Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing - Which Earns More Money?
Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing – Which Earns More Money?

Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing – Which Earns More Money?

If you are smart and willing to put in hard work with long hours, there is money to be earned on the internet. The options are many and it would need your unstinted attention, commitment and dedication to bring home a few dollars to supplement your income. Some are into it fulltime and have been at it for a very long time and have mastered the art of making money. You too could follow suit if you are willing to learn a few of the money making endeavors that are available for anyone on the internet.

Two options would stand out quite prominently which have been in the public domain in recent times drawing the attention of many. You could choose between the two which could both bring you good returns for the efforts that you would put in. They would be either Google adsense or affiliate marketing. You could choose and dabble in either of the two after you have been convinced which would make you more money and in which you would be more comfortable in.

Comparing the two, we could arrive at a crossroad to select which of the two would be more profitable and would make you more money. Some would select Affiliate Marketing over Google AdSense because they would claim that it pays more than what the latter could pay out. This is a very popular notion and to ensure which would score above the other, we must look at both prudently to arrive at the appropriate answer.

Those who are professional bloggers would combine affiliate marketing banners with Google AdSense and spice their work with direct advertisements to ensure they optimize earnings on their blogs. Combining all together would have its advantages and disadvantages too.

Google AdSense
Google facilitates their versatile platform for advertisers to showcase their products and services to the world through the AdWords that they have created on the AdSense platform. These ads are further enhanced by different websites to take it to their users and when these ads are shown around and users either click (PPC) or CPM on these ads, Google gets paid. PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and CPM stands for ‘Cost Per Thousand Impressions’. Google share a part of what they get from the advertisers with the websites that carry the ads.

It works well for all with Google making their share and the websites getting something too for carrying the ads. On the other hand, the advertisers get more exposure for their product or service on different websites; hence widening their reach among their potential prospects.

Every time a user clicks on the ad to peruse it, the advertiser pays and if you are carrying that particular ad, you would be paid and which could be hundreds or even thousands of clicks per day. Every click brings you money. Though the earning per click may be very small but the amount would be always coming in. If you are getting an impression CPM, the amounts could be marginally higher and a better earning for your website.

There are millions of ads that are being propagated on the Google platform at any given time and Google pays out millions every day for everyone who would carry the ads of their advertisers. Advertisers too prefer their products to be showcased to a wider audience and would pay for every click or impression.

There are millions of advertisers on the Google platform and they put up billions of ads to promote their products and services. It is a vast cauldron of activity out there and if you are smart and dedicated, you too could be an integral part of that action. There is money to be earned and with so many products and advertisers clamoring to get the attention of their potential prospects, the field is wide open for many to join and promote products and get paid for their services.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing could be a slight variation from the Google AdSense platform where a sale would need to be affected for the website to get paid. In Affiliate Marketing, there are no payments for clicks or impressions. A product or service should move from one person to another and payment would need to be effected. Here a predetermined commission structure is in place and you as an affiliate marketer would know what product you would need to showcase on your website or blog and in what niche market you would like to place it.

You carefully select the niche and the product and then promote it through your website. If you could build a substantial audience and they are the niche that you desired for, your earnings could reach the sky because there are opportunities galore to place the right product or service in the right domain.

Success would come only if you work in one selected niche market, but if you try to put your fingers in every pie the chances are that you would fail miserably. You would need to select carefully and be sure of what you would be doing because trying to sell the wrong product in the wrong niche would not bring you financial gains.

You should definitely check Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners, in order to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You have flexibility in affiliate marketing where it would be you who would choose your parameters and if you pick the right one then you could be on the road to success. To ensure your success, you would need to build a wide audience not forgetting that it goes hand in glove with the niche that you have selected.

The wider your audience, would be better for you but you should have the right potentials and if you do not do it concertedly, you could be having a large audience but not a potential one for your product or service offered.

It is imperative that you build a quality driven audience and not one based on quantity alone. It is not a more the merrier attitude that you would need to follow but one which would be quality driven. As long as you could have an audience that would be potential and productive, your affiliate marketing endeavors would soar to success. If you do not build such an audience but just anything, your efforts would all be in vain. If you could build an audience with vast potential, you could end up as a successful affiliate marketer and reap tremendous benefits from your efforts.

Comparing AdSense and Affiliate Marketing – Points to Ponder

1. It may be easier to dabble in affiliate marketing than trying to work on the Google AdSense platform. Creating a blog and becoming an affiliate marketer for any leading online website selling various products and services would be an easier endeavor rather than trying to work on the AdSense platform.

2. Putting in the same efforts on either of the platforms – Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. There is no doubt that affiliate marketing would reap you greater financial benefits than AdSense. This is why there are more people on the former rather than the latter. Here, again it would be that how much of time and commitment you are prepared to invest in one over the other. Commissions earned from the affiliate marketing platform could be higher than what you would generally earn on the AdSense platform.

3. Payment is streamlined on the affiliate marketing platform with the aid of PayPal or Payoneer. However, you can get payments from Google Adsense directly in your bank account. This could be one of issues to contend with if you are to compare between the two.

4. Country Restrictions: Google Adsense is not available in few selected countries such as Iran, Syria etc. There are restrictions in affiliate business too but not as much as Google has imposed for its adsense program.

5. If you are to select affiliate marketing as your platform, the choices to choose any niche and promote products on it through your website or blog are numerous. Every niche that you would select and position any product is a possibility. This advantage would be absent for you on the AdSense platform because of inherent issues restricting access to different niches.

For Example:
Google does not approve the adsense on some of the niches such as porn and adult websites. Even if your blog is providing the sexual advices, google will not approve your adsense account. But here is a trick. Once you have an approved adsense account (that you got approved from one legitimate niche blog), you can place your adsense ads on any site unless google does not catch you :). But I would suggest you that you do not gamble in this trick because your account might get banned if Google catches you.

6. Google manages AdSense. Hence, they have their own specific rules to administer the platform which could be restrictive for reasons known to them. Google has many issues which you would need to fall in line with before you would have access to the AdSense platform.

The same may not be true with affiliate marketing as it has many small, medium and large affiliate marketing companies which would accommodate and have in place various strategies which could be user friendly. On this issue, there is more flexibility being on the affiliate marketing platform rather than Google’s AdSense.

7. This versatility and flexibility extends even to the ads which would be placed on either of the adsense or affiliate marketing platforms. Whilst the former could be dull, the latter would be more attractive and eye catching. The more attractive ads would generate more money and with a disparity between the two, affiliate marketing would earn more than the other.

STM Forum conducted a poll where it asked the bloggers that how much money they earn per annum and below is the result.

Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing
Bloggers Earning Money Per Year

Affiliate Marketing could win you the day
If you are to look at the advantages, it is very clearly noticeable with the comparison between google adsense and affiliate marketing that the latter has many plusses over the former. Affiliate marketing has immense scope because of its openness and pragmatic approach to business, especially if you are to see it from the eyes of an affiliate marketer.

Still before you would jump to any conclusions, it would be prudent to cover all relevant aspects pertaining to affiliate marketing so that you are fully aware of what would be in store for you when you decide to get on its bandwagon. One very contentious issue with affiliate marketing is that it would not work with all the pages of your blog. It would restrict itself only to certain pages and be not compatible on others.

On the contrary, Google AdSense would work on all pages, even extending to those that are not compatible on the affiliate marketing pages for its products. On this score, AdSense would score decisively over what affiliate marketing would offer all its discerning users. This comes into play with AdSense making you money all the time but would just not compare with what affiliate marketing would earn with one sale.

Whilst AdSense could be your bread and butter, affiliate marketing could be the jam which comes along to spice your earnings up. The amount that you would earn in one commission on affiliate marketing would be far more that what AdSense would earn you in a day.

AdSense would keep your bank till filling all the time but what you would make in one sale on affiliate marketing, this meager amount could be matched. The two would have very different approaches to making money but there is definitely more money in affiliate marketing than in AdSense.

Through experience, some very ardent affiliate marketers disclose that what they make with one sale would compare to what they earn on the Google AdSense platform for a week. Depending on what product you would be promoting on the affiliate marketing platform, the earnings per sale could be quite impressive compared to what you would get in return on the AdSense platform.

Keeping both Affiliate Marketing and Adsense would be advantageous
Being on both platforms would be advantageous because even if you don’t get a sale on the affiliate marketing endeavor, you would still be making something on AdSense. Giving up on the latter and concentrating only on the former could not be a very prudent financial decision.

Hence, being on both simultaneously would be to your best advantage. If one is slow to get off, the other would keep your home fires burning. Considering either adsense or affiliate marketing, they would be making money for you but the best bet would be to keep the adsense within your grasp because the affiliate marketing could go with an income longer than the other.

If you are securing 5 or 7 product movements per month on the affiliate marketing platform, it would be well and good. But if you fail to achieve that, you could be looking at a very bleak future in the next few days. Hence, keeping AdSense, you could be rest assured that there would be a few dollars dropping regularly into your till without much ado.

Many who have mastered both are able to keep their bank tills filling up all the time. Though one would give small amounts, the other would bring in substantial contributions when the time is ripe. If you are smart and work tirelessly towards your set objectives, there would be a very steady income flowing your way uninterrupted and keeping your spirits high.

Diversify your exposure on your website by placing your contents and ads in the right locations so that visitors would be able to see what you would be offering very clearly and precisely. You need to be seen for the visitors to engage with you. Hence, selecting the right locations for your ads on your platforms would be imperative.

There are no restrictions to have google adsense or affiliate marketing on the same page as long as you balance both perfectly. If you do not and your affiliate marketing overshadows the AdSense component, your latter account could be in jeopardy. If you could ensure proper management between the two, it would bring good results. One would be a continuous meager flow of cash whilst the other would be tipping the tills with a loud noise.

AdSense would pay even if users click and go onto the websites that you would be promoting. Hence, PPC would help you with little amounts of money. This is what Google would share with you for every click or CPM impression that any visitor on your website or blog would ensure when they do so.

On the contrary, affiliate marketing would pay you only when a sale is affected and the transaction is complete. This is where AdSense strikes a better bargain because of the payments that they make. Even if it is minuscule, it would add up as the time progresses.

Hence, it would be prudent that you ensure you are active on both platforms and do your utmost best to ensure you have the best of both worlds if you are to make your time and efforts worthwhile financially. It is worthwhile to ensure that you are good on the affiliate marketing and AdSense platforms, which would provide you with the impetus to create a good source of income for you. Many have tried it and most have succeeded provided they are prepared to work with dedication and commitment.

Affiliate marketing would bring in big money but in fits and starts with the bank till clicking once in a while but Google AdSense would keep on filling the bank till with small amounts very regularly. Between the two, affiliate marketing would earn more money but AdSense could be what would give you the impetus to carry on knowing well that there would be a better horizon waiting for you.

It would be advisable to dabble in both because you would be making money either way around. They are not scams and would not lose you any money. The only thing that could happen is if you give up. Hence, creating the right mindset within you would be imperative.

Let me know which ad platform you are using on your website – google adsense or affiliate marketing.

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  1. Great read Atul! Very informative. I know people who use both and are a great advantage because of that. And people who use the only Affiliate. I still had confusion and thought I’ll choose one, but…both it is. Thanks again for this article.

    • @Albert David: Thanks and welcome to my blog. Yes, keeping both google adsense and affiliate marketing also work on many blogs.

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