What is a Blog - Explanation With Pictures

What is a Blog – Explanation With Pictures

In this article, we will let you know what the term blog actually means and what it is in real terms.
So not wasting much time, let’s understand that what a blog (or a weblog) is.

What is a Blog?


It’s a website with bunch of articles written, on a particular niche or can be of multiple niches as well. Whatever the articles are there on that website, all are written in such a way that the latest one appears first. It means that the recent articles will always appear on the top and the old ones will start shifting downwards. It is like an online journal.

Blog Structure

Let’s see how generally blog looks. It is divided into following parts:

• Header

• Central Content area

• Sidebar

• Footer

The header, as the name suggest, is the top-most part of this online journal. Header contains menus for pages and categories. The pages can be like About Us, Contact etc.

Based on the niche, the categories have to be decided. Example: for a sports site, the categories can be cricket, table tennis, badminton etc. Similarly, if you have a news site in which you cover the news spanning different topics such as Bollywood, movies, lifestyle and politics; then you can take the same names as categories of your blog.

Central Content Area
This is the main area which keeps changing frequently. It changes as per the frequency of articles published. This is the only part which is different on every url of the blog. Means one url will display you different content and another url will display you different content.

And if you have the similar content on 2 pages then Google will treat it as duplicate content and it can kick you on your back :(. So be cautious very much on this Central Content part.

What Is Blog - Explanation
What Is Blog – Explanation

Feel free to use this template on your website

Also, the content will be different on different pages as well. If you are getting confused then look at the image above, you will understand as what I am talking to.

The sidebar can display your popular posts, latest comments and can have advertising banners too.
The sidebars can be either on:

• Right Hand side only.

• Left Hand side only.

• Both on right and left sides.

The footer is at the bottom-most. You can add your pages, categories, archives here in drop-down. You can also add links to few other pages such as Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. People manipulate Header and footer as per their requirements.

Blog Sections

A blog has multiple sections which combined together, constitutes a complete weblog (or, blog). If we consider a weblog as a body then all these sections are body-parts. All the sections have their individual benefits and all of them, when added together; increase the beauty of your weblog. The sections are listed below:

• Archives

• Category

• Pages

• Posts

• Tags

• Comments

Let’s understand each of the sections in detail.

It is basically the archival of the posts that you published in the past. On homepage, you can display the archives as a drop-down menu or as a list. Basically, it will display the month-year and the count of the number of articles published in that month-year.

Previously, many bloggers displayed the archives as a list but now-a-days, people are getting shifted to show the archival section as a drop-down.

Showing archives as a drop down further saves the space on your site. So, you might be thinking that how you should display your archival section. It all depends on you.

But I would suggest, go initially with list way and later on after 3-4 years when your weblog becomes aged, you can choose to display the Archives section in dropdown as at that point of time, displaying archives as a list will eat much of space.

Whatever article you write, you have to add it in any category. A category is basically a family, and similar type of publications can be added here. It means category is basically a group of similar-type posts.

Pages can be like About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy etc. where you can add the static content.

These are the actual news of your online journal. This is the one that brings maximum traffic to you and this is the one which makes your journal popular on the internet.

Whenever you publish anything, you can add some keywords in that publication. Such as if you are composing something on Mozilla Firefox browser then you can add few tags such as internet, browser, firefox etc. I would recommend you to stick to max 3-4 tags to any composition.

Do you want that you write something but no one reads it? – Obviously, No.

And do you want that your readers appreciate your journalism by sending you their words? – Obviously, Yes.

So basically, your readers send you their suggestions/remarks via comments section.

And please make sure that you allow comments on your weblog.

What is a Blog Post

Now, you have very well understood about the definition of blog and what actually a blog is. So now, let’s see what the post is.

An article written on any topic is known as Blog Post.

Frequency of posting articles

It depends on 2 factors:

• Niche

• Person


The niche is the topics on which you write articles. Suppose you cover the daily news happening in your country or worldwide then you can post multiple times in a day because every now and then, you get some news to publish.

If you are writing on some other topics such as Bollywood, sports, celebrities then also you can have some daily gossips to publish.

But on the other hand, suppose you have a mobile website on which you post new mobile launches then it’s difficult for you to post daily as you will not be able to find mobile phones being launched daily.

Same holds true for some other technical topics such as articles covering on windows tutorials, iPhone tutorials etc. I would say that it is difficult to post daily on web hosting, wordpress, making money online etc. Atleast, the frequency of blog writing on these topics cannot be as high as would be that of a news website.

So, we can judge that the niche plays an important factor when it comes to frequency of posting articles.


This is another factor that determines the frequency by which you can publish on your site. By person, I mean to refer here the author, the writer, the contributor; who posts the articles on his/her blog.

Suppose a person is a college student then much of his day-time will go in his college and his studies. So, he will be left with little time to concentrate on his blog. Similar holds true for a person who has his daily day-job. Much of his time will go in working in his office. So such people can only work when they are not in their colleges and companies.

Any other person cannot devote so much time in blog writing as that can be done by any full-time blogger.

So, again we can see that person contributes a lot in the frequency of blog writing.

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