Benefits of Blog Commenting and Why you should Leave a Comment?

Benefits of Blog Commenting and Why you should Leave a Comment?

If you are in blogging from quite some time then you must have noticed that people leave comments on other websites.

Do you think that there some benefits of blog commenting or people just pass by those articles and they leave their views on them?

I don’t think anybody is free to leave a comment on any website without any benefit.

There are many benefits of blog commenting and we are going to list them now.

Benefits of Blog Commenting
Benefits of Blog Commenting

14 Benefits of Blog Commenting

1. Builds relationship

When you leave your comments on other websites then it means that you are building a relationship with that blog-owner. That person is already an authority in his area and when you build relations with such persons then you are not only benefitting yourself but also to your website.

Leaving comments not only helps you to build a relationship with the author of that post but it also helps to enhance the relations with the avid readers of that author.

Start commenting on each and every post of that author and you will see that his readers will start diverting towards your blog. If those readers like that person’s content and if they see that if someone is posting some valuable opinion then why not they would like to visit that person’s website?

When you are trying to build relationship by leaving a comment on other people’s sites then don’t you think that there are some other new bloggers also who are following the same approach by visiting those websites?

Leaving comments will force those new bloggers also to visit your website as well and reading your articles. And if they like your articles then why they can’t become regular readers of your blog?

Also in this way, you are forcing the avid readers of that blog to build a healthy relationship with you. Today or later, they will try to maintain good relations with your website as well.

In any business, building relationship is the foremost thing. And so, we have kept this point at first place in the benefits of blog commenting.

2. Increase in Traffic

If you are commenting on a high-traffic website then you can expect good quality traffic for your site as well. But the question comes how and why?

Have you ever tried commenting on a high traffic blog?

If no, just try and you see the magic.

Suppose 1000 visitors are visiting a particular page on a website and you have placed a quality comment on that site. If those visitors liked your comment-content then chances are that they will click on your name and land on your blog.

And if you are the first commentator on that post, then you cannot imagine that how much traffic you can get.

And if your comment on that blog is well-written then you can divert lots of users to your blog and that too without google organic search and without doing any SEO. This is something that you are getting as direct traffic.

But do you know that leaving a comment on other blogs can give you indirect traffic also?

When you leave a quality comment on someone’s blog then many people notice your opinion. And then they might visit your blog as well. If they like your post then they might link your article from their individual posts. And they end in sending visitors to your website.

See your one comment has gained you some visitors. This is what we call indirect traffic from third-party website. Increase in traffic is obviously one of the biggest benefits of blog commenting.

Increase in Traffic
Increase in Traffic

3. More Social media followers

Blog commenting brings you lots of social media followers. I have already cleared in above sub-headings that how other blogs visitors land on your site when you comment on their sites. Those users might follow you on your social media channels as well. So you end up in gaining more followers for your facebook and twitter accounts.

And the plus point of these users is that they follow the same niche on which you post. If they are following you on social media then you have a nice opportunity in making these followers as avid readers of your blog.

Also, you can sell anything on twitter to these users. If your tweets are interesting and suits to those followers then you are free to do affiliate marketing on your twitter and facebook accounts and you get good quality users to whom you can sell some useful thing.
This benefit of blog commenting is giving you more social media followers.

4. More Email subscribers

The readers of other blogs will come to your site. They will read your content and after reading, can subscribe to your email list. If your content is good then that user might subscribe instantly, when they visit your site. And if your content is not good then anyways, no one is going to subscribe your email list.

If your content is nice and the user does not subscribe to your email list instantly then also you can expect those users to be on your email list in few days. You write the articles and if user likes them then you just need to be patient; they will definitely be in your list someday.

If you do not post good articles and do not write well then also blog commenting has given you a chance to have those users visit your website. If you are unable to convert them as regular readers then it is your writing fault and not the fault of commenting technique.

So will you not consider it as a benefit of Blog Commenting?

5. More likes to your facebook page

Who are the people who share the posts on their facebook pages? Those are the readers of a post who read that article and share that post on their facebook. No matter whether they have landed on a post through google search or through any social media or they come in the category of direct traffic; if they like the article then they will love to share that on their facebook.

And those users are landing on your site. You made a comment on other people sites and you have attracted the same quality users on your blog as well. If those users can share any other site on their facebook channels then why they cannot share your website?

They are not your enemies and any particular website is not giving them any special money to do any social media promotion. So you will definitely end up in getting more facebook shares and more facebook likes, which in turn is one of the biggest advantages of blog commenting.

6. More Pins

As I stated the reasons for facebook share above, the same holds for pinterest as well. But I would say one thing that more people have their accounts on facebook as compared to people having accounts on pinterest. If that user is not having his account on pinterest then how he will pin your article on pinterest? But if he keeps pinterest channel then you can expect some pins from him.

And generally, all remain active on facebook but when it comes to pinterest; many do not have active accounts. So you might have few pins. But be ensured that active pinterest users will give you pins and after that, you can count it as a good advantage of blog commenting.

7. Increases your knowledge

The benefit of Blog commenting is that it helps in increasing your knowledge on that subject as well. But how? If you are a good commentator then first you will read the post of other blogger and after reading the content only, you will leave a comment.

Thus commenting on other blogs is forcing you to read quality content and thus, you are increasing your own knowledge on that subject.

But there are some bloggers who just post spam comments on other blogs. They just read the title of the article and submit their spam comments without reading the whole content of the post. But I would suggest you to not to do that. Read the whole post and help yourself in increasing your own knowledge as well.

8. Takes you as Professional in your niche

Well written comments can take you as a professional by the users. People will think you as expert in that subject and will likely start following you. They will follow you on social media and they will also love your blog.

People will think that you are dominating in that industry and possess a great knowledge on your niche. Just be assured that you stick that professionalism and post good quality relevant comments on blogs.

Don’t run after the quantity of comments that you make but rather always stick to the quality. Then after few months or years, you will yourself realize that how many people are following you and how many queries you get related to that niche.

Benefit of Blog Commenting
Benefit of Blog Commenting

9. Helps in Link-building

When you are commenting on other blogs then do you comment without your website link? I know the answer is in negative as who will comment without any usage .

You will see that websites, who have commentluv wordpress plugin enabled on them, usually get more comments. This is due to the fact that when people comment on those blogs then they get the linkback.

Have you ever seen people commenting on blogs who do not even allow anything to enter in Website field? Only if the blog is an authority then only it can expect too many opinions else no one would love to write anything for free.

For the similar reasons, comments help you in link-building. And if you see any commentluv enabled blog then do not forget to comment there. You will not only get a link-back to your homepage but also to individual posts.

99% of blogs will have nofollow for external urls but then also you are expecting a link-back and there is nothing harm in getting a nofollow link from SEO perspective also. And if that link is also from same industry then let the linkback come.

10. Improvement in Writing Skills

When you are reading what other people writes then you are improving your writing skills as well. You are not only increasing your knowledge on that subject but infact; you are improving your writing capabilities as well.

If you are just trying to post spammy comments then well-established authority sites will not approve them and as such, you have to write meaningful opinions. This will improve your writing capability.

11. Improvement in Logical and Quick Thinking

Along with the quality of writing, you will see improvements in your logical thinking as well. Do you want that you end-up your whole day in just commenting on other blogs and do not save time for your own venture to write the articles?

Thus, you will develop a habit of thinking quickly and that too logically so that you can quickly share your opinion and can work on posting articles on your own blog as well.

You will think that I am talking scientifically here or I am going into some other stream but believe me, this is one of the benefits of blog commenting that your mind starts thinking as a blogger and you will yourself see the changes in your thinking capabilities.

12. Quick indexing by Google

If you are a new blogger and want to see your posts in Google-index quickly then follow my one trick. Comment on old blogs and you will see that how quickly google has indexed your post.

Since that blog is already a proven authority and which is regularly indexed by Google then you can easily take advantage of it. Google will index all the new pages of that website quickly and if it sees any new external link on that page, it will follow that link and will add that link’s content in its cache.

I cannot say where you will stand on first position in indexing algorithm but one thing is sure that your blog will get indexed quickly.

13. Brand Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of Blog commenting is Brand Awareness. Leaving a comment on other blogs with your name and url means that you are establishing your site as a brand. Not only your website but infact you are building yourself as an authority and a brand.

Make sure that you make a perfect gravatar for your profile, so that you get noticed easily and you get more branding for your blog.

14. Benefits in SEO

Generally bloggers make external urls as nofollow. And if those links are in comments section then 95% of websites make them as nofollow only. From SEO point of view, the comments might not add much to link-value due to nofollow link. But the question arises as then how blog commenting will benefit in SEO?

It is true that leaving a comment on other blogs might not give you dofollow links but one thing is sure that it gives you traffic. Bloggers and readers will come to know about your blog. They will share your posts on social media channels and that sharing can help you in SEO.

Plus, if the bloggers likes your content then they might link your any of the posts urls in their articles. And if it happens then you are getting a dofollow link as well. This is a big positive thing for your blog in the eyes of Google.

If you are unable to see quick SEO benefits of leaving a comment on other blogs then also there is nothing to worry in it. In the long run, you will definitely be benefitted.

I have listed many benefits of blog commenting. So, make sure you always leave a comment whenever you visit any site.

14 thoughts on “Benefits of Blog Commenting and Why you should Leave a Comment?”

  1. Blog commenting is still an effective strategy in this current online marketing trend. It is also a white hat method which is a great tactic to build the natural link building process. Commenting help us to build the brand, increase the credibility, social media and also enhance the SEO campaign too.

  2. Hey There,

    Blog commenting can bring a drastic change in your day to day traffic you receive on your blog. There are still famous marketers like Neil Patel, jeff bullas , and many more who actively comment and reply on their own blog.

  3. Hi,
    Great information about blog commenting. Blog commenting is one of the most profitable business in these days. Superb all things special in it,You know what, beginners are always face difficulties for earn to some handsome income, but some sites are available in this market that helps the peoples, i’m really glad that your site also provide everything who’s peoples want .Actually i have a aim to earn handsome income via niche affiliate marketing but unfortunately as i’m new in this field and less amount of knowledge that’s why i am searching some informative sites only for this purpose just like yours and this one also revglue(.)com/blog-detail/29-how-to-make-money-everyday-with-a-niche-affiliate-website. Few days before my colleague suggest me this site for my work and i’m also searching about this site its a UK base register affiliate site which is providing everything on a single platform with low commission rate and i am thinking to use it .But i wanted more knowledge about this site to yours .could you help me out please if you have any idea or experience about this site share with me this will help me a lot thanks.

  4. Following google metrics in SEO factors is one good solution to stand longer in the competition. Commenting is a healthy practice but bloggers are so lame sometimes going all gaga with the spamming.

    Be honest, read the article for couple of minutes or later. Comment from your heart, and you will enjoy the content + a link back.

    Honesty is very over rated among bloggers these days 🙁 sad to see the commenting area seen as spam section.

    Cheers Atul. Good write up you have here.


  5. Hi Atul, I’m Martin. Thanks for this article on blog commenting. I had heard about blog commenting before but didn’t realise there were so many benefits to it. Number 9 is very interesting, I don’t even know if I have commentluv installed, I’m quite new to blogging.

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