21 Free Headline Analyzer Tools That Only Few Writers Know About

21 Free Headline Analyzer Tools That Only Few Writers Know About

Do you want to write a perfect headline for your blog-post?

I know your answer is straight-forward positive but the question comes how to do that?

Is there any headline analyzer in the market that does this job for you?

You will think that what type of question I am asking. As per you, the answer is that we should just think about the headline and then write it with our hands. This is true and I am not denying that thing. And I am not here to ask you some stupid questions. Do you think that I am so stupid that I will simply ask you this thing? I think I am little smart :).

I am here to guide you some of the Free Headline Analyzer tools which can act as a good title generator for your blog.

21 Free Headline Analyzer Tools

1. Hemingway Sharethrough

The first headline analyzer tool that has taken place in my list is Hemingway Sharethrough. See in below image when I searched for “How long articles”

headline analyzer
Headlines Sharethrough

The Hemingway Sharethrough tool showed me below metrics:

• Headline Quality Score

• Strengths

• Suggestions

Headline Quality Score

As you can see, my title got 41 quality score which is below average. Further, Hemingway title generator for blog showed me the strengths of my title and it also provided me suggestions so that I can focus on putting more weightage to my title and it looks appealing and stand out of the crowd.


Hemingway Sharethrough provided me below plus points for my title:

Limited use of positive sentiment
You can see that I have not used any sentimental words. Emotional words for headlines work sometime but it is not always. It might annoy some users and so, you should be very careful in selecting them.

Strong use of Context Words
I have started my title with a context word LONG. Using such words can grab the reader’s attention and so, Hemingway has taken this word as a positive strength for my headline.

Limited use of passive language
Passive Language is not good for a good title. If you use words such as ‘I doubt’, ‘I am confused’, ‘I guess that’ then who is going to trust you? If you are yourself not sure on that topic then how your readers can trust you and your journal? So try to avoid such words.


Further, this headline generator tool provided me below set of suggestions as well so that I can improve my headline.

Increase headline length
The foremost thing that many SEO experts can tell with naked eye for my title is that it is incomplete as the length is very small. Similarly, Hemingway Sharethrough tool is suggesting me to increase the length to some optimal one.

Where’s the brand?
Including brand name in the title not only improves the overall rating and prestige of a brand but you are likely to get more hits by using it. But it all depends on your site and SEO settings that whether you are using the brand name in your urls or not. At BloggerPNG.com, I am not using brand name in the title of my single posts.

Use more Alert words
Using alert words such as risk, afraid-of can help your readers click more on your headlines and it can help your readers in engaging with your articles.

Talk about the body
It’s surprising but the fact is that using body parts words such as eye, ear and nose etc. can help you in building a catchy title.

Try adding a celebrity
This is something that you can imagine that using any celebrity name in title can increase the conversion rate. Suppose you are fan of Shakira and if someone is using her name in the title then chances are that you will likely going to click that title.

After acting on the above suggestions by this Headline Analyzer, I thought of changing my title.

So, my new headline becomes as:
How long should articles be written in a blog?

I again analyzed my heading and this time, it gave me below the Headline Quality Score as 64, which is average.

headline generator
Headlines Sharethrough Tool

Though still the quality score is average and still Hemingway Sharethrough is suggesting me some changes, but my title’s score has improved and I am happy with it. And one thing is that it is very difficult to achieve the quality score of 100.

My recommendation to you is that you should judge your title by yourself too and an average score is enough for you to use that title for your article.

2. SEMRush Title Generator For Blog

SEMRush is one of the best online website by which you can draft one of the most appealing titles for your articles. I highly recommend SEMRush and I am personally using it to get flawless ideas for writing articles on my blog.

3. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

On the homepage of Portent’s Content Idea Generator, you will get a chance to see some black and white cartoons. Atleast when I went to Portent’s website, I was able to see that. But I was not at Portent to check the cartoons; infact I wanted to capture a stunning headline and so, I went there.

So, where Portent’s Content Idea Generator stands when it comes to generate a headline?

On the page, I could see a textbox with a label “Enter your subject here:”. In the text field, I entered my name “Atul Bansal” and voila, it suggested me below idea:

Portent suggested me the topic “16 Ways Atul Bansal Can Make You Rich“.

Portent Content Idea Generator
Portent Content Idea Generator

I was impressed by the idea. Portent’s headline generator tool also knows that only I can make you rich. Thanks Portent, I love you :).

The benefit of Portent is that it does not give you dozen ideas, you will get only one topic and you can write your blog post revolving around that idea.

4. SEOPressor Title Generator For Blog

SEOPressor is a premium wordpress SEO plugin. They also have a headline generator tool. You can use it to generate the headings for your articles.

See below image when I am trying to use this tool.

SEOPressor Title Generator For Blog
SEOPressor Title Generator

There are 2 html fields – one is textbox and other is drop down menu. You have to enter a keyword in first textbox and from second, you have to select what your keyword is about on which you are planning to blog about.

The various items in the drop-down are:

• Is a generic term

• Brand/Product

• An Event

• A Location

• An Industry

• A Skill

• Is a Person’s Name

I used the keyword “SEO Workshop” and selected “Is an event”. After that, I clicked on button Generate Titles.

SEOPressor presented me below options:

• How You Can Attend SEO Workshop With Minimal Budget.

• Why SEO Workshop Had Been So Popular Till Now?

• Seven Reasons Why People Love SEO Workshop.

• What Will SEO Workshop Be Like In The Next 50 Years?

SEOPressor Headline Generator
SEOPressor Title Generator

You can see that SEOPressor has 1168 headings reserved for you.
So, if you are not satisfied with these headings then you can use the button Generate More Titles.

5. Kopy Writing Kourse Title Generator For Blog

Kopy Writing Kourse generates 100+ titles instantly for your keyword. With a single click, you get complete list of 100+ titles. I chose the subject Copywriting and you can see that how huge list I was able to yield. Further, Kopy Writing Kourse allows you to select all the sentences at single go, copy them on your clipboard and paste them in a notepad that you can use them for your articles.

KopyWritingKourse Title Generator
KopyWritingKourse Title Generator

6. UpWorthy Generator

When you will first land on UpWorthy Generator, you will be compelled to think that how it falls into the category of a headline analyzer? UpWorthy will not allow you to enter any keywords but infact; will generate random ideas for you. If you want to create random and viral ideas then this tool is for you.

Just click on Generate another! button and you can see another heading rolling on the site. You can also use your browser’s refresh button to get to another topic.

7. Inbound Now Kill Writers Block

Kill Writers Block from Inbound Now is another headline analyzer tool that you can use to render various writing topics.

Inbound Now Writers Block adds some words by itself and leaves some space for you to fill by your keywords.

Inbound Kill Writers Block
Inbound Kill Writers Block

• You have to add your word in the [blank] space and then you have to click the button Click To Generate Title Idea to generate list of ideas.

• If you do not like auto-generated line by Inbound then do not enter anything in the [blank] space and keep bypassing by clicking the button Click To Generate Another Title Idea.

• The button click will get you to another sentence.

• You can also click Back button to go to previous line.

• When you are done selecting any one line then fill in your magic words in [blank] space and you are ready with your new topic.

• If you want to have some more inspirations then you can click another button, named as Need More Inspiration?

8. Title Generator TweakYourBiz

TweakYourBiz is another website which allows you to get catchy headings. You can get your results in either of Sentence Case, Title Case or in All Caps case. TweakYourBiz is one of the best headline generator tools.

You have to select that whether you are searching for a noun or a verb. And accordingly, you can expect the results.

I searched for “How to do Cooking” and selected Noun and Capital Case. You can see that I got a huge list; and it was even difficult for me to select any one of them. The beauty of TweakYourBiz Title Generator for Blog is that it segregates the results as per categories.

TweakYourBiz Title Generator
TweakYourBiz Title Generator

My result was categorized as per below:

• Lists

• Best

• How To

• Questions

• Love

• Sex

• Celebrities

• Secrets

• Snark

• Business

• Motivation

• Problem

• The Kitchen Sink

You can see that even there were so many categories; I got my results divided into 13 categories. And it took me quite good time to pick my result.

TweakYourBiz can prove really useful if you are not short on time and are looking for just a killer headline.

9. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot allows you to create headlines by considering your five nouns. You can add your 5 words or nouns or sentences and based on those 5 nouns, HubSpot Blog Topic Generator will suggest you 5 different headings.

It is not mandatory for you to add 5 nouns; you can either add 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 nouns. I added below 3 sentences in order to generate a perfect headline for me.

Quit Blogging

• Stop Blogging

• Why I Killed My Blog

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

And below are the 5 different topics that I got from HubSpot.

• The Next Big Thing in Why I Killed My Blog

• Will Stop Blogging Ever Rule the World?

• Quit Blogging: Expectations vs. Reality

• This Week’s Top Stories About Stop Blogging

• Quit Blogging Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Hubspot Headline Analyzer
Hubspot Headline Analyzer

HubSpot keeps 250 more other ideas as well but in order to access them, you have to register at their site. So if you are looking for more ideas then go and signup at their website.

10. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule is used when you want to do the analysis of the headline that you have written. In order to test this tool, I tried entering the text “How To Improve Bounce Rate” and then I clicked the button Analyze Now.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer asked me to submit my personal details such as Name, Email etc. You can either enter your real details or can enter some junk data. I did not want to reveal my real email address and so, I tried using some fake emailid and it also worked.

CoSchedule did complete analysis of my title and then it assigned it a Headline Score of 67.


CoSchedule further analyzed and it assigned below percentage based on what I had written:

• Common: 0%

• UnCommon: 0%

• Emotional: 40%

• Power: 20%

• Headline Type: How To

Since my sentence was starting from “How To”, it was put in “How To” category.

11. Answer The Public

AnswerThePublic is one of the best headline analyzer tools that I have come across till now. AnswerThePublic infact gives you many ideas on which you can focus and can span your content on those ideas. It is not just to craft beautiful headings for you but it also gives you full content pool.

I tried this by entering a single word ‘dollar’ and it gave me a big pool of ideas as shown in the picture below.

Answer The Public Headings
Answer The Public Headings

You can see in above picture that how many bunches of ideas I have got and I know that you might be surprised after seeing the image. But this is not end. AnswerThePublic suggested me ideas in below categories:

• Questions – I got 196 questions by AnswerThePublic

• Prepositions – 108 prepositions.

• Comparisons – Here, the number is 92.

• Alphabetical – 513 alphabetically ideas

• Related – 20 related topics.

You can see that it is a huge swimming pool and it is so dense that I might be drowned in it.

So, try it once for sure.

12. BlogAbout Title Generator by Impact

Impact’s BlogAbout Title Generator is generally used by bloggers to write on blogging tips. There’s an incomplete sentence with text mentioned as “Blog About” and then there is a blank space, where you need to enter any word. The word that you will enter will act as your main keyword on which you want to write on.

BlogAbout provides you the refresh icon and you can click it to generate various keywords.

Impact Title Generator
Impact Title Generator

• I chose the keyword “growth” and clicked Next button.

• BlogAbout from Impact generated a sentence for me with 2 blank spaces.

• Here, you need to enter your keywords on which you want to write. In the first blank space, I entered the word ‘people’ and in second space, I entered the word ‘blogging’.

• Now, my title became as “How to convince people to blogging”.

• Clicking on Heart icon will add this title to your writer’s block.

• You can click Refresh icon to generate more sentences with blank spaces. Fill in the blank space and your title is ready. You can add this title to your writer’s block by adding the heart icon again. If the title does not look you appealing then ignore it.

• In this way, you will get a full list of headings. And out of that, you can choose the best one.

• Further, BlogAbout by Impact allows you to email your list to yourself.

BlogAbout Headline Generator
BlogAbout Headline Generator

As you can see, Impact’s BlogAbout involves lots of manual work. In order to generate a full list, you have to time and again click on Heart symbol. Plus, you have to fill in the blank spaces every time.

So, personally I will not recommend you this tool. But if you like the idea by Impact, you can try it once.

13. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

I entered this text “how to use whatsapp for sending messages on mobiles and computers” and the tool showed me my EMV score as 36.36%. As per this tool, the ideal EMV score is 30-40% and if you are able to get an EMV score of 50%-75% then it means your heading keeps great importance.

EMV Headline Analyzer
EMV Headline Analyzer

You have to enter a sentence with words less than 20, select a category and then you have to click on “Submit For Analysis” button. If your words are more than 20 then Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer will automatically cut your submission to 20 words for its analysis. So, it is best to enter only 20 words.

I do not use this title as it does not look useful to me. So, I will not recommend it but it proves useful if you are trying to cap on emotional words for headlines.

14. Hoth Headline Generator

The Hoth Headline Generator takes different parameters to generate various content ideas for you. Basically, it takes below ideas:

• Keyword

• Desired Outcome for your Audience

• Problem common to target the audience.

• Industry Name

• Target Audience Name

Hoth Headline Generator
Hoth Headline Generator

After filling in all the details, you need to click the Generate Headline Ideas

15. Online Sales Tropical Brainstorm

Tropical Brainstorm title generator for blog is another platform that helps you to yield 150 topics at the same time. I tried by entering the keyword Love and I was able to get below ideas.

Tropical Brainstorm Heading
Tropical Brainstorm Heading

For my keyword, the segregation was done as below:

• Lists

• The Five Ws

• More Questions

• Errors

• Secrets

• More

• Love and Sex

16. FatJoe Blog Post Title Idea Generator

FatJoe is another tool that helps you in getting around one hundred ideas easily.


17. SumoMe KickAss Headline Generator

The KickAss Headline Generator from SumoMe creates the creative titles revolving around these contexts:

• Numbered Lists

• How To

• Explanatory / Why

• Strong / Controversial

• Fun / Playful

• DIY Headline Formulas

I chose the topic “Making Money Online” and you can see that I was able to get wonderful outputs based on different contexts. You can check all the categories and can use any sentence that you like the most.

SumoMe Kickass Headline Generator
SumoMe Kickass Headline Generator

18. Content Row Linkbait Title Generator

In ContentRow Linkbait tool, you need to enter any subject and click the Get LinkBait button. It will give you around 7-8 sentences at first click. After that, you can use the button Click again for more and the Linkbait will give you another set of results. The results will be retrieved based on Ajax technology and so, your page is not going to refresh.

ContentRow LinkBait Headings
ContentRow LinkBait

19. RYP Marketing

RYP Marketing is another platform that can help you in drafting new ideas. I tried with word ‘Blog’ and I got a huge list of ideas. Below is the screenshot in which you can see the sentences that RYP generated for me.

RYP Marketing Title Generator
RYP Marketing Title Generator

RYP Marketing is a unique tool in the sense that it searches your keyword from famous websites and lists them. I was able to see the headings from below websites:

• JustAnswer

• Quora

• Blurtit

• Twitter

• Reddit

• Buzzfeed

• Cracked

• Tumblr

• Youtube

20. Quandary Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator from Quandary helps you in getting hundreds of new blog post ideas. But in order to access that, you need to answer their 18 simple questions. Also, you need to register at their website for gaining the free access.

Quandary Headline Generator Tool
Quandary Content Idea Generator

21. Headline Capitalization

The Headline Capitalization tool is not exactly something that can give you auto-generated headings but it helps you in changing the case of words. It helps you in drafting the headings based on below mentioned 4 capitalization styles:

• APA Style

• AP Style

• MLA Style

• Chicago Style

Headline Capitalization
Headline Capitalization

In order to use this tool, you have to type your content and then you need to select any one of the above mentioned capitalization styles.

Please note that the list is in no order of preference. They are sorted randomly. Feel free to use any one Headline Analyzer. Let me know which tool you are using as a title generator for your blog.

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