2hosting and till now, we have not received any downtimes. My site works well and that is the reason that I am recommending you the same host. I would say that you should definitely give a shot to a2hosting. You can also check my Black Friday A2 Deal too. See below email I received from A2 Hosting after I installed wordpress on my site.

A2 Hosting Review by Atul Bansal
A2 Hosting Review by Atul Bansal

If you are going through the below link then you can enjoy flat 51% discount on your purchase.

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