15 Blogging Tips For Bloggers That Kill Success
15 Blogging Tips For Bloggers That Kill Success

15 Blogging Tips For Bloggers That Kill Success

How to become a Pro Blogger – 15 Basic Blogging Tips for Bloggers

Blogging is the easiest way to provide you with a steady source of income. It asks for the minimal range of efforts from you that you need to invest. And with the correct guidance, achieving your long dreamy heights is just a short time away.

When you have become adept with your blogging skills, you can even work with it on a full-time basis and generate income sufficient enough to help you support your preferred lifestyle very easily.

The freedom that blogging provides you with cannot be compared to anything else. The best part is that you can start blogging at any point of time.

We have prepared 15 of the most useful blogging tips that can turn any novice blogger into a seasoned pro in the shortest amount of time. But you must follow and obey them by heart.

Best Successful Blogging Tips to turn a Beginner into a Professional

1. Develop a Passion for it

Working on subjects you are passionate about provides you with higher chances of making progress. With a natural inclination towards the field, you will probably achieve better results than when you will do it just as a formal duty.

But you cannot expect immediate success. You have to be patient and understand how the industry works. Patience is the key to achieve everything you could ever hope for.

With the correct combination of passion and patience, you will make progress at a much faster rate. Read on to discover more of the blogging tips and tricks to help you generate more success.

2. Use Informal language with Short Paragraphs

Try to engage directly with your readers. Using an informal language can help you do so effortlessly. Bucket brigade format of writing has gained quite some popularity in recent times. Using short paragraphs maintains the interest in readers and also keeps them engaged for longer time periods.

When you use first person tone in your blog, you can directly communicate with your readers. Also, it provides them with a feeling that they are being given importance and tend to develop a general liking for your posts.

The best way to engage with your readers is to use ‘You’ for addressing them. You can also use ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ in your writings to develop a friendlier feeling. Using these simple blogging tips and tricks can be most beneficial.

3. Choose your Target Audience

Decide on the demographics you are considering as your prime target audience. This is an essential point to consider. It helps you to get the best results. When you target the wrong audience, you cannot expect optimal results for the best of your pieces.

To simplify it, let us take an example of you writing a blog on any of the beauty products for women. That means your target demographics should be women in the age range of about 20 to 35 years or as you see fit.

But when you address boys and men in your blogs, you cannot expect a similar promising result. The best way to decide the suitable range of audience for your posts is to concentrate on whom it is being created for and how you expect them reacting to it.

Blogging Tips Beginners
Blogging Tips Beginners

4. Derive Ideas from the Audience

Another one of the chief blogging tips for beginners is maintaining open communication with your audience. Try encouraging them to comment on your posts and also seek advice from them. They can provide you with some of the most creative ideas for your next post.

Also, when you directly engage with your audience, they start feeling a sense of recognition. It automatically contributes to the fact that they will probably develop a sense of loyalty for your posts.

When you ask them to review your posts and respect their honest feelings, they can provide you with insights that you could never have derived all by yourself. Your audiences are your trendsetters. So when you work on the ideas they provide, you will obviously ride the trend waves at full flow.

5. The Title is the Main Attraction

Pay extra attention while choosing the title for your post as it will help your audience to decide on their interest that whether they will read the topic or will just ignore it. If you are targeting some keyword, you can consider using it in the title as well.

You may choose one of the commonest topics and yet get your hands on some of the most exclusive audience if your post title is catchy enough.

The best way to formulate the most attractive title is to get done with the blog first and then work on choosing it depending on the progress of the blog.

If you try to decide on the title first and then formulate the post based on the same, it will be tough. Moreover, it will also drop the quality of your post.

6. Add Photos

Using photos are the best way to engage more audience to your posts. You can just use some stock photos or use some from your own gallery. But using random abrupt photos is not what we are talking about here. It must have relevancy with your topic and must present a clear statement of what you are trying to say.

Research also shows that a post with pictures has more chances of drawing the attention of your potential audience than the ones without it. The pictures say more than words and you can use it positively to build up your own base of loyal fans.

While adding photos to your articles, you must consider optimizing the images properly so that you can gain good ranking in Google Image Search.

Adding Photos is one of the most successful blogging tips that can help you to hold on to your potential readers for longer time periods.

7. Use the Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are no longer limited to being used for getting in touch with your loved ones to chat and play games. On the date, it has been converted to one of the biggest business platforms for global market.

Social Media is the largest source of free traffic that can be easily redirected to your website with the simplest push. Also, you can share your content on social media for relatively no extra cost.

You can even use paid methods if you are not satisfied with the organic results that you are getting. Joining up forums, communities, Facebook groups and pages and promoting your content using Instagram are some of the latest ways by which you can increase your exposure and get access to more potential viewers.

8. Controversies and Gossips

The unfortunate, sad fact of today’s society is that people are more interested in gossips and controversial topics. They seem to enjoy the spice rather than the fact that you are trying to deliver.

However, you must avoid any argument no matter how much controversial your chosen topic may be. But you must ensure to have a strong voice and be very clear on what you are trying to say.

It is only then that you can expect your followers to keep following you. Trolls can be one of the most negative issues that can affect your growth. Take care to not to encourage any trolls and take immediate step to control any rising ones against your blogs or posts.

No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, it is one of the most effective blogging tips you can use to get more traffic to your posts.

9. Be Bold and Unique

Be bold while choosing your topic. All can speak but very few have a voice. If you have the judgment on using your voice, ensure you choose the correct topics and deliver the correct message to your readers. Any interesting topic is sure to attract many readers.

Another point you need to remember is that the content you are producing must be of top-notch quality. By quality, we refer to its uniqueness, grammatical mistakes and correct use of language.

To write the sentences properly in English and to avoid the grammatical mistakes, you must try Grammarly.

It means that the content has to be free of any plagiarism and must be easy to read. No one will be reading your lines twice. You are not writing a psychology paper, but an informative piece that is designed to help individuals.

Using short, smooth and simple sentences is one of the best ways to keep the readability maintained.

10. Timing the Publications

To achieve the best results, you need to time the publications right. Let us take an example to explain this point. Suppose you are planning to write a blog post on any of the latest tech releases, be it that you want to compose a post on any of the upcoming smartphones.

Timing your publishing few days before the smartphone launch is one of the best options.

You can use the market craze for the product in your favor and derive double benefits – help your readers with the much essential information to aid them in deciding their choice as well as use it to generate healthy organic traffic for your website.

11. You must be your First Reader

Before you publish your post, ensure that you experience your work first. This will also have two-fold benefits.

First, you can eliminate any mistake as you yourself will be proofreading your work. Additionally, when you review your work, you can easily get the best parts that demand improvement and how to implement the same that suits the sections.

When you continue to follow these blogging tips and tricks, you are sure to improve the quality of your work automatically.

12. Include a Call To Action button

One of the most basic blogging tips for beginners is including a call to action button in your posts. This will help your audience to realize what you expect them to do and thus help them react better to your strategies.

With a carefully designed CTA button, you will probably have better conversion rates as well.

13. Use Email as your Weapon

Email marketing is one of the oldest-known ways of increasing your global exposure and it is still to leave fashion. Rather, it has turned even more effective in the current days.

For Email Marketing, you can try Google’s feedburner as a free solution or best is to try professional email services such as ConvertKit.

Newsletters and emails can help you to instigate more readers to your posts. Take some time out to formulate a list of email contacts that can act as the correct group of your target audience and then take the step to engage them directly through the mail services.

14. People use Mobile more

One point that you must remember is that the smartphone has become more common in recent times and people use it to search the web more than they use their computers. It means that you are required to create your articles friendly for mobile devices.

You can use the preset themes from most of the leading providers such as WordPress or Blogspot and enjoy the services for free or minimal costs without requiring you to spend a fortune in preparing your own, responsive design.

And if you are seriously looking to step into blogging then you should consider any premium themes from Elegant or WpZoom.

15. Use Analytics to track Traffic

Another one of the successful blogging tips is to use various analytical tools of market research to determine your target and revenue sources. It can help you to know that which section is generating the most traffic for you.

Then you can accordingly plan which portion you need to pay more attention to and what country based target should you choose for your next project. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are some of the most common tools that are being used by other bloggers in today’s market.

These are some of the best blogging tips and tricks that can help any new blogger achieve great success in the shortest amount of time.

But the main sauce to a blogger’s success is experience. As you keep writing more, you are sure to come up with your own sets of tips and tricks based on your style that will be helping you to generate even more traffic in due course of time.

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