8 Free Wordpress Content Protection Plugins to Kill Content Thieves
8 Free WordPress Content Protection Plugins to Kill Content Thieves

8 Free WordPress Content Protection Plugins to Kill Content Thieves

The effort of every administrator of a website, who mainly blogs with specific content and whether that content is technical, professional or exclusive, is rewarded with the visit and reading of these contents and their corresponding dissemination or healing in social networks so that the echo reaches beyond from the usual group of followers.

What happens when after a lot of work and effort and after publishing articles in our WordPress Blog, we find part or all of the contents or articles cloned in other websites?

Surely the reaction will be of anger and at least the first thing that will come to mind will be the rights of intellectual property and how to protect these contents.

What we want is to present solutions in the form of free plugins so you can protect “a little more if possible” your content in order to reduce the chances of indiscriminate copying or unauthorized use of them.

Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins

1. WP Copy Content Protection

This is one of the best WordPress Content Protection Plugins that prevents your blog content from being stolen by anyone. I have developed this plugin and I have written every piece of code taking into consideration the optimization of the coding.

The features of this awesome plugin are:
• It disables the mouse and keyboard commands such as Ctrl+A/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V/Ctrl+P and Ctrl+S etc.

• The best thing about this plugin is that it has an awesome feature which makes it different from others. With this plugin, the people will be able to copy your content but when they will paste this copied-content on their site then they will just see blank data. It means that they will not be able to copy anything and it will create an illusion among the online-thieves.

• If you want to allow copying, you can also append Copyright-information at the end of the text so that when the thieves copy the article from your website and paste it somewhere then your article’s link is embedded in the bottom.

• There is also an option to disable the copy-paste completely.

2. Delay RSS Feeds

Content Thieves can steal your website’s content by tweaking your RSS feed. So, as soon as you publish any article on your blog, the same gets posted on someone’s else site. You cannot stop this but you what you can do is delay your RSS feed so that the content on your site gets published first and the content-scrapping sites can post your data only after delay of few minutes.

In the meantime, Google will crawl your site and your site will become the initial publisher of that data. So, it is must for you to install this plugin.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

An SEO plugin, how does it help? This is the question that might be running through your mind; well it does help a lot.

One of the issues with content theft is that blogs automatically repost contents without their attributes. It is important to remember that these plugins retrieve the content from other blogs through RSS feed.

It means that the copied content that they paste on their own website is actually an automated process and there is no manual intervention in it. We cannot stop them to copy-paste our content but what if we can add our reference link in the copied content?

Adding a reference link will further help you in SEO as that online thief will be providing you a dofollow link. Further, you can check all the backlinks for your blog via SEMRush Backlink Checker.

This is where plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast comes in picture. It has an RSS menu which gives you the ability to insert content directly above and below in every post or message in your RSS feed.

The content can be written anyhow you want, but there is a specific code that gives the ability to add a link to your RSS feed so that when your article or post is re-released or republished by another person, it provides a link to the original content. Thus, search engines will be able to know about the original author of the article so that they can pass the credits to original site.

4. Copyright Proof

The wordpress plugin Copyright Proof was specifically designed to prevent copyright/content theft, unlike WordPress SEO by Yoast.

The copyright notice contains a digitally signed and certified time stamped content certificate under each message on your website, which can significantly contribute to the proof of ownership.

There are many customizable options, making it a very entertaining addition. You can also customize the colors of the copyright notice area for the rest of your website.

You can also state that the content from your website is protected by copyright and legal action will be taken if anyone copies the content from your website. This will certainly stare off many of those who steal contents.

5. WP Content Copy Protection

This plugin is developed by Tyche softwares and it does pretty good job in saving your website from online content thieves. It uses advanced technologies to protect your site from being stolen.

This add-on can be considered as the Swiss Army Knife for copy protection plugins. Some of the features that it include are:

• Disabling right click on the mouse.
• Drag/Drop and Save Images from an article.
• Disabling keyboard commands such as disabling CTRL A, X, C, P, S and U.

Personally as a user, sometimes I would like to copy the snippets of text written on any website and also, I would like to have right-click enabled so that I can do some browser functions if I want to do such as viewing the source code of any site etc.

As a user, disabling right-click on a site can be boring but if you want to secure your blog then you can install the plugin and make it difficult for any hacker to steal the content from your blog. The most important function that I like in this plugin is that it disables the drag-and-drop functionality of images.

It’s usually too easy for other bloggers to drag your image to their visual editor and paste it on their own post. Some people can do that without thinking and not even knowing that it is illegal.

6. WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

This is an effective plugin that uses advanced technology to protect your content and images from getting stolen.

This plugin disables the text-selection feature on your blog. So if someone is not able to select any text with his mouse or keyboard then why he will do right-click as right-clicking the mouse will not do anything in this case?

Besides this, this plugin disables right-click too. So, if you do not want to take any risk and want to disable right-click upfront then you can easily do that.

The plugin also hinders CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+A and CTRL+V keyboard functions. These keyboard keys are the most common ways used by online thieves to copy content from the website.

If some hacker tries to right-click on your blog then the plugin will show him an alert message. The message that you want to show to that content-thief is customizable and you can change the wordings as per your desire.

You can disable the drag and drop functionality of your blog’s images.

For a blogger, business and wordpress site owner, who is serious about protecting his website content should have this plugin. This is the most effective content copy protection plugin you will ever see online.

7. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

Similar to the color design plugin, this wordpress plugin also protects your content from being selected by anyone and thus, no one can copy your website’s content and paste on his/her blog.

It does not allow anyone to save any image from your website. It disables the right-click option and it also disables the computer keys CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+S, CTRL+X and CTRL+V.

It also has a pro version that allows you to add watermarks too. But I think that the free version of the plugin is enough and you do not need to spend the money on pro version.

8. Secure Copy Content Protection

The plugin disables the right-click, selection of the text and shortcut keys on your website. I would not rate it so advanced as the other options are there but it is also good to try if you do not want to go with any of the above mentioned options.

I have listed many free plugins that you can use in your blog to prevent your website content from being stolen by anyone.

Let me know which WordPress content protection plugin you are using to prevent your content from being copied, stolen and pasted by anyone.

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