How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog?
How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog?

How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog?

If you are a blogger then time comes when you think that you must have some good writers to write for your blog. After some months or years, either you become lazy to post on your own or you start involving in other works for your blog and you find difficult to spare time for writing articles. At this time, you start searching the answer for “How to Hire Writers for your blog?”.

While considering and starting the blogging, a lot of people did not imagine that they will face so many bottlenecks in their blogging career. And one of these bottlenecks is the inability to be consistent in blogging and writing detailed lengthy articles.

To be consistent requires that you do the intensive works required for blogging such as researching the topic, the actual writing, proofreading, selecting the best picture and many other things. Doing this on your own can be time-consuming. Invariably, there is always a need to get extra hands.

However, just like the process of blogging itself, to get someone skillful enough to churn out the right information can be a grueling one. Nevertheless, there is hope. The process of getting a good writer can be made simple if you are ready to use the tools made available to you.

Do You Really Need a Writer?

This question is of the utmost importance because this will determine the sustainability of the process you are about to follow. Thus, before you consider taking a writer for your blog, consider the following:

1. What Your Niche Needs:
Some niches are such that they won’t need a lot of discussions. All that will be required from you is that you publish the articles timely.

At other times, some blogs might need just a handful of blog posts to be relevant. But the same can’t be said for blogs that need up-to-date posts.

2. The Model of Your Business:
In the consideration of writers, you should also look at the model of your business. What’s the chance of continuity?

Moreover, if your blog is tied to you or all about a business that fully involves you then you might consider not calling for help from other writers because they won’t have the experience that you have.

Also, you might not be in a position to share your personal accounts credentials with anyone.

How to Find Writers?

To get writers for your blog is easy. You can find your potential writers through the following:

Call for Guest Post

This is the one that many writers are always careful to use. Here, you have the chance to tell the prospective writers what you require of them. They understand the message and the tone expected of them on your blog. All you will need to have is a means of contacting them and ask for Guest Posts.

The benefit of Guest-Posts is that you are getting free writers that are willing to write free articles for your blog.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have various writers looking for writing gigs. All that would be required of you is to contact them and check out some of their previous works.

At other times, on Facebook, for example, all you need to do is to look for Freelance Writers groups to post your request. You will get tons of response in the comment box.

Freelancing Websites

There are various freelancing apps and websites that can be used to get writers. Examples of such apps are:


Here, you have the chance of meeting writers and using them constantly with the writers trying to meet up with the deadline. Also, since the writers want a good review from you for other buyers to see, they will ensure that they churn out the best blog post they can.


Another place to get your writer can be through the posting of Ads on forums. Some forums allow the posting of ad posts. All you need to do is to write out your requirement and pick one of the writers who respond to your ad.

Here, you will only send a private message to the user and you both will deliberate on what you need.

Niche Blogs

Another thing you can do is to look for Niche Blogs with a few posts. Most of these people are probably freelancers, who find little time for their blogs. However, if you pay them for what they will post on your blog, they will have no choice than to meet up with time.

Problogger Job Boards

Here on these problogger job boards, you don’t need much work to do. You have to pay for every ad you create. However, you have a higher chance of getting good writers on these job boards because many of the writers here are themselves bloggers.

Also, some content marketing firms also keep a keen on these job boards so that those firms can get relevant projects from there. One such job board is Problogger Jobs.

Rudiments of Posting Great Ads

One thing you should note is that if your ad posted to hire writers is poorly written then your chances of getting a good writer are slim. You will not be able to hire good writers regardless of the amount that you would like to offer. So, it is must that you elaborate your ad properly.

To get the writers that you need, do the following:

Noticeable Headline: In a few words, let the writers have the basic details of your need.

Specificity is Key: Let the writers be aware of the types of topics they are likely to encounter while working with you. This will prepare their mind for what is to come.

Also, you need to give a thorough description of what you expect from your writer. This will help you filter the content-writers as per your requirements.

Don’t Sound Like a Robot: When you make a request, throw in some statements that make them know that you are not a robot (even if you are :), just kidding :)).

People are not ready to respond to ads that read as if it has been programmed. Be human. Express yourself in such a way that shows your passion for the subject being discussed.

Tell Them How to Contact You: You need to be exact here. Let them know the right format that they can use to contact you. Doing this will help you weed out those who won’t be able to abide by your rules.

Evaluating the Writers

Now that you have made your desire known and have started receiving offers, you have to be finicky in picking the person that represents you. At this point, you would be messaged by people with various skills and ability.

It will be up to you to consider the person you think that should work with you. Even at that, you might want to consider this when picking anyone.

•Can you afford those writers?
Some people have the right skills and have a good experience but you need to consider your financial status in dealing with this.

• Are the writers skillful enough?
When you encounter anyone, go through their works and see if you like the writing-samples they are presenting to you. If you don’t like the samples, you don’t need to bother them.

• Are the writers that you are hiring are bloggers?
This might give you an edge. A blogger knows how to link various topics to ensure you have a lot of internal links; giving Google crawler the chance to rank your website high.

Moreover, some others are really good with SEO and would be able to provide you with a blog post that has been fully optimized.

• Filter out generics and off-topics niche
Some people believe that they can write in every niche, thinking it will give them an edge. This is bad for your blog and shouldn’t be overlooked. Such people are generic writers and would use the method of writing a related niche to that of yours.

Also, if anyone sends you a message, telling you that the niche on which that person use to write articles is different than the topic of your niche then you need to ignore that writer. Simply scroll his messages and let him go and do not offer your post to him.

A good article writer is not only the one who has good command over the language; infact he must be well versed with the niche.

Many people believe that any writer can write on any topic but believe me, this is not true. Failing to publish quality post on your website might affect your site’s rankings and this is the reason that you should only consider the relevant and quality authors for your blog.

• If you can, reply to everyone that sends a message. Politely tell them that how much you regret for not being able to work with them. And if you are comfortable with that author then go ahead and hire him for your blog.

• Mark the authors those you find interesting. Flag the ones that interest you so that you can further discuss your projects with him. If you need further clarification on some things then you can easily search their names and can make the inquiry.

Paying the Writers

If you have hired the writers through the freelancing websites then you will have no fear of the work not being done. Most of the writers on these websites have a lot of regards for their buyers and they will give you the chance to make as many modifications as you like. But few writers allow only 2-3 revisions per order.

Also, some authors fail to deliver the posts on said dates and if you have strict timelines then you might need to cancel your order.

However, before you consider paying anyone, it is advisable that you proofread the post thoroughly and check for any mistakes in the post. You are not sure that the author has written the content properly and in order to be sure on it, you must check the article properly.

When you have 3-4 posts written from someone and all the posts look good to you then you can have a trust on the quality and dedication of the author. But unless you do not develop that trust on any author, you need to check his work diligently.

Also make sure that the return amount of the article should be more than what you have paid to the author. Let’s assume that you have hired the writer for $14 then try your best that you earn more than that amount.

Legal Aspect of Hiring a Writer

• If you want the post to contain the author’s name then convey the same to him in advance and before ordering to write the article.

• If you do not want to display the author’s name in the article then let him know that he is an independent contractor for you. Also, you do not have any intention of making him as your permanent employee.

• Please let your writers know that how you are going to pay them. If article fits to your blog then only you will pay them or you will send them partial money if you don’t like their article.

If you are hiring writers from a freelancing website then you and that writer, both are free from payment worries as the freelancing site will take care of that. If you are working individually with the writer then you can use Escrow payment mode.

• You should also discuss the time when you want to receive your invoice. Some people prefer to collect theirs at the end of the month while others prefer to collect it immediately. Whichever the case, you should talk it through and get the right quotes.

Conclusively, hiring a writer comes with its own advantage but can put you at a disadvantage if done the wrong way.

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