What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work - [Infographic]

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work – [Infographic]

Are you new to the term Affiliate Marketing? We will let you know about affiliate marketing that what it is and how it works.

We know that “Marketing” is a very complex exercise which needs us to follow various specialized courses to keep abreast with its changing trends. When we refer to marketing, the first thing that would come into our mind would be the process of selling a product or service, by which you would make a profit.

Marketing and sales are two different processes but with the same ultimate goal and are intertwined with each other. We need to bring both processes to a successful end if we want to meet our objective of making the profits we envisaged at the beginning.

Marketing is the process which would initiate a sale and would include many aspects which would help in the process. A Sale on the other hand, is the real selling process where the exchange of payment is initiated against the delivery of a product or service. To initiate a sale, the right environment should be created to ensure that the sale is successfully concluded. Marketing cannot be terminated till the sale is initiated successfully; neither could a sale be successful if the right marketing strategies are not initiated.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is a different ball game and one which would not require you to sell the product or service and infact, which you would decide to bring within your purview. It is a process where you would refer others who come onto your website and entice them to buy from another firm. In simple terms it would be “referrals” that you would be initiating through your website. The process of referrals is not very complicated but you would need to follow some salient criteria if you want to be a successful Affiliate Marketer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing
What Is Affiliate Marketing

There are many companies out there from the large ones like Amazon and eBay, to the medium and small ones who would gladly pay you a commission from the sale, if those who would buy from them are referred by you.

You should try joining some of the mentioned affiliate marketplaces:


Your endeavor would not go unnoticed because the system would show how the buyer went to them to buy the product or service. This process is tabulated and you would get a predetermined commission which could earn you from the hundreds of dollars to the thousands, even extending further to make you a millionaire.

Hence, before you would embark on this very exciting and profitable endeavor, it would be prudent to know, what is Affiliate Marketing? We would like to take you through its process and hope you would be able to assimilate the nitty-gritty issues pertaining to it and become a successful Affiliate Marketer. To know what Affiliate Marketing is all about, it would be necessary to find answers for all the Affiliate Marketing FAQs.

Once you know the intricacies of this universally practiced art, where some Marketing Affiliates are minting money in thousands, if not in millions of dollars per year, you too would be confident to take it up and make some passive money to make ends meet. Hence, it would be your prerogative to learn and master that how Affiliate Marketing works?

To become a successful Affiliate Marketer would need your unstinted attention and also some very hard work. You would need to be attentive to the changing trends on different websites and select the best where you could refer those who visit your website to buy a product or service from the third parties. You would be a middleman or woman as the case may be and initiate the right impulse to ensure your visitor moves over and buys what you are promoting.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?
To become a successful Affiliate Marketer, you would need to have your own website or blog which should be visually interesting for visitors to often look up or readable with superlative content. Either should have a magnetic appeal where visitors would eagerly follow and wait to see new visuals and new content.

Once you have either of the two, you should carefully and prudently choose in which niche market that you would work in as it would be futile to put your fingers into every pie as your Affiliate Marketing endeavor cannot be successful if you do so. Hence selecting the right niche market where you would work as an Affiliate Marketer would be the first important step in your efforts to become successful.

How Affiliate Marketing Works
How Affiliate Marketing Works

Once you have selected the niche market that you would work in then all your energies should be directed to ensure building up a wide, vibrant and active audience. The larger your audience, the better for you and this could be achieved by way of creating an email list of all those who are either active or have visited and engaged with you in the past. You can try ConvertKit for managing all your emails.

Many fail in Affiliate Marketing endeavors due to the fact that they try to dabble in many markets without first concentrating on one that would bring positive results. Working in a selected niche market would not only make you comfortable but also filter your audience down to the most active members. It would be futile to try and sell a product that would not cater to your niche market.

For an example:
If you are trying to sell men’s clothing in a women’s niche market, it would be quite a futile endeavor. Hence, selecting which niche market you would be comfortable and which would bring you positive results would be the first and foremost issue that would either bring success or failure in your Affiliate Marketing initiatives.

You should check – Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners.

To create a large audience and an expansive email list, you would need to bring readers of your blog or first time visitors onto your website by offering them something in return for their mobile number or email id. Once you have created an audience, you could promote products on the different websites by inducing members of your audience to click and move over to these websites and buy the products offered on them.

Different websites offer various commissions for their Affiliate Marketers who would need to be registered with them. Once you have initiated the process of registration, you could be earning different commissions for different product ranges when any one from your audience goes through you and buys products or services. Hence, the idea would be to enlarge your audience and keep them always interested on what you have to offer.

The more the merrier we would always say and in Affiliate Marketing too, it is just that. The wider your audience the better prospects that you would have of getting some of them to always buy from your Affiliated Marketing companies.

Make An Irresistible Offer
This is where the catch point is, and which would create the right environment for constant engagement. You would need to offer your audience an irresistible offer which would be too good to ignore. This would be offered by you for either providing their email addresses or for clicking on the link which would divert them to the website that you would be promoting.

Your audience would know that you are promoting the website that you provide them the link with, but it is not an issue because they are at complete liberty to either buy what is offered or move away.

There is no compulsion on those who click to buy, but you could also receive payment for those who would click and go over to the respective website and browse through what they have to offer. These are pay per click and would still earn some money for you. In fact what you would be doing is to leverage the power of the internet to your advantage by creating and promoting products and services of others on your website or blog.

Once your offer is taken up by a member of your audience, you would need to get his or her attention by inducing a click which would capture the page they are induce them to engage. They could either move over or provide their email address to get what you are offering. This could be either a product or a service which they would be interested in at that moment. Such a moment would come only if your offer is irresistible and if not, they would move away from your page.

Affiliate Marketing should not be confused with Network Marketing, which are multi-level schemes which are really scams and are what we popularly refer to as “pyramid schemes”. Affiliate Marketing endeavors are legitimate, and not scams. What you would be doing is to refer members of your audience to legitimate websites which sell a product or service and induce them to buy.

They have every opportunity to refrain from buying and when they purchase anything, they would get exactly what they are offered. They would physically receive the product or service and most have even an acceptable return policy where they could return the product or refrain from receiving the service within a stipulated time limit.

I hope that after reading this article, you now know that how affiliate marketing works?

Below is the affiliate marketing infographic.

Affiliate Marketing Infographic
Affiliate Marketing Infographic

Please feel free to use this infographic on your website:

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