21 Effective Email Marketing Strategies By Barack Obama

21 Effective Email Marketing Strategies By Barack Obama

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels for any digital marketer around the world. When it comes to competing with social media, content promotion, affiliate marketing, direct ads, text ads, blog commenting, banner advertising or any other media; Email Marketing stands ahead of all these tactics.

Even the most-hyped and most-talked search engine optimization is not adjacent to effective email marketing. You will be surprised to know that display advertising and PPC are far behind than email marketing.

The only thing that people lack is the knowledge in email marketing strategy and they are unaware and they don’t know that how to do email marketing so that they can generate more sales and income.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

We are here letting you know the 21 effective email marketing strategies that will help you in getting more subscribers and more sales. So, continue below to learn to how to do email marketing.

Best Email Marketing Strategies

1. Ask for Permissions

Would you allow anyone to enter in your bedroom without your permission?

Correct, you cannot even think of this and if someone even tries to do so, we all would be threatened and will immediately call the police. But if our family member or close friend enters in our room then we will be happy on seeing him/her.

And what if your newly-wed wife comes in your bedroom? I know you will be super excited at that time and what you will do next is something that I want to keep secret to you :).

The same happens when you are sending the email letter to anyone. When you are sending emails to your subscribers, remember that you are in someone else’s room. The person to whom you are emailing is his bedroom and you are not authorized to enter into that bedroom without his permission.

In physical life, that person will call police and in web life, that person will simply unsubscribe from your newsletter. So do not even dare to email anyone if that person has not subscribed to your list.

Keep a subscription form on your blog so that people can enter their email address there and then you can add them on your newsletter.

So as part of email marketing strategy, do not ever send message to anyone who has not subscribed to your newsletter.

2. Send a Confirmation Email

When you place a newsletter subscription box on your website then it is open for anyone. Any person can write anyone’s email address and can click submit button. Even anyone can misspell his/her emailid and you end up your database with bogus emails.

So, whenever someone subscribes to your website then make sure you send that person a link with confirmation button in it. By clicking on that confirmation link, user can subscribe to your newsletter. Also if a person is confirming the subscription then it means he is willingly agreeing to your messages.

By confirming, you are also reducing the un-subscription rate of your subscribers. If someone thinks that he is subscribed to any newsletter forcefully and without his permissions then he will sooner or later will unsubscribe from that newsletter.

By confirming the user’s emailid, you are also reducing the bounce rate of your emails that you send him. People will only read your messages if they think that they have subscribed on their own to your list else your messages might be surprise for them and they might ignore them.

So, as part of your email marketing strategy, always send a confirmation message to them and add them in your newsletter list only after the users’ confirmation. This is the first step when it comes to how to do email marketing.

3. Offer Free Goodies

No one is going to subscribe to your list if you are not offering any freebie or any valuable information to your new users.

You might have visited hundreds of websites till now in your life. But tell me on how many websites you have subscribed to?

Also, if you are going to surf the web and any website is offering you free Mercedes Benz just for adding your email to their newsletter then will you not add your emailid on that site?

Yes, you will do that but you agreed to share your email address only because that site is ready to offer free Mercedes Benz. I am not saying you that you should also offer free cars and infact, no website will give you free car in lieu of just an emailid :).

Leave Mercedes, if someone offers you free mobile phone or atleast free ebook, free antivirus or any other thing then wouldn’t you be happy with that?

I am not asking you to offer free car or mobile phone but what I am going to explain here is that try giving some free goodies such as antivirus license or the best is to offer free ebook. The ebook can be related to your blog’s niche such as it can be SEO tips, affiliate marketing tips or can be wordpress guide.

If you reward people with some free goodie when they subscribe to your email list then you can expect more number of subscribers. Also in order to keep your users on your list so that they do not unsubscribe from your site, you should try offering free goodies occasionally.

You can also run some contests from time to time and ask people to participate in that and then you can distribute prizes to the winners. Offering freebies will boost your email marketing strategy and you will learn to how to do email marketing.

4. Do not use ‘Dear Name’

You have seen lots of newsletters addressing you by your name, such as below:

Dear Maria
Hi Atul

But what if I say you that words such as ‘Hi’ and ‘Dear’ do not work. Many would disagree to my statement and they would say that if you are becoming personal with your users then you are likely to get more sales and open-up rate of your emails.

It could be true but you would be surprised to hear that a study was conducted in 2012 by Fox School of Business and as per it, becoming too much personal with your users in email could raise the read alarms and the users might not open your emails.

But the same study stressed on the fact that if you are showing the customers with their last purchases and their browsing information then they can develop a trust with your messages and you will get increased open-rate of your emails.

So, what does it all mean and shall we stop addressing the customer by name in the email newsletters?

Addressing the subscribers with their name can boost the open-rate of your email messages but if you add trust in them.

The bottom line is that only add any person to your newsletter after he has confirmed his subscription and then later-on you can address him by his name but it would be best if you can show him his recent history. Try to build trust between yourself and your users.

5. Number of Words in Subject Line

The number of words that your subject line has, matters a lot in the open-rate and click-through rate of the emails.

If you remember, back in 2012, United States former President Barack Obama sent series of emails in order to raise the funds. The 690 million dollars that Mr. Obama raised came mostly through the fundraising emails. And if you notice the subjects that he sent were something like:

• Join me for a dinner!
• Hey
• It’s officially over
• Wow

email marketing barack obama
Email from Barack Obama

And we know that the email marketing strategy that Mr. Obama followed worked very well. So, we all should learn to how to do email marketing from former US President Barack Obama.

So, many-a-times short subjects also work and they even perform better than the long 60-70 characters long subjects.

6. Best Time to Email

The time plays an important role in increasing the open-rate of emails. Experian Marketing Services once revealed in 2012 that the best time to send emails is between 8 pm to 11:59 pm. At this time, people get free from their day work and then they check their messages. Also, the open-rate of emails was found to be at 21.7%, which was higher than any other time-slot.

Email Marketing Strategy Time
Email Marketing Strategy Time

It was also seen in the study that the 8pm-11:59pm time is the least used time when people used to send messages but then also the open-rate was high at this time. This could be due to the reason that people are not aware of the importance of this time slot.

It was seen that people on smartphones used to open their email messages in the early morning. The subscribers, who had tablets, opened their emails between 8pm and 11 pm.

how to do email marketing
Email Marketing Times

So, now you know to how to do email marketing and at what timings so that you can gain the most profits.

7. Post great Email Body

Great content always stand out of the crowd and they always appeal your users. When you write, always write well. Whether you are commenting on other blogs or are publishing any article on your own site or sending any email newsletter, post good quality text in that.

If you are adding worth in your content then for some days, your users might ignore your messages and will not open your emails but after a point of time, they will like your content and they will ofcourse land on your site. Your users will develop interest in your email newsletter and you can expect the worth from it.

8. Use Tempting Subject Line

As the tempting body of the email helps to get more people to your product page, so the tempting subject line. The subject even is more powerful when you consider people to open your emails in their mobiles and browsers.

A great headline always performs best. Whether you write catchy headline for your blog posts or as the subject lines of your emails, it works at both the places. So always opt for stunning subject lines.

You can also try SEMRush title generator for this.

9. Be Personal to your Subscribers

When I say you should try becoming personal with your customers or readers then I do not mean to say that you start asking them to share their credit-card details with you or you ask some cash from them :). Do not do that and no one is going to throw cash on your face.

Personal means that be open to share your some personal stories with them. Like suppose you had a visit to Maldives then you can share your memories with them or something like that. But this should be done at a very minimal level and do not ever try to throw all your personal home problems at them.

Be professional but at the same time, expose yourself in front of them so that they get a sense that they are dealing with a real human being and not a bot.

10. Your Emails should be Mobile-Friendly

As per test by Litmus Software, 47% of emails were opened on mobile phones in 2013.

how to do email marketing
Email Open Rate

They also noticed that on which device, the gmails were checked the most. And as per the research, the Apple iPhone dominated other smartphones. 34% of people using Apple iPhone as their client opened their emails while Android users stood on second with email opening rate as 20%.

Email Marketing Strategy Device
Email Opens by Client

As per another study published in 2014 in MarketingLand, desktops were able to open only 34% of all emails. Rest, 66% of emails were opened on mobiles and tablets. You can see that in just one year, the number of mobile users using email grew from 47% to 66%.

You can see that the smartphone users accounted for 47.22% of email opens and tablet readers were at 18.51%. The desktop users stood at 34.26%.

Email Marketing Strategy Phone
Email Marketing Strategy on Phones

If we consider only Apple iPhone users then people using only iOS devices had email opens more than desktop users. Whereas iPhone email opens was at 38.21% while desktop was at 34.36%.

Email Marketing Strategy Mobile
Email Marketing Strategy on Mobiles

So, it becomes must for you to optimize your messages for mobile phones and then only you can expect your email marketing strategy to work.

11. Use Humor

Humor always leads the market. Humor is just not meant for entertainment industry and the celebrities. We are living in 21st century and humor and fun is everybody’s need. We cannot live today with just bread, butter, cloth and home. We need fun in our lives.

Using humorous and funny words in subject lines and in body helps you to gain visitors. People are often stressed in this modern era and they are always looking for some timepass and spicy jokes. Use them in your emails and see the magic.

12. Use Emojis

Now-a-days, even Google displays the emojis in their search results. Emojis work very well, even in official emails. Then why not try emojis in your newsletters. So do not afraid of using emojis in your email marketing strategy.

13. Do not Bombard too many Emails

Obviously, you are here do email marketing but it does not mean that you have any right on some other person’s account. Remember my first point, you must ask permissions before sending your message in someone else’s desktop.

And if that person has generously granted you permission then it does not mean that take advantage of his kindness. Respect his decision and limit the number of emails at some optimum level.

14. Not every Email is Sales Email

I know that you want to sell your products through email marketing but remember that every message that you send cannot generate dollars for you.

If you are just trying to push your readers to buy something in your each and every message then your readers will lose trust in your messages and eventually, they will unsubscribe from your newsletter. So, efficient email marketing strategy says to embed variations in your messages.

Send some personal messages to your subscribers. You should include some free goodies offering emails and some general topics messages and then you can draft few sales topics. Those few commercial emails will prove so worthy to you that you cannot imagine and they will drive traffic and sales to you.

15. Turn Auto-Responder On

You call someone and he does not respond. Will you mind that and will you feel bad?

Sometimes you can understand that the person might be busy somewhere but what if this becomes a habit? I know that you will stop calling him.

The same happens with your subscribers as well. If someone is in need and if he emails you and you do not respond then he also minds that and if this thing gets repeated then you might lose a subscriber.

I know that there are some special moments in life when we do not want anyone to disturb us. Or we can be on our holidays when we do not have access to our smartphones or sometimes the network can be down.

I would recommend that whenever you go out for long holidays then turn on the auto responder so that the person emailing you comes to know that you are out on vacations and you will return after some days.

You can use my below format for auto-reply. This is the format I generally use while turning on the out-of-office auto-replies.

Hi I am out on vacations and will resume office by this date. As of now, I do not have access to my email-box. You can expect a reply from me after I resume the office.Thanks Atul Bansal CEO – BloggerPNG.com

16. Include Images

You might have read at many places that Images speak more than text. The pictures are always beautiful as compared to black-and-white text. And you know that the loophole of every human is beauty, whether that beauty has the shape of a girl or a beautiful picture :).

Images increase the chances of click-through rate much more. So always try to embed the beautiful pictures in your emails so that the subscribers love those photos and can react to your messages.

17. Split Testing

Always be ready to perform different types of testing. It’s not that what worked for someone will definitely work for others as well. So perform testing and see what goes well for you.

18. Keep different websites subscribers intact

Many webmasters have different websites. I have seen many people mixing their subscribers list. You can send email to your subscribers to subscribe to your other site as well but again, you need to request them to gain their permissions.

Without their knowledge, do not register them for all your websites. Doing this can negatively impact your credibility. So, always keep the subscribers-list segregated.

19. Allow users Unsubscribe from your Email Newsletter

I know that no one wants people to go away from their newsletters but be honest. You cannot force your e-mails on anyone. If people lose their interests in your messages then offer un-subscription link to them so that when they want, they can go away from your list.

People will only stay with you if they find your stuff to be interesting and till your stuff is of any usage to them; else they will leave you and you should respect that decision.

20. Send Important Emails on Weekend

We know that people take rest from work on weekends. Saturday and Sunday are just for fun and people utilize these both days in order to have fun, dance and enjoy with friends. But, we saw that people used to check their emails more on weekends.

Emails on Saturday and Sunday experienced more open-rate as compared to the weekdays’ counterparts. The reason could be that on weekdays, people might be busy in their office works and could not concentrate more on their personal email addresses. While on weekends, people use to chill with their personal things and might be checking the emails more.

It was observed that on weekdays from Monday to Friday, the email open rate was around 16.5%. On Sunday and Saturday, the open rate of emails went up by 1 to 1.5 percent and the open rate stood at 17.8%. But like the 8pm email timings, the surprising thing was that the volume percentage that people sent on weekends was 9 to 10%.

Effective Email Marketing Days
Effective Email Marketing Days

21. Use Email Marketing Software

Thanks to technology and various organizations that they have offered us their email marketing softwares. We can take advantage of those softwares and services and can increase our subscriber-base and can manage all our messages effectively.

We recommend you to have Convertkit. Just check it and use it for effective email marketing.

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