How to Write an Awesome Blog Post with Proven 5 Tactics
How to Write an Awesome Blog Post with Proven 5 Tactics

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post with Proven 5 Tactics

If you are new to blogging and want to pursue your career in blogging then you must understand the words Blog and Blog Post.

In this article, we will explain you that what a blog post is and how to do efficient blog writing.

Every blogger wants to write good articles on his website. When I say good, it actually depicts the quality of the article.

As rightly said,

A good essay is not only enjoyed by the narrator but also by the listener.

Same holds true for blog writing as well. In this article, I will let you know to how to write a blog post.

First of all, we should know what a blog is. So, checkout this article explaining that what’s a blog. Now, let’s understand what the blog post is.

What Is a Blog Post?

A blog post is an article published on a blog written in the form of multimedia which includes different content forms such as text, images, videos, hyperlinks and animations.

A blog post is having some important characteristics which are listed here:

• In a blog, posts are entered in reverse chronological order which means that new entry will always be visible on the top.

• Blog post should be updated frequently so that it looks recent to your audience all the times.

• These are arranged according to categories.

• Comments section is must to include in a post where readers can share their views about your post.

• Sharing section should also be configured in order to share it on your facebook, twitter, gmail etc.

• A blog post is designed in very easy-going way of writing based on your own ideas.

• A blog post is generally built with so many SEO keywords.

How to Write a Blog Post?

Blog Writing is an art of conversation by which you can share your thoughts with your readers. While writing a post, the main motive is to fulfill readers’ all expectations with valuable information.

Various steps are shown below explaining that how to write a blog post.

1. Thinking about the best subject for your article.

2. Plan for your chosen topic to deliver your ideas.

3. Writing content with proper headings and subheadings.

4. Add graphics to get good impact.

5. Do analyze and check your post to avoid errors.

How to Write Good Blog Post
How to Write Good Blog Post

1. Think Deeper to Choose a Subject

The very first step for writing a post is to think and then choose an appropriate topic on which finally you will publish a tutorial. It is a big task to select one subject because you have to provide the best information favored by your target audience. Selection should be based on your own ideas as well as what readers prefer to know more.

Consider The Topics On Which You Have Knowledge
Before making a decision on the subject topic, think carefully about all the topics on which you have suitable knowledge. Suppose that your site is related to Bollywood facts and several different ideas strike in your mind such as entertainment news, latest gossips, lifestyle of any actor or actress, upcoming movie, about film industry and so on. At that time, concentrate on every phrase and judge yourself in such a manner that on which topic, you can give your best and also consider your readers’ point of interest. Remember that the first step on how to write a blog post involves choosing the topic on which you want to write.

Finding More Than One Options
If you get multiple options in above step, make sure to choose the one that is of upmost interest to you. As in above case, if I have to select between lifestyle of an actor and entertainment news, then I would like to publish for the entertainment news.

The reason of selecting entertainment news is that this topic is of my interest because the topic which is more acceptable to me will be more satisfactory for my readers. Furthermore, I can go with other options to write for the expansion of my blog.

Real Time Scenarios
One more way to choose a topic is thinking about your live schemes or activities such as if you are playing a role of parent in your real life and your blog is all about relationships and family tips, then you may have multiple subjects.

For example: you can consider the topics such as parenting and child care. It will be the best idea if you share some knowledge from your real life experience. Further, real life knowledge is much appreciated by readers and it helps you in writing a good blog post.

Audience Review
If you already hold a well-established blog and wants to publish an article, check repeatedly and observe your readers point of interest and get access to accomplish their requirements. It would be useful in choosing a topic that is more relevant to your readers.

2. Make a Schematic Plan

In second step, make a preliminary plan and describe a rough summary of the main points of your chosen topic. Planning is a main process to be done that makes a schedule to acquire the objective. Remember that in daily life routine, you are executing plans to finish your purposes.

For example: when you have to go for shopping, first you think about all the things that you will purchase and from where you will do shopping and then you go there to collect all your required items.

Same in case of writing a blog post, spend your maximum time in planning and thinking about the ideas for your post. Once you have gathered all the main points and created a rough sketchy summary, you will easily be able to explain your blog post. It will save your much time of writing and will help you in publishing a good article on your website.

How to do Planning to Write a Good Blog Post?

Make a Proper Research to Write a Good Blog Post
Obviously, you will choose a topic for which you have sufficient knowledge or you have much experience for the topic but are you sure that the knowledge is enough for your post?

All bloggers do not have complete information about any new subject and so, every person studies to get large amount of material to establish a blog post accurately.

Sometimes when you access your blog and wants to write on something for which your readers are curious to know and at that time perhaps you don’t have any knowledge for that topic, don’t panic in that case and do your research as much as possible.

Always remember that blog writing is an art and you should master yourself in this art in order to publish an excellent blog post.

Internet is a primary source of all types of information. So, surf the internet to gain information for your topic. Besides the internet, read some eBooks and other writing material wherever you get related to your subject and gather maximum information.

Interact With People
Talk to people with regarding to your subject so that you can access more ideas. Live interaction is a straightforward method to capture good strategies as a person with same profession can provide you more genuine ideas and you can do efficient blog writing.

Discover Your Headlines And Main Points
Now after getting complete knowledge, it’s time to think about all the main points and headlines for your post. Headlines and Main Points are the attention part of your blog post to engage more readers. All bolded points and headlines act as keywords and join in search results through which readers can reach your article.

So, concentrate deeply into your subject and find out all the points of attraction and think which objects can be highlighted to enhance your tutorial so that you can write a good blog post.

Draw A Sketchy Summary
After having all information and bunch of highlights, make a rough structure to write your post. It will give you a brief idea to present all your main points in a specific order and hence, you can determine that what result will be produced in front of your readers after they finishes reading your article.

This acts same as constructing a building. In such case, builder always needs to create a map first after observing the site view and all other essential things and then he follows that chart to work on his project. Even a player also makes a strategy to win the game. Likewise, all small projects or tasks also need to be planned before their creation to achieve the success.

3. Writing All Content

The next step is start writing whole information for the blog post in same order as you have decided to present. This is the main task to accomplish and so, you need to keep in mind some basic points such as:

• Be confident while writing a post; no matter, if you are a good writer or not. If you have appropriate knowledge about your subject, share all that knowledge as well as your experience with your readers. Confidence and Knowledge will help you to write a good blog post.

• Make your post creative and distinctive; add some unique elements which enhance your article and attract more readers.

• Always make sure about the SEO keywords which are the main source to get maximum traffic. Use bolded points and headings which are regularly visited by the readers through search engines. Use some keyword tracking tool such as SEMRush to find better and profitable keywords for your blog post.

• Write your blog post in your own style in a relaxed manner and give personal opinion based on your own experience.

• Intercommunicate with the readers in between of your article. Ask some questions, also interact through the comment and reply section at the end of your post.

All these are the key factors that you should always remember while writing a blog post.

The third step includes two main parts for writing content for your blog.
• First is ‘Headlines’.
• And other is ‘Content Description’.

Pick the Best Headline For Writing Best Blog Post

After thinking about all highlighted points, now the work is to choose the best headline that suits to your content description.

Headings are the most important and preferential part of an article which is displayed on the top in bold characters and large text size.

A headline should be so absolute that it perfectly introduces your article’s gist and it lets your readers decide to whether read the whole content defined under that headline or not. Because how simple and creative the heading is, will catch more sights of attraction and interests of your readers to read the complete article.

Ideas for Writing Best Headline

Write In Simple And Effective Language
A headline should be written in simple English which is very clear and easy to understand by every person. Also, it should be so effective that it leaves an impact on the readers and convince them to stay on your article. Similarly, make the article length to some optimum level and direct your readers as much as possible on your blog posts.

Also, bring perfection in your writing style and write the sentences as per some standards.

For Example:
Instead of “The article is explained by me”, you can write “I can explain the article”.

Also don’t try to tangle your readers into a confused wording, create a catchy headline that is easy and to-the-point.

Add Keywords
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to get maximum traffic for your blog post. Generally, all readers access search engines like Google to make their search for any topic and they put there some strings which are called SEO keywords.

The words which are searched multiple times by users on Google get maximum search traffic. And you should add these keywords in your article as headlines or bolded words so that your post would be accessed easily by search engines. Remember that the topic “how to write a blog post” is incomplete without the knowledge of proper keywords. So, make sure that you search and add relevant keywords in your article.

While using any headline, firstly make sure that whether people are searching for the same keyword on Google or not. So, get focus on the keyword search and add keywords with high search results. For this, you can use free keyword searching tools such as SEMRush.

Highlight Statements In Blog Post
Usually when we design the title of an article and other some headings, we use HTML heading tags. Other than this, if we have to make some special points highlighted in between the content description, we should grasp other methods such as bolding the text, using numbers and bullets and to underline the keyword to make it attentive.

Bolded Text :
Make some text bold in your blog post to give emphasis on special points. Again, make sure your bold the keywords with high search results but use this trick wisely. Bold the high search volume keywords once or maximum twice. Rest; use the bold tag with some other texts within your article.

Underline Keywords :
You can also underline the text that you want to highlight in front of your readers. This method is mostly used to show a hyperlink text. It means many webmasters underline the hyperlinks.

Use Numbers And Bullets :
Readers are mainly affected by exact number of items and this ensures them about the topic. They think that the article would be easy to understand by them and the article will be more definitive.

Use numerals and bullets in describing when there occur some characteristics or features of a subject. If you have a chance to include numbers in your headings or sub-headings then it is a better idea to include numbers in those headings. Bullets can be used in sub-headings or in intermediate points.

For instance:
9 tips for time management.
Top 20 ideas for a new business.
101 most useful idioms and phrases with their meaning.
20 Tricks to create Free Backlinks for your website.

Keep Readers Attentive Throughout Blog Post
Always think carefully about the readers for whom you are writing. Your each headline should be so exciting that people remain awake throughout the article.

Do some queries :
Ask questions to influence the audience. Use words like who, what, when, why and how to increase the readers curiosity? These questions are not asked to get answers but just to get the thinking of readers. It keeps your audience eager to know more. So, you can also include queries as headlines.

For instance:
What is the best way to invest money?
When is it the right time to exercise?
How to start a blog for earning money?
Why internet is popular today?
How to choose a perfect niche?
How to increase Youtube Subscribers?

Connect With Readers :
Ensure about the people having their own problems and try to generate headlines that satisfy their requirements. It forces them to stay on the article as they get desirable information.

Also link directly with your readers and use words such as ‘you’ and ‘yours’ in the headlines to make them more affected. Using such words will improve your blog writing and will help you to write a good blog post.

For Example: You can write the heading or text as below:

You will learn about Free Headline Analyzers here.

Create Urgency
Moreover you can create urgent calls by showing a limited time offer for making deals such as sale on electronics or any other product, discount on flight tickets, free movie vouchers, giving free tips for career, sale on any theme or product based on technical analysis and so on. In such cases, build your headlines with an impactful word so that people could access your deal so early.

Now, suppose you want to give an offer for the sale of laptops for a short period of time at high discount. So, create a headline as below:
Hurry up! The best deals on laptops up to 70% off just for today.

Here, the bolded words are bumps for the sense of urgency and attract more audience to catch the deal. Here, the bolded words are helping you to write a good blog post.

More examples to create urgency:

Discount coupons for flight tickets.

Up to 80% off on security softwares

Describe the Content

After having hold on the headline or title of your post, now it is the main part to write the blog post in which you will completely describe your thoughts.
The first paragraph is an introduction of your post and it decides either people will read further or they will leave your post. So, write some valuable information in brief that forces the audience to stay there to read your complete post. Add your targeted SEO keyword at least once in this paragraph in order to gain more traffic and write a search-engine optimized blog post.

The main content should assure the purpose of its headline. If your content fails to describe the actual motive of your catchy headline then this dissatisfaction will lead to disappointment of the people. So, write your content that pleases your audience to visit your post.

Also, consider creating your information in small sections. Do not include large sections in your blog post and subdivide the content in short paragraphs or subsections. It will decrease the complexity of your article and make the people ease to get your explanations. Just enter 4 to 5 lines in a segment of post-writing or less than this so that your viewers can get into extensive reading.

Write sub-headlines to break your content into more parts. It is again a good method to subdivide the content into different substances. Obviously, this technique improves the quality of your post and gets more attention of your readers. Remember that sub-headlines should be compatible with the main headline as well as content within them.

Relate yourself in the post to influence people. Readers are always interested to know about the writer’s point of view about the same subject. So, share your personal views in the post, give some real life knowledge to the audience, and also add some comical aspects related to your personal life. People will be entertained more while reading about your own experience.

If you want to achieve perfection in blog writing and want to learn to how to write a blog post then it is must for you to include your self-experience in your article.

Write a blog post that also fits your audience appropriately. Always recognize what people want to know, what their aspects are and try to accomplish their expectations and make your topic more relevant to the readers. It is very important to make people curious and attentive to read rest of your blog post.

Make sure that the people are very clear about the structure or format of your blog post. Show a list of items that are going to be explained in your article in order to make people understand the format and do not confuse in between the points. Furthermore, you can show any hierarchical diagram that perfectly illustrates the schema of your post.

Add Links of another related posts or web pages in your post content to make your blog popular. Suppose you have entered any term in your post and people have no idea about that then would the people be interested in reading such articles?

So at that place, you can add a hyper link of that term which will move the reader to another detailed topic and you can provide more information to your readers. It is a way to make your blog popular on blogosphere by linking more web pages.

Also, make more efforts to get your post linked into other person’s blog post so that the same visitors can access your blog too. You can also expect a huge traffic by following this tactic.

So, all these are the major tools for describing the content to write an effective blog post.

4. Add Efficient Graphics In Your Blog Post

Visual items are more frequently captured by the readers and make them well understandable about the subject. Plus, it creates the post lengthy as well as more attractive and explains your points more excellently. As we all have a common habit to get charmed towards the visual effects because it strikes our mind faster than the text material and so, try to include such graphics in your blog post.

In addition to the writing part, you can use images and video also that relates to the content written over there. Do not bother so much about choosing images, just concentrate on your article and add an appropriate image that suits your content well and makes your post distinctive. You can include any number of graphics in the post. As much as media you add, it will enlarge the traffic for your blog post.

Adding images express your thoughts much better than your text description. It is easily understood by all as it is rightly said, “picture is worth a thousand words”. The images make your blog more interesting, attentive and effective.

Adding video, if required, also explains any strategy or opinion more clearly. It gives full visual description about the related topic and access more traffic. Moreover, it saves your writing time and makes your post more interesting and engaging.

Benefits of Adding Graphics
Enhances SEO
Images are very supportive to improve Search Engine Optimization. Add main keyword phrase of your post in the filename of the picture as well as in the ALT tag. It will help you to get additional traffic to your post. Images are easy and fast access to bring new visitors.

You need to check – How to optimize images for SEO?

Enrich Social Media Impression
Generally, we see on social media websites that people love to share many visual contents on them. Therefore, including graphics in your post is a good trick to fetch more traffic from social media.

Take example of Facebook: what we notice is that when a picture or video is liked and shared by one person, in a few seconds, it spreads on each and everyone’s timeline of his/her friends list. So, it is a faster way to share your object in very short period of time. Make sure about quality of your content so that it can attract more people.

Makes Your Post Lengthy And Effective
When you add graphics in your article, it increases the size of your article and gives partitions to the text but it does not increase the word length. Adding an image makes your post look effective and gives visual appealing. Thus, it very well describes the post and it also boost up the interests of the readers.

Usage In Thumbnails
In case when you display posts on your blog as thumbnails then either this is your chosen format to publish posts or you show some featured posts on the sidebar. At that time, you need to have an image to show for your thumbnail. So, add at least one image in your post which you can further use in the thumbnail.

5. Analyzing And Editing

Last but not the least step is to check your whole post again and correct all your mistakes. Never think that whatever you have written is totally. Therefore, don’t try to avoid this important step. Once you start your analysis, you will definitely find some mistakes and you need to correct them before publishing your article.

Sometimes the post requires editing at several parts in order to improve the quality as well as integrity of the content. Analyzing and editing the blog post helps you to rectify the errors in your article.

I would like to know you some points regarding final analysis that you have to take into account before publishing the blog post.

Read Blog Post Loudly And Thoroughly
This is a process to adapt for the sake of producing your post correct in all details. Read your content aloud in a closed room to check misprints and flow of the post carefully from top to bottom. Consider the viewpoint of your readers and think what they can react for any particular piece of your content. If it seems strange to them then it is very obvious to make your content reliable that appropriately fits the needs of the readers. Thus read until it makes you satisfy.

Make Sentences And Paragraphs Shorter
While writing the blog post, always try to keep sentences smaller and paragraphs shorter so that people don’t get confused while reading your post. Short paragraphs make your objective more clear and easy to understand for your audience. People themselves remain flowing as well as attentive throughout the article.

Avoid Spell And Grammar Misprints
Spelling Mistakes are very common faults which occur while typing and are shown by highlighting some wavy line under the misprints in red or green color. You should correct all such mistakes along with writing or at the end after finishing the writing section. Even after rectifying all errors, there can be more such type of mistakes and to fix them you can use some tools. A good tool such as Grammarly helps you to make your content error-free.

Avoid Repetition
Don’t use same words excessively in your post. Instead of that, use an alternative word to avoid the repetition. When you write your article, you are unable to notice about the same words or phrases which you have used multiple times. As while writing, you dwell yourself in the content and so, you are unable to notice if you are using the same words again and again in your blog post.

Therefore, after completion of writing, you can edit these words so that your post looks effective and can stand according to Google policies. Remember that in order to eliminate the same words, you can try to include synonyms in your blog post.

Improve Clarity Of Your Post
Make proper use of white spaces and punctuation marks like full stop and comma to separate the different elements and sentences in the post. It increases the clarity of content for the readers. Also, remove unnecessary words and phrases that may generate conflicts in reading.

A Glance On Complete Structure
Once check the structure of your post and take a quick look on the headings, subheadings, numbering and bullet points, media objects and all other elements of the blog post. If any editing required, make it happen to set a final blog post.

All the above steps are essential to write a powerful blog post. Hence, grab all these rules and steps that are described in this article so that you can write an outstanding blog post.

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