20 Tricks To Create Backlinks To Your Website For Free in 2019
20 Tricks To Create Backlinks To Your Website For Free in 2019

20 Tricks To Create Backlinks To Your Website For Free in 2019

Often new bloggers get confused with terms like Backlinks, which is very important to your blog’s SEO ranking. In this article, we will understand the full concept of Backlink with its advantages and various ways to build quality backlinks easily.

What is a Backlink?
When you link your webpage to another website then it is called Backlink. It is so important that it has an important role in improving your SEO ranking. Search engines use lots of factors to display search results and backlinks are considered to be most important in search engine algorithm. There are many other terms for backlinks such as “external backlinks” and “inbound links” but all are motivated for the same.

Advantages of Backlinks

Backlinks are so important part of a website that they change and push the rank of your site on search results. It will be easy to understand with an example here.

If a person has a website named oceanofweb.com and he adds a link from another site techofweb.com then the search engines will see it as up-vote for oceanofweb.com from techofweb.com which will obviously push the ranking of oceanofweb.com in search results.

But apart from SEO, there are many-many other advantages of backlinks.

What are the Benefits of Backlinks?

1. Domain and Brand Authority

When a big and renowned website links your article, it will not only improve your SEO but will also create authority of your domain and brand. SEO company Moz has developed a way to calculate the authority of web pages and they have named it as Page Authority. Moz takes more than 40 factors to determine and calculate the Page Authority.

Moz has not revealed all the factors but they have clearly stated that backlinks from authority websites play an important role in increasing Page Authority. This is the same way that how search engines will consider your site. If your site provides authoritative information and is trustworthy then Google and other search engines will like your website’s content. This in turn will result in attracting more viewers and customers to your site.

2. Gets Referral Traffic to your Site

Only search results are not affected by backlinks but you will also get steady referral traffic. If any website has linked to your article then its viewer can click on your article’s url and can land on your site. If that third-party website is high-traffic site then it can send you lots of free referral traffic. This will generate more and more traffic for your site.

One more positive thing about getting backlinks from external websites is that the link will remain for indefinite amount of time. It will help in generating steady-going traffic for your website.

A single link on a popular website which spends lot of money on paid searches will surely bring a big rock-steady traffic for you and that too without spending a single penny. Also, if more and more people will share the content which has your article’s link then you will further get more traffic.

3. An edge in Competition

The steady traffic and better SEO will surely provide an edge in competition with more audience for your site. You can use various tools to find out the backlinks of your own site or of any of your competitors. Just add any domain and hit the enter key.

Moz Link Explorer

By using above tools, you can check the sites which are in the same niche in which your blog is and can know that where you need to try to place your links. If your competitors are gaining search ranking and traffic by adding their links on few sites then why can’t you try the same? The only missing information was the root domains pointing to your competitor’s sites. And with above tools, you can find out about those missing domains too.

4. Better Exposure And Long Lasting Investment

When a person is reading content on a famous website, he will be easily able to identify a link and can see your brand name as anchor text. Though he might not click the link and visit your site straight off but if your url is tagged with your domain name then it adds to the brand of your blog. And if the link is on any particular keyword then again it is a plus point for your blog in terms of SEO.

Google and other search engines take the backlinks as one of the most important factors in calculating the rankings of websites. And if that link is dofollow then you cannot imagine that how much positive it is for your blog as a whole.

In addition to this, it is a long lasting investment. Unlike other marketing strategies, the link will remain on that website for as long as that article remains active on that website. On the other hand, where paid ads give you temporary exposure, backlinks will continue to serve the purpose of referral traffic till that page or article exists on that authority website.

5. Establishes New Relationship

If you are creating some awesome content on your blog but not taking any of your times in creating the backlinks then you are publishing new articles on your blog but without creating any relationship. And it means that you are going in wrong direction.

Backlinks can help you in creating new relationships. When a person reads good content on another site and if that content contains your article url then he might click on that url and might land on your blog.

This might lead the reader joining your newsletter, liking your page on facebook, subscribe to your RSS feed, or any other such function. He might refer your article and blog to his friends. Thus, you can see that you have got a new subscriber and loyal reader. A mere backlink will change the brand popularity and search engine ranking of your blog.

Disadvantages of Backlinks

Like every coin has a flip side, Backlinks also have some midget disadvantages of its own. The biggest of all of them is the penalty given by search engine if the backlinks are of low quality or are in excessive. These penalties can be harmful for your site. You might be surprised when I said that excessive backlinks are harmful for your blog.

Actually, anything you do, whether you are creating content or backlinks in the form of comments or guest-posting, they should be natural. If your blog is just a month old and you end up in creating thousands of backlinks then it can lead to suspicious activity in eyes of Google. So, follow a natural process by adding new articles for initial few months and then gradually, follow guest-posting for your blog.

And another thing which is though not a disadvantage but a big problem is that there are so many websites on internet and daily new sites are popping up. In such a big mess of websites, it is hard to find a good website which can give high-quality backlinks. Ending up your article links on a low-quality website will lead to search engine penalizing and degrading your site.

But comparing both the cons and pros, it seems that the disadvantages don’t even exist in front of benefits offered by backlinks.

How to Build Backlinks?

We have seen that how much important backlinks are for a website, especially for new ones. We also understand that quality of backlinks is also important otherwise it may lead to search engine penalization. But getting a quality backlink is not an easy task. The simplest way is just to ask the desired site to add your backlink with relevant content. But remember that you are not alone asking that site-owner to add your article’s url in his post.

There are thousands of other bloggers who are looking for increasing the backlinks of their blogs. Many of them are paying a huge amount also to fellow bloggers so that they can get a linkback to their articles. But there are many more simple ways to get a quality backlink for your site.

How To Create Backlinks To Your Site For Free?

1. The Broken-Link Building

Probably, the most easy, famous and ideal method to get a good quality backlink is the broken-link building technique. The method is very simple and even the webmaster on whose website you need the backlink will also thank you for doing some SEO work for him. Many websites have broken links and you just need to report those broken links to the actual site-owner.

Firstly, you need to find the webpages corresponding to your blog’s niche. Suppose your niche is Blogging then you can search this line in Google – “How to start a blog?”

Google will display its search results. Open each page one-by-one. In order to find the broken links on any page, you can install CheckMyLinks Chrome extension. Now, whenever you will open any webpage on your Chrome browser then CheckMyLinks will show you the broken 404 urls on that page.

Backlinks Check My Links
Backlinks Check My Links

Now, the real trick starts here. When you have discovered a broken link on desired website, your task is to report and recommend the website manager about the broken link and other alternative relevant link (including your article’s url) that the webmaster can use to replace that broken link.

Just remember that while contacting the webmaster, please be polite and friendly and mention the exact location of broken link on his page. Also, include the relevant screenshots. This method works most of the time because you are doing a favor by telling the website manager about a broken link.

Since you are forcing the webmaster to move his article’s external link, so this method is called Moving Man method.

2. Guest Post

Guest post is another ideal and effective method to get backlinks. Not only backlinks, contributing guest posts will increase your viewers, reputation and your social media followers.

If you are having difficulty in finding appropriate websites to publish your guest posts then you can always contact the website-owner through its contact us page. Normally, all high-authority sites provide you a way to contact them and by using it, you can ask them if they accept guest-posts or not. And if you get any site with no contact us option then stay-away from that bogus site. You do not need to waste your awesome article for that waste site :).

You can also publish your article snippets on social media channels. The social media such as Facebook will act as your guest post platform. It will also increase your followers on your social media accounts. Your followers will love if you are a good content writer.

Use google to search for blogs which needs guest contributors. You can type below suggestions in google and search for the blogs that accept guest posts.

• Your keyword + guest posts
• Your keyword + want to write for
• Your keyword + contribute
• Your keyword + guest post by
• Your keyword + accepting guest posts

See below example where I tried to search the android blogs accepting guest posts. Here, my keyword is “android” and I have used the first variation Your keyword + guest posts.

Backlinks by Guest Posts
Backlinks by Guest Posts

When publishing the guest-posts, it is wise to read the other webmaster’s guest-posting guidelines and then you can insert your 1-2 links in the article. You can also add your blog or social media profile link so that interested viewers can follow you or visit your blog and share it with their friends.

3. Infographic

Sometimes just words are not enough for viewers. By giving them a well-researched and well-presented infographic image, you will surely increase your traffic because images are easy to understand and people now-a-days love images with good content. As someone has rightly said that image speak more than words and so, the same applies here.

Choose current and trending topics with statistical data. Don’t forget to add embedding codes, so that people can share your infographic. Share your content via mails and ask people for feedback and participation.

4. Product Reviews on Amazon

A working method to get good quality backlinks is involving in product reviews on amazon.com. If you have purchased some product from Amazon then you are free to write a review on amazon about your product. Write detailed review-post about that product on your blog and while leaving product-review on amazon, leave your article’s link there.

In this way, you are not even spamming amazon and you are trying to divert some of the amazon readers to your blog. Though the link left on amazon would be nofollow but then also you can count it as one of the backlinks. Even though the linkback would not be dofollow but atleast you will be able to gain new visitors for your article.

But make sure that while writing the review on amazon and other such ecommerce websites, don’t forget to leave your article’s link. Sometimes the ecommerce company or website for which you are writing a testimonial will revert to you back and might add your backlink in their website.

5. Interviews and Surveys

Online interviews are in trend now and they are benefiting many websites. Once your site gets famous, other websites and online news portal will approach you for interviews. While posting your interview on their own site, they will definitively post your link in it. Many websites run surveys in which you can participate and if the survey gives you option then do not forget to place your links there.

6. Question-Answer Websites

There are many question-answer websites which allow you to post your questions on them. You can also respond to already asked questions. You can reply and can add your website as the source of your answer. Question-answer platforms such as Quora provides a great means of increasing the backlinks of your blog.

Previously, Yahoo Answers was in great demand but due to decreasing popularity of yahoo, the yahoo answers is not as profitable today as it was some 10 years back.

But then also, you can try your luck on yahoo answers and can check if yahoo provides you good traffic. Even though yahoo fails to deliver expected amount of traffic to your blog but it will help you in gaining the nofollow backlinks.

7. Internal Links

Viewers only like sites which have user friendly interface and key to that is interlinks within your articles. Having interlinks in your website makes it easy for viewers to navigate and use your site. Interlinks cut unnecessary efforts for people to search anything in a website and it also engages them for a longer period of time.

If you are using wordpress then you will find lots of plugins which can create interlinks for you automatically but I would recommend you stay away from such inter-linking plugins and only link to old articles manually. The second question is that how many inter-links per article should be there. There is no hard-limit on it but keeping it to some 20-25 is enough.

Many webmasters claim that the internal links should be less than 100. I do not agree to it and it all depends upon the content that how long you have posted the article and how many articles corresponding to that niche your site contains. You should check – Complete On-page SEO checklist to know more about interlinking and all other on page SEO factors.

You have to keep in mind that a user friendly website easily gets famous which eventually get you free and effortless backlinks.

8. Promotion

You might have the best content in your niche or you might be giving best services on your blog. But what is the use of all of this if your customers don’t know about it. You have to promote your website endlessly. If you have emails of some of your friends then do not hesitate in emailing them about your blog. You can also choose for paid promotion through facebook ads or quora ads.

Another technique is contacting bloggers and webmasters who run roundups on regular basis. You can look for proper websites by typing in the google – keyword + roundup.

After getting the desired website, contact the website owner and tell him about your blog requesting him that if he likes your blog and its articles then you would be grateful if he can feature your any article on his website. Also, mention some of the best articles that you have written.

Here the trick is that first go through some of the round-up posts on that website. See which all your articles fit into that webmaster’s round-up niche. In few days, the webmaster will check your blog and the articles that you have mentioned. If the webmaster finds your articles useful, he will mention your link in his next weekly or monthly round-up.

9. Know Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors is the best strategy in any market. Knowing what techniques your competitors are using is very crucial for the success of your blog. If these techniques are generating a good traffic for their websites, it will work for your site as well and will generate a good traffic for your blog.

Follow their social media accounts, like their pages on Facebook and subscribe their newsletters and RSS feeds. Set Google alerts for the keywords on which you blog and you will know when your competitors post new content.

If you have a blog on windows hacks then set Google alerts for keyword ‘windows hacks’ and when someone will post content on this keyword, you will get notification. Make sure that you include some long tail keywords else you will end up in lots of notifications from google.

Try to understand the techniques and methods your competitors are using. If your competitor is getting links by guest posts, try to write guest posts on same websites. If those websites are allowing your competitors to guest post then WHY they will not allow you to guest-post for them? Guest-Post is one of the best ways to gain backlinks.

Use spy tools like SEMRush Backlink Checker which will allow you to check the backlinks of your competitors. SEMRush Backlink Checker will show you the detailed report on all the links that your competitors have earned. There are many other features in SEMRush which give you more insight of your competitors’ backlinks.

Now, when you know the websites on which your competitors have gained a linkback then your task is to go on those sites and contact the webmaster asking him to add your link as well in that article.

The trick here is that you have to write an article on your blog similar to what your competitor has written but your article should be more detailed and well-written than his post. Now, you need to email to that webmaster comparing between your and your competitor’s articles.

You can use below email format to email that webmaster.

Hi [webmaster name]
Great write-up on [webmaster article url].
I noticed you linked to article [competitor’s url] from author [author name].
I have similar articles and mine covers ‘these things’ that the original article didn’t.
[your articles urls]

If you like these, please feel free to link to mine.

Atul Bansal

SEMRush also helps you in tracking the keywords for which you want to write articles.

10. Reach Out To Journalist

What will be the best than getting your backlinks on famous online news portals or journalist blogs. Try to find the e-mails of these journalists and influencers. It’s not an easy task but don’t give up because generally these emails are addressed at publications the person is working for.

For example:- chris@abcnews.com or news.chris@abcnews.com etc. And if this method doesn’t work for you, try using some of the below online tools to find email of the journalist:

Find Mails

You can also search the journalist on his/her social media account and can contact him/her there. After getting the e-mail, send him/her the best and well researched content urls of your site. If those journalists find your urls as useful and informative, they will add them to their online news portal.

11. Join Blogging Communities

Join online blogging communities such as our bloggerPNG facebook page, which are growing rapidly and can generate massive traffic for your site.

You can post guest article or previously posted articles with your website link on these communities. You can also connect with other bloggers with whom you can exchange blogging tips or backlinks. Blogging communities will help you to make new relationships which will help you and your blog in long run.

12. Submit Your Blog On Blog Directories

Blog directories generate huge targeted traffic. You can submit your blog on different free blog directories such as:

Best of the Web
About Us

Usually these blog directories divide blogs into categories and niches and person interested in any category or niche can navigate through them and can find the new articles and blogs. Remember that the blog directories do not keep much importance as far as SEO is concerned because Google evaluates the backlinks as per its algorithm and it has a metric and rank for each type of backlink. But then also, there is no harm in adding your links in the blog directories.

13. Controversial Posts

People like to read some spicy and controversial posts and news. Try to write articles on controversial topics. People like to gossip and talk about controversial topics and they share these posts with their friends. If those people are bloggers then they will add your links in their blogs and you will get free backlinks. But remember that you do not post on any such controversial article that lands you in legal trouble.

14. Start A Contest

People love to get free gifts and for that, they happily participate in online contests. This method will boost your website quickly and will give you lots and lots of backlinks. Though this method includes monetary investment but it is cheaper than paid views and ads and such contests have higher chances of generating backlinks.

15. Participate In Blogging Contests

Try to find and participate in online blogging contests. There are many blogging contests that run on various famous websites on daily basis. Securing a good position will not only get you exciting reward but will also get your content and blog published on those websites.

16. Share Doc And Pdf

Another good technique to get free backlinks is to share your blog’s content on documents sharing sites. Just convert the desired article into doc, pdf, txt or other format and upload it websites like Google Docs and Scribd.

You can also upload your ebook on Amazon and can start selling it there. Millions of viewers’ visits these sites each month for free document and research. Don’t forget to include your link in document or your profile.

17. Find Out Hacked Sites

Hacking has become a very serious issue worldwide and daily many sites get hacked. Most of the time, the webmaster even do not notice that his website has been hacked and the hacker is using one of his pages to sell illegal goods and services like drugs.

Some hackers also send spam messages that the webmaster fails to see even in his emails’ outbox. This opportunity can be used to add your backlink. Also, we recommend you to use any good email software such as Convertkit so that you can safeguard your emails from hackers.

Try to find such hacked sites by typing in the search engine inurl:keyword + “keyword”.
For example: try typing inurl: baby + “health” in Google.

increase backlinks for blog
Increase Backlinks for Blog

You will see that Google has displayed multiple search results with some description. You can see on the search results and can find the odd one out. Ideally, google should have shown you the articles related to men’s health but if you see some search results with any link selling some mobiles, aircrafts etc. then it means that url is odd and that site might have been hacked by some hacker.

Open that link and scan through that website and if you see that the website niche is altogether different from that article then it means you have find the hacked website.

Now report the article to the webmaster and convey him about the hack and give him the link of hacked page so that he can eliminate the hacker and can post old content. In return as gratitude, the webmaster will ask you that how he can repay you and you can use this chance by asking him to add some backlink on his site.

Instead of going through the search-pages and checking the description on google.com only, you can also open each url and can check the inner content of the page that whether the description on google search result matches with that of inner content. But this process is very lengthy process and so, you can scan through the search results only on Google pages.

18. Audio-Visual Method

A method which most of the users ignore is that they don’t create audio-visual files on their site. People nowadays don’t like to read long posts. Reading lengthy articles take time. Try to record yourself or someone else reading or explaining the post and embed the file on the relevant page.

You should try starting and recording webcast for your articles. You should record your voice through your browser and then should add the mp3 file within your article.

Another reason of having audio podcasts that will increase your views is that people who can’t read or have dyslexia will surely visit your site again and again as you are providing the information in audio format. This will increase the scope of your website and will surely increase your backlinks with viewers.

19. .Edu Backlinks

People think that getting a backlink on .edu site is very difficult. Surely, .edu site backlinks will boost up your ranking and give you lots of traffic but it isn’t so difficult.

Try to reach out universities and colleges websites and give them what they need like a good and authentic source of information, scholarship portals, internship opportunities related information etc.

20. Content Aggregators

Content aggregators are the websites which, instead of adding the content on their own, posts the content from related sites via RSS feeds or by manually through users. Some of the content and news aggregators are:

Five Thirty Eight

The content aggregator websites give a list of quality blogs to follow. These sites themselves are quite popular and having a link on these sites will give you lot of steady traffic.

On some content aggregators, you have to sign up for free of cost and give them a suggestion of your site to be added on their list. Then a representative from the blog aggregator will consider your suggestion and will check your site within few days. After verification, they will send you a HTML code that you have to add in your site so that they can verify that you are the owner of that site. After verification, your site will be added on their news list.

I have shared complete guide on backlinks and how to create backlinks to your site for free. Let me know which method you are using to build backlinks.

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  1. Such a great Article ! This information is most up to date and relevant today. I am a small Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer trying to optimize my website for the first time. Would you say that building backlinks for websites that are “LOCAL” services is about the same process or does it entail more?

    • @Anna Bauman: Thanks for commenting. The backlinks from local websites of your geographical area will help you since your site is tied to a specific niche and geographical area.

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    Are you sure that Google does not prohibit these kinds of techniques and will not make any severe plenty?
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    • @Lindsey Booy: The techniques to create backlinks that we have shared in our article work well and Google will not do any harm to you if you follow these tricks.

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