How To Start A Blog In 2019 And Earn Dollars?
How To Start A Blog In 2019 And Earn Dollars?

How To Start A Blog In 2019 And Earn Dollars?

A lot of men and women who are looking to add extra income to their pockets and who are fans of writing and reading blog posts often ask themselves this question, How do I start a Blog in 2019?. If you are one of these people and you want to learn how to start a blog, you are at the right place because this piece is aimed explaining in detail the processes involved in starting a blog.

It is not an easy process and at the same time, it is not difficult. Many people have started but along the way, gave up the will to continue because they felt the process was too long and demanding but thanks to new age technology, the processes have been simplified and can be achieved easily.

Before going into anything in life, it is very important to make sure that you are aware of what you are going into and have detailed information about it before choosing to go ahead. This is a very necessary step to take in order to avoid unnecessary obstacles that would come up, which could have easily been avoided.

Before thinking about starting a blog, you should ask yourself these questions:
What is a Blog?
• What Blog and Blogging is all about?
How to Start a Blog?

Having all the necessary information about blogs will be beneficial for you and will serve as an advantage as you make your journey towards creating your own blog.

What Is A Blog?

A blog can be defined as any website which has been published on the internet (the World Wide Web) and is designed to offer information and provide means of discussion among users of the website. This kind of website often consists of informal posts that pass the necessary information that the author wished to spread.

Whenever you enter a blog page, the posts you will see first are the most recent ones; they will appear at the top part of the page. These posts are usually arranged in reverse chronological order. Images, videos, music, text, and links to other pages are the things that make up a blog.

It is a place where writers can pass information on a particular subject topic or more, sharing their various opinions and views on the discussed topic. The most important part of the growth and success of a blog is the rate of conversations and interactions occurring in the blog.

Blog structures turn out to be quite different as people come up with different ideas. The appearance of blogs has changed a lot over the years. Blogs tend to consist of various items that are rarely seen. Below are some features you will find in a blog:

• A navigation bar or header containing the menu.
• The body of the blog containing the latest blog posts.
• Social profiles, favorite content, trending events and stories will be located at the sidebar.
• Disclaimer, privacy policy and contact page are all links that will be found in the footer.

It is very difficult to differentiate between a blog and a website; most website owners include a blog section on their websites to perform its function. Therefore we can say that there is a little bit of difference between a website and a blog.

Blogging isn’t just one thing; it consists of various skills that one requires to successfully control and run a blog. Expressing your opinion on any topic of discussion is what a blog will give you an opportunity to do. Blogs can be used as a medium to communicate with a large number of people.

Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog in 2019?

Many people are fond of questioning themselves on the reason that why they need to start a blog? It is not a hard decision to take. It all depends on the individual or group of people involved. Reasons to start a blog are so many that it will be impossible to talk about them in this article but a few of them will be listed.

Below are some reasons stating that why you should start a blog?

Your Blog Will Help You Become a Better Writer

If you are the type of person who loves to write then blogging is a good way to improve your skill. Writing is just speaking words with your mouth but in written form, your aim of writing is to pass certain information and convince people to accept the message.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, writing blog posts will be a way to practice writing until you are perfect at it. Writing goes along with thinking; your thinking ability is being tested when you are in the process of generating creative content for a post.

Blogging Can Serve as an Extra Source of Income

A lot of people earn a living from blogging. Your blog can be monetized, even as you love to share your ideas and thoughts, you could get paid also. In the latter part of this article, we will be explaining how to use your blog to make money.

There are many ways to earn money through blogging; it all depends on choice. This ranges from getting paid to promote companies on your blog to selling digital products online.

You Can Become a Published Author

In the publishing world; authors with a more online presence have better opportunities of working with publishers than those who do not have any such online identity. People who already know you and are conversant with your work will be easily convinced to purchase your books than who don’t know you at all. This can be achieved through the use of a blog.

New People and Friends to Have Fun With

Blog is a good way to reach out to different people all over the world and if you are doing a good job on it, you will begin to entertain large number of people who will become your fans and followers. Your niche is likely to have a positive impact on any of these people and through communication; you can make friends with most of them and achieve connections with a lot of people around the world.

Just take a blog to be a home which is online that you own and can control. You can use this medium to do anything you want without the permission of anyone because you own it and thereby you can set your own rules.

Steps On How To Start A Blog In 2019?

One thing you have to remember is that starting a blog is never easy. It is stressful and requires your undivided attention and time to set it up correctly. The below mentioned steps will guide you on how to start a blog effectively.

1. Select a Perfect Niche

In order to start a blog, selecting the perfect niche is essential to your journey of becoming a successful blogger. You also have to ensure that you have the best information within the chosen topic. So select the topic that comes naturally to you; the one you feel most passionate for and the one that interests you most. When you can choose the best niche for your blog, you can easily fit in and overcome any competition.

Follow these steps to find a perfect niche in order to start a blog in 2019:

• Think deeply in your mind to find your topic.

• Everyone has an area of interest and hobbies. Take a pen and note them down. Which topic do you find fascinating? Is it yoga? Cooking? Fishing? Or Golf? Note all of them in order to start a blog.

• The next thing to do is to take note of all your accomplishments that you are proud of. For example – dancing, musical talent or artistic talent.

• Now, note down all the difficult situations you have overcome in the past. For instance, maybe you adapted to a new diet, lost weight through exercise or dieting, or recovered from a stagnant financial situation.

When you go through this process of starting the blog, you will get better enlightenment and feel of the topics that best suits you. You can decide which ones you have more passion for and will do well for your niche.

2. Select a Blogging Platform

This is the point where you have to determine what management tool you wish to use for your blog by checking out other blog sites. It is, however, best that you start your blog using a self-hosted setup. Now, before you hurry and ask yourself that how to start a blog, it is vital that you know each option that is available. Basically, for starting a blog in 2019, there are two options available – self-hosted and free.

Free Platforms
Most bloggers that are new would always want to start a blog using free tools like Blogger or Tumblr that are still available. The truth is, although it is free, you do not have full rights to your blog. It will remain subject to the rules and restriction that they place on it. However, if you want to start a blog to make money which I am sure you are, then, you might want to avoid this option as you may not have the freedom to allow ads on your blog.

Self-Hosted Platforms
Now, this is a different ball game. With self-hosted platforms, you can efficiently run your blog using your domain. The good thing about choosing this option is that you not only have full control over your blog and the contents in it, but you have to follow the rules of ONLY your domain registrar and the web hosting company. Since you are not on any free platform, so they cannot impose any strict rules and regulations on you.

Self-hosted systems, also known as Content Management System (CMS), come with a lot of options and a prevalent one is A good CMS has no difficulty in usage and it allows you to organize the contents of your blog the way you deem fit. You can also design the blog in any way you desire using any theme or design element of your choice.

WordPress is the best CMS and it holds the market more than any other CMS.

How to start Blog
WordPress Blogging CMS

3. Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

This is the stage whereby you need to decide that what name your blog should be known in the online world. This name is known as Domain Name. Selecting a domain name does not depend on what niche you are writing on, it is not compulsory that both of them have to be related. This will act as an address for you on the internet and will belong to only you BUT if and only if you continue the annual payment to the Domain Registrar from which you have bought the domain name.

Once you have acquired a domain name, all a user needs to do is to type it into the address bar on his/her browser and this will take him directly to your website or blog. You should make your domain name very unique in order to allow it to stand out from the rest so that it can easily be found on various search engines. The most popular is the .com address.

The dot(.)com domain extension is used for commercial purposes. There are some domain names that are designed to pinpoint the location of whosoever added it to them; they are known as country-level domains. They include .us, .ng,, and so on.

To make you very clear, this is my blog with domain name – You can see that I have acquired the domain extension .com and is exclusively my property till I keep paying the yearly renewal contract to my Domain Registrar.

You can try opening my domain in your any of the browsers and from any system; you will always see that it opens this website. So, it proves that a domain once registered by someone, cannot be taken by anyone else till the owner keeps his domain live by paying the annual fees. Just for your knowledge, I have registered my domain with NameCheap.

How To Select The Perfect Name For Your Blog?
Once you are at this stage of the blogging process and you are confused on the name you should use, don’t lose hope as there is a solution for you. You should not allow this stage to hold you down for too long, because the domain name can always be changed in the future. Bluehost is an example of a hosting company that allows you to choose the domain name later.

In the meantime, just look for something that is a bit close to the niche on which you are creating your blog. Or you can also use any name which you think looks acceptable in the market. You can also use your own name or nickname as your domain name (provided, it is available and no one has taken it).

Be aware that this name is the first thing that is displayed in the search results of any search engine, so you need to do well to make sure that it is unique and catchy. The following are ways which you can use to choose a good name:

Look Deeper into the Niche You Want for Your Blog
A good way to begin a blog is by taking the time to go through the blogs of fellow bloggers who have been blogging from a long time and whose blogs are related to your blog’s niche. Consider how they brand themselves; lookout for things to learn. This way, you can be more guided and motivated towards doing what is best for your blog.

Consider the Reason That Why You Want to Open the Blog
There is always a reason on why we do the things in our lives. The same goes for any blog or website. You need to check within you if the reason for your blog has a name and which you can use as a domain name. The name can be related to the reason for the blog and this is your secret that only you will know about. It all depends on the individual or group of people involved in building the blog. A good name will have a meaning to it but this doesn’t mean that other names will not be suitable for your blog.

If you want to showcase your cooking skills to the world and want to start a blog on cooking then you can try taking any of the below mentioned domains (if they are available) or you can take similar types of domains too.

• (I have used my name and then cooking word).
• (I can use this name also, though it has nothing to do with cooking).

Similarly, if you want to start the blog on technology then you can consider purchasing domains such as:
• (you can replace my name ‘Atul’ with that of yours).

I hope you got the idea on how to select the right domain name. The above names I have just listed sporadically. If you like them and they are available then hurry, go and purchase those domains before they slip from your hands :).

Position Yourself to Be a Reader
Ask yourself these questions –
• What will be required to get people’s attention?
• What do a certain amount of people want to read about?

By doing this, you are placing yourself in the readers’ shoes. You are trying to find if what you are about to deliver to your audience is worth their time and attention or not? When you feel that you have read your readers minds and you know that what your readers want to hear then use this idea to create connections that will link the blog and readers as soon as they see the domain name that you are planning to use.

Start Broadcasting The Domain Name And Let People Know About It
Your blog name shouldn’t be difficult to pronounce or remember; let it be easy for people telling their friends about it. You can start by telling your friends the name you have come up with and see what they think about it, what message the domain name passes to them. Ask them about their review on domain name and whether the like the name or not. Your friends and neighbors will be able to give their opinion on your blog’s name and there goes your outsider review.

4. Acquire Web Hosting Account

The next thing to look out for after choosing a domain name is how to obtain a web hosting account. This is a very critical decision to take because your blog’s performance and its operations will depend on the type of hosting provider that you will choose. The job of the webhost is to store your files online and make your blog available to any user all the time. If your blog can’t be accessed by your readers and visitors then there is a serious problem somewhere. So, it is must to note that you SHOULD always purchase hosting from a good webhost only.

Please note that some webhosting companies also provide domain registration service too. One of these webhosting companies is Bluehost.
Just be assured that a lot of problems will arise for your blog if you work with a bad and unreliable web host. The web host is as important as the blog itself. The running and maintenance of your blog, all depends on the web host. If you are confused about which web host to use, go for Bluehost because they have been recommended by a lot of bloggers and experts who have worked with them.

I have personally hosted my few websites on Bluehost. You can check my Bluehost review here. Another point to note is that official wordpress core team also recommends bluehost. Please see below screenshot where wordpress is recommending bloggers to use bluehost.

Start Blog On Bluehost
Bluehost wordpress

5. Setting up the Blog and Installing WordPress

This is the stage where you will create an account with a webhost firm and will also install WordPress CMS on your blog. Here we will be providing you with details on how to create a blog with Bluehost. You can go with other webhosting companies too. The process will remain the same but as a starter; I would suggest you to go with Bluehost.

Below are the step by step instructions to get started with Bluehost and start a blog with it:

1. Pay a visit to the Bluehost website.

2. On the first page, you will see Get started button. Click on it.

How Start Blog with Bluehost
Get Started Bluehost button

3. The next thing to do is to choose a plan that you will be using to register. Each plan has its own benefits and requirements but as a beginner in starting any blog, it is best you go for the Basic plan. Later on, you can upgrade to other plans such as ‘Plus’ or ‘Choice Plus’. Basic plan allows you to host single website, which is what any beginner blogger wants. After you have learnt blogging and have acquired your roots in blogging, you can anytime switch to any higher plan.

Bluehost Plans
Bluehost Plans

4. Next step is choosing your domain name. After selecting the plan, you will be taken to a page where you will have the option of typing in your domain name. Immediately after typing in the name of your choice in the box, Bluehost will let you know if the domain name is available or not. If it is not available, a list of names which are similar to the one you wrote will be provided to you. Out of those names, you can select the one that you think looks good. Or, you can type-in any other domain name also to check its availability.

Start Blog with Bluehost
Start Blog with Bluehost

5. Once you are done selecting the domain name of your choice, you will be taken to the registration page where you will need to provide some personal details and your card details for payments.

Start blog Personal Details
Start Blog Personal Details

6. Click ‘Submit’ button.

Starting Blog Submit Payment
Bluehost Submit Button For Payments

7. After you have filled all the details and have made the payments, you will see congratulations page.

Start Blog Bluehost Congrats Email
Start Blog Bluehost Congrats Email

8. Open the emailid which you have given while creating your account. You will see that bluehost has sent you a confirmation email. Click on the link which is in that email.

9. Next, install the wordpress.

10. On the next screen, you should be ready to set up your password which will be needed to verify your account.

Create Password Bluehost
Create Password on Bluehost

11. Once you have successfully created a new password, all you need to do is log in to your account.

Bluehost Blog password created
Bluehost Blog password created

12. On the next screen, you will see lots of theme options. Do not select any theme and instead, go to bottom of the page and click ‘Skip This Step’ link. These all are free themes and if you want to succeed in blogging then you should not use these free themes. We need some good premium quality themes which we will be installing in below steps.

Starting Blog WordPress Theme
Starting Blog WordPress Theme

13. Now, wordpress will be installed. Don’t worry! Installing wordpress will be done in few seconds only.

14. Click on Start Building to log into the WordPress dashboard.

Start Building WordPress Blog
Start Building WordPress Blog

15. You will receive a welcome message on the WordPress dashboard.

16. Next, click on ‘Launch’ button.

Wordpress Blog Launch button
WordPress Blog Launch button

17. Click ‘Next Step’ button.

6. Select The Perfect Theme or Blog Design

Your blog needs to have a face at the front end of it. It needs a unique design and layout that will be creative, simple and at the same time eye-catching. The design of your blog is very important because most times blog design alone can discourage visitors from wanting to go through the information on your blog. No matter what you do, make sure your blog design or theme and layout give visitors a good feeling and make it easy for them to get the required information.

Immediately you install your WordPress platform, you should begin your search for the perfect theme. Take note that your theme is the first thing that will be seen by visitors even before they set eyes on the content, so this has to be given much attention. Follow these steps below when you are looking for the right theme to choose.

• Read and understand the description.
• Look out for the responsiveness of the theme.
• Check the ratings of the theme.
• Preview the theme and see how it looks.

Sometimes the theme doesn’t give out its full quality unless you add content to it. Therefore, be very careful when making this choice so that you do not lose out on the good ones. Keep reading our article below which explains you that from where you can get nice good looking template or theme.

18. Now, you need to purchase a nice premium theme for your blog. You can browse through below themes and can purchase any theme that will suit your blog and niche. After purchasing the theme, you will have the option to download it on your system.

Elegant Divi
Generate Press

19. Now, you need to install the theme that you have purchased above in your dashboard.

20. Login to your wordpress dashboard.

21. Go to Appearance –> Themes.

Starting Blog Theme Install
Starting Blog Theme Install

22. Click on ‘Add New’.

Start Blog Add Theme
Add New Theme

23. Click on ‘Upload Theme’.

Start Blog Upload Theme
Start Blog Upload Theme

24. Select ‘Choose File’. Select the zipped theme file that you have downloaded on your system and click ‘Install Now’.

25. Activate the theme.

26. Now, check your website in the browser.

If anytime you require any help, you can contact us and we will help you in setting up your wordpress blog.

7. Write Blog Content

This is where your writing and thinking skills will be tested. It is now time to show the visitors their interesting topics. You have to write in a way so that your readers’ attention gets stolen. The posts on your blog depend heavily on the niche you have chosen for your blog. It is the explanatory version of what your blog is all about.

This content can come in various forms either in text, images, videos or audios and so on. It all depends on your taste and how this content will be in the sight of your visitors. Content is the main factor of every blog. If the content is not present or is not good enough; such a blog cannot be successful, no matter the type of design or layout used on the blog.

Blog content consists of two types:
• Pre-Launch content
• Post-Launch content

Pre-Launch Content
Pre-launch content simply refers to those pages of information that will remain stagnant and won’t be updated or changed like your daily posts. These pages contain reasonable information about your blog and about you, the individual behind the blog. These pages include – about us, contact, sidebar, header and so on.

About us: This can be termed as “the personal info of the blogger”. This is where visitors are being provided with information about the person who created the bog, his reason of creating the blog and what he offers on his blog. This information is usually presented in an informal, personal and funny way. Some bloggers also post their business related information in ‘About Us’ page.

Contact: This page provides users of your blog the information that can be used to reach out and communicate with you. It may consist of a phone number, email address or social media accounts. Most bloggers provide a platform for users to communicate with them without having to leave the blog.

Sidebar Content:
This is where you find the top ads, blog categories, recent posts and also trending posts. It is usually located on either the left or right side of the page depending on the theme that you have selected.

Post-Launch Content
This refers to the day to day posts that are used to keep the blog running and interesting. They include:

Blog Posts: I am sure we all know what a blog post is. Any article that has been posted on a blog is referred to as a blog post. It may include any form of content depending on how you choose to pass the information.

8. Publish and Promote Your Posts

This is the last stage of the entire process of starting the blog. Once you get here, you need to give yourself some credit for what you have really done so far. After you have done everything required of you such as giving your blog a good design, generating interesting posts etc.; then you need to do one last thing to shield all your efforts. You need to promote your blog posts.

You should now be thinking of ways to get more people flooding into your blog every day and this can only be done by promoting your posts on other platforms so that you can drive traffic to your blog. Some blog experts recommend that more time should be devoted to promoting as it is devoted to creating blog posts. You can try various ways of promotion such as blog commenting, social media promotion etc.

Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts:

Social Media
This is the only place on the internet with the highest amount of visits every day so it is obvious where you should turn your attention to. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat are all social media platforms that can get you to the audience you require.

Just bear in mind that not all of them is suitable for you or will give you the results you desire. So you should conduct an experiment and check the one that works best for you. The social media platforms you should use also depend on the niche of your blog and the type of readers you require.

For example: on Facebook, you can post the articles, pictures and videos but on Pinterest, you will need graphics and photos to share.

Forums and Message Boards
Social media alone won’t do the trick. If you can find the right forum and online community to share your posts and ideas, it can pay you well and enable you to reach out to another set of audience.

Guest Posts And Blogging On Different Sites
In the world of blogging, there is one thing that is common among bloggers. They all love to help one another in any way they can. Someone can share your posts on his or her blog to enable you to reach out to his audience and help you to grow. The process of doing this is known as Guest Posting.

Email Newsletter
This is something you should create once you have started your blog. You can make use of an email newsletter to reach out to your readers and keep them updated with the latest posts you have on your blog. By doing this, you are promoting your blog to your own audience and this will make them happy. You can use Convert Kit for creating professional emails and newsletters.

Few Things to Consider after Starting a Blog

The idea of starting a blog to be truthful looks simple but it will along the line get complex. Why did I say this? Is because creating or starting up a blog for the first time is mind-blowing, amazing and overwhelming but after this stage, comes the intimidating part of blogging, which is posting contents that people are actually going to read or even share, and gain a competitive advantage over the others who are in the same blog category as you?

Yes, and by this, I mean that starting a blog is definitely hard work and it is never as easy as you might think. Starting a blog is difficult but only till the time you are not determined. In the beginning phase of blogging, you will encounter lots of pitfalls. The process to start a blog is difficult mostly to the first-timers.

Here are some basic tools or knowledge that you will need to have or consider in order to make your blogging process easier and simpler. Here they are:

Use SEO to Make Your Blog Crowded with Thousands of Visitors Every Month

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the art or process of maximizing the number of visitors that your website receives by optimizing your contents to ensure that your website contents appear high on the result that is being provided by a search engine. SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website. And by traffic, I mean the number of visitors that you get.

Check On-Page SEO Checklist to rank on first page.

How Does This Work?

• Search out for the keywords with fairly low ranking difficulties that surround your niche. We recommend you use SEMrush to see keywords difficulties and search volumes for which you want to write articles and rank in Google search.

Creating contents that are the best on the web for the topic and the keyword you’ve chosen. To do this and to start your blog, look on Google to see what’s trending in the top results and then do everything that you can do to make your content better or infact, the best. This means that your content should have better images, better link sources, should be more descriptive, intense and must have in-depth explanations.

Promote the content of your blog. Spend more time in promoting your content than you did in creating it and this doesn’t just basically mean sharing your post on social media. Bloggers should also do some email outreach to some influencers and even pay for promotions by promoting their articles on Quuu Promote, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads or Facebook Ads, etc.

Always Pick Quality over Quantity

In my study of Search Engine Optimization and experience in blogging and content writing, choosing quality over quantity is the biggest lesson that I have learned so far. Publishing posts daily or weekly is not at all necessary because if you do the things right then posting articles once in a month is also fine.

It further provides you rest of the month to spend your time on promotion.

Back then, Google used to give credit to sites that used to publish fresh content. To this, many websites started abusing the privilege and starting posting dozens of crappy articles daily. This worked for a while before Google laid down the ban hammer.

Now the question is: Would you rather have 5 good posts or just one great post on your blog? It’s better to have one great and unique post than 5 just good and ok posts. Trust me! The high-quality articles gather more backlinks. Also, they add value to the internal links that you add in that article.

Internal Linking

Internal links are vital for any blog and you should consider adding relevant internal links in each of your posts. These links are simply the linkage between one page on your site and another. While external links, if you may ask, are links that provide access to another website’s page from your page; internal links are bonding between your blog’s own posts or pages.

In SEO, internal linking is very important because it will provide ease of navigation between pages to your visitors. This is a great way of making your visitors to read the previous or old articles on your blog. In addition, when you have a blog post that has made a high ranking in search engines, the internal links that link this post to other posts will also help in boosting the rankings of those other posts as well.

Rank Boosting

This is the next phase. Link building is what helps you to boost your post or content on search engines. The backlinks to your website play major role in Google’s determination of strongest indicators for rankings. Achieving this takes a lot of hard-work but it’s not complicated. The main focus when it comes to content ranking are networking and targeting your content to people who provide backlinks. Building relationship with a link provider is the major key that most newbies don’t know when starting a blog.

Firstly, you need high and unique quality content because I know for sure that there’s no one on planet earth that likes garbage. And if its garbage then no one is going to link to it. Once you are able to get fresh unique high-quality content for your blog, make contact with the fellow bloggers who linked to your article in the past. Do this because if these bloggers love your another fresh article then they are most likely going to link or share your newly written post too.

Social Media

Social media and blogging are like birds that flock together, we all know that they stick together. In other words, both of them are like two peas in a pod. There is nothing as frustrating as spending hours upon hours on a blog post and then see no likes, no visitors, comments or shares. This is due to the fact that most bloggers are using the social media wrongly because they use it as a publishing platform and I quote “Social media is not an RSS Feed!”.

The question is: How do you use social media the right way when it comes to blogging? The most appropriate answer is by networking and being flexible, that is knowing where and whom to publish your content to.

Give Your Blog an Expert Look

The same way beautiful images and website designs increase reader’s time on your page, so does a well-formatted written-piece. To be truthful, people don’t go by every post on the internet reading it word-for-word anymore. A study has shown that an average internet reader just skims the article and that’s the naked truth. On the internet, there are just loads of content and there’s no time to read them all. So why not just skim to see if it interests you.

A well-formatted post surely would make it easier for your visitor to just skim around and get the main point instantly.

Here are some pointers to help you get you a well-formatted post:

• Avoid long text on headers and sub-headers.
• Make use of bullets and numbering to point key information and focus point.
• Use bold and italics on the key point (to be spotted easily by readers).
• Quality images (use one after every 300 words).
• Short paragraphs (no more than 3 to 5 lines at most – make it easier for skimming and mobile reading for your viewers).

Videos- Increases Engagement of Readers

Adding videos to your blog is one of the ways of getting your viewers to spend more time on your page. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd and be unique in your own way. Right now you must be thinking that you know nothing about photography or making videos but this doesn’t require much or the fancy equipment to get started. A Smartphone, tripod and an external mic would do the job perfectly.

Let Your Audience Choose The Topics

What you feel your readers enjoy most and want to hear should be what you need to give them. Use your audience as a tool to direct you on what to publish. This can be done by:

• Check the comments people leave on your blog and other blogs.

• You can visit your audience on their social media platforms and ask them questions for which they are looking for answers.

• You can make use of your email list by sending a survey to the participants and seek the answers. You can use ConvertKit to manage your email list.

These and many other things should be taken into consideration before starting your own blog. They will assist you in carrying out your blogging activities properly and will also help to increase the success and growth of your blog.

Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

There are many ways you can use to make money on your blog. The only thing to consider is the one that best suits your style and if it is something that you can do. The following are various ways to make money from your blog.

• Sponsored Content
• Freelancing (Selling Your Services). You can create a free account on Fiverr for this.
• Online Courses.
• Affiliate Programs.
• Physical Products and Software Tools.
• Business Partnerships

The Bottom Line

This guide will give you all the necessary information you need on starting your own blog. The process might be lengthy but believe me, it is worth trying. If you have been searching for a way to learn on how to start a blog on your own then this is the best article on it. Make sure you follow the right sources in this process in order to achieve the best possible results. You can make blogging your hobby and earn some money from it.

Please bookmark this page and share with others who want to start a blog in 2019 and earn money through blogging.

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