Bluehost Review by Atul Bansal – Why it is Wordpress Partner?
Bluehost Review by Atul Bansal – Why it is WordPress Partner?

Bluehost Review by Atul Bansal – Why it is WordPress Partner?

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies since 2003. It was founded by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Provo, Utah, United States. It is one of the trusted partners of WordPress and is being recommended by WordPress officially. It boasts of managing more than 2 million websites and they have more than 750 engineers working in their team across the globe. Bluehost also has partnership with Endurance International group.

As part of my bluehost review, let us first check various plans offered by Bluehost.

Bluehost Plans

Bluehost is mainly for wordpress web hosting and that is one of the reasons that it has been officially suggested by wordpress team.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting
Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost plans are segregated into following types:
• Shared
• Dedicated
• Cloud

The best thing about bluehost is that with every plan, it offers free domain and free ssl. Now-a-days, many hosts provide free ssl certificate but all of them do not provide free domain. So, this is something plus point for bluehost. With all the plans, you will get 24 by 7 support and 30 days refund policy.

Bluehost Shared Plan

The shared plan further is segregated into 3 packages – Basic, Plus and Choice Plus. With every plan, you will get free domain and free ssl. The available bandwidth is unlimited.

Bluehost Plans
Bluehost Plans


• The price is 3.95 dollars per month.

• You can host only single website under basic plan.

• You will get SSD storage of 50 GB.

• 5 parked domains.

• 25 sub-domains.

• 5 free email ids. However, you will get email storage of 100 MB in each account.

• 5 parked domains.


• The unlimited number of sites can be hosted.

• SSD storage capacity is unmetered. It means it is again unlimited.

• Unlimited number of parked and sub domains.

• Also, email accounts and storage per email id is also unlimited.

• You will get 200 dollars marketing offers.

Choice Plus

This is the last package under shared hosting plans. Along with all the features of plus plan, you will get domain privacy and you will also enjoy codeguard basic as site backup.

Bluehost VPS Hosting

Next comes the VPS hosting, which is further categorized into 3 types of packages – Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate.


• The starting monthly price is 19.99 dollars per month.

• The number of available cores is 2.

• 30GB of storage.

• 2GB of RAM.

• 1 TB of bandwidth.

• You will get single IP address.


• The number of cores that you will get is 2.

• 60 GB of hard disk storage in which you can keep your all files.

• RAM of 4Gb.

• 2 Tb bandwidth.

• 2 IP addresses.


• 4 cores.

• SSD storage of 120 GB.

• Bandwidth of 3 TB.

• 8 GB RAM.

• 2 IP addresses that you can assign to your different sites.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated servers come into picture when you are too much serious for your websites and they experience too much traffic. Bluehost dedicated servers are of 3 types – Standard, Enhanced and Premium. Every dedicated server will have 8 threads and 4 cores.


• CPU of 2.3 GHz.

• Mirrored 500Gb of storage.

• 4 GB RAM.

• 5 TB of bandwidth.

• 3 IP addresses.


• 1 Terabyte mirrored storage.

• 2.5 GHz CPU.

• 8GB of memory.

• 10 TB of bandwidth.

• Number of ip addresses – 4.


• CPU of 3.3 GHz.

• 16GB of memory.

• 1 TB mirrored space.

• 5 IP addresses.

• 15 terabyte of bandwidth.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting

Bluehost has started giving cloud hosting plans too. The cloud Bluehost plan is further divided into 3 packages – Starter, Performance and Business Pro. With every plan, you will get unmetered bandwidth. The different thing with Bluehost cloud is that local caching will be enabled by default.


• 100 GB SSD space.

• 2 GB of memory.

• 2 CPUs.

• 50 dollars of marketing offers will be provided to you free of cost.

• Half a GB email storage.

• 100 email ids can be created.


• There is no limit on storage capacity.

• 4 GB of memory.

• 4 CPUs.

• The marketing offers of 200 USD will be available.

• There is no limit on email ids that can be created and even email storage will not have any limit.

Business Pro

• Along with all the specifications of performance package, there would be 6 CPUs.

• Memory of 6 GB.

• 2 spam experts.

• For taking website backups, Codeguard Basic is available.

Which Bluehost plan is right for me?
If you are starting with your blog or website then you should go with the cheapest plan of Shared Hosting. Also, if your site has very few visitors per day, in some hundreds or 1-2 thousand then also Shared plans will work for you. Above this limit, you can either go with VPS or Dedicated servers. If local caching and scalability is your priority then you should choose Cloud Bluehost plans.

My Unbiased Bluehost Review
If you are starting with any new website and you have not purchased even domain yet then definitely you should go with Bluehost as you will get a free domain also. If you are going with any other webhost then you have to purchase domain extra which will cost you something $12 to $13. And with bluehost, you can even save your domain charges.

The official wordpress team is also recommending bluehost and that way also we can judge that wordpress cannot recommend any worse hosting.

Please see the below receipt which I received after purchasing Bluehost plan.

Bluehost Review
Bluehost Review

I purchased bluehost’s shared hosting ‘Plus’ plan for my websites. I hardly got any downtime and my websites are running fine with bluehost till now.

I once had serious security flaw in my site and the surprising and the best thing which I liked about Bluehost is that they immediately rectified the issue.

Bluehost Security Review
Bluehost Security Review

To avail more discounts, you can sign for 12 or 24 months at single go. Also, you can click the below discounted link and can further reduce the pricing.

Bluehost Review by Atul Bansal
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  • Security
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Free Domain
  • Website Speed

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