How to Create a Survey Form in Wordpress [with Pictures]

How to Create a Survey Form in WordPress [with Pictures]

Are you looking for creating survey forms in your wordpress website?

You might be interested in surveys due to multiple reasons. You might need to ask your audience some specific questions, which can be related to your website theme or any special feature. If you have a news site then you might be interested in creating the survey for your local news or election results.

There could be multiple reasons but the thing is that how to create a survey form in wordpress website?

Then here, we will guide you with the detailed and simple tutorial to create a survey form.

How to create Survey Form with WpForms

We are talking here of wordpress plugin WpForms that will help you in conducting surveys easily on your website. So just follow the below steps and you will end up in creating a survey plugin on your wordpress website.

1. Download and install the wpforms plugin.

2. Go inside WpForms –> AddOn.

WpForms Survey in WordPress
WpForms Survey

3. Search for the addon Surveys and Polls Addon.

4. Click on Install Addon.

5. Activate the addon.

Survey and Polls Addon wordpress
Survey and Pools Addon

6. The Survey and Pools addon is active now and with it, you can create the surveys and polls in your website. In this tutorial, we will also create a simple survey poll and will do some styling over it.

You can follow the same steps and in the end, you will be able to optimize the form based on your requirements.

7. So first of all, let us create a wordpress form.

8. Head over to WpForms –> Add New.

9. Enter the name of your form.

10. Select the template Survey Form.

Create Survey Form in WordPress
Survey Form Template

11. You will see that a survey form will be automatically inserted such as shown below:

Creating WordPress Survey Form
Survey Form

12. You can see that there are plenty of fields with which a decent survey form can be made live with. The basic fields that will be visible to you are:

• First Name.

• Last Name.

• Rating that customer can share based on his experience.

• Suggestions for you that he wants to give you so that you can improve your site or anything.

• The radio buttons that he can click and describe what he thinks of your service, product, support etc.

• A text area where he can enter anything that he is unable to add in above fields.

13. You will notice that there are plenty of fields on the left hand side. You can drag any one or multiple fields to your form on right side.

If you are interested in collecting the phone number of your customer or address or just location, all that can be done. From the current form, if you want to remove any field such as ‘Comments’ then you can also do that.

Suppose you want to remove the last name field and you are interested in collecting just name (it is upto the customer that whether he enters his full name or just first name) then you can drag and drop the last name field in order to remove that from Survey Form.

Similarly, if you want to add any other html tag such as email address etc. then that can be done with simple drag-and-drop.

14. One nice feature of WpForms Survey add-on which I like is that it offers customization of rating stars as well. To begin with, click on the Rating Field and then go inside Advanced Options.

Survey Rating Star Field
Survey Rating Star Field

You will notice that the Rating stars can be changed to take the shape of heart, thumb, star or smiley. Also, the size of the rating icon can be chosen as small, medium or large. Further, you can pick any color from the color-picker.

15. Another area where you would like to go with the customizations is the Likert Scale.

You can click the Likert Scale field and can add/remove the rows and columns from there.

Rows correspond to the metrics/features for which you want the customers to rate you. For example: in rows, you can add product, service, quality, features etc.

Columns correspond to the radio-buttons or options that you want to give to users with which they can rate the corresponding feature. Columns can be

• Satisfied
• Very Satisfied
• Not Satisfied
• Neutral
• I Hate It

Likert Scale Survey Forms
Likert Scale Survey Forms

16. Survey Reporting: You have created the survey form for your wordpress website. But how will you enable the survey reporting?

• Go to the Settings –> Surveys and Polls.

• You will see a checkbox by the name Enable Survey Reporting. Check that. It will be checked by default but in case it is not checked then make sure you check it.

Enable WordPress Survey Reporting
Enable Survey Reporting

17. We can see that we have done lots of customizations to our survey forms. The main question now is that how to add this wordpress survey form to any page or post?

In your wordpress Gutenberg repository, you can click on ‘Add block’ and search there for WpForms. Select the wpforms block and choose your survey form from the drop-down.

Select WpForms WordPress Survey Form
Select WpForms WordPress Survey Form

Finally, publish the post or page and you can see your wordpress survey form live on your website.

Add Survey Form in WordPress
Add Survey Form in WordPress

18. Check Survey Reports: Once your survey form post or page is live, people will come on your website and will fill out the survey on your site. You need to check out these survey reports in your wordpress dashboard. Go to ‘WpForms’ –> ‘All Forms’ and click on ‘Survey Results’ to check all the surveys that your visitors have left for you.

Generate WordPress Survey Reports
Generate Survey Reports

Rating Star Survey Report

Rating Star Survey Results
Rating Star Survey Results

Likert Scale Survey Report

Likert Scale Survey Report
Likert Scale Survey Report

After following all the above steps, you are now an expert in creating survey form in wordpress.

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