22 Killer Tips On How To Increase YouTube Subscribers Fast

22 Killer Tips On How To Increase YouTube Subscribers Fast

Have you ever imagined how the YouTubers with various subscribers got that amount of subscribers?

Every youtuber wants to increase the subscriber or fan-base of his/her youtube channel. But the question is that how to get more subscribers on youtube for free?

Take a look at YouTube channels like PewDiePie and T-Series. Both these youtube channels have around 85 million subscribers.

Below statistics shows the most popular youtube channels as of January 2019. We can see that PewDiePie and T-Series top the list. The third number holds for ‘5-Minute Crafts’ and you can see that there is a big difference between the subscriber-base count of 5-Minute Crafts and T-Series.

how to increase youtube subscribers
Most Popular Youtube Channels

What are the secrets behind the massive growth of youtube subscribers for these famous channels?

Well, you have gotten to the right place to understand how to get subscribers on YouTube fast.

These methods are such that have been tried by many and would remain useful to anyone ready to practice it. But why would you need to have a higher number of youtube subscribers?

You must have heard Gary Vee or other social media influencers making statements like you don’t need to worry about growth of youtube subscribers. While that might be true, they are not suggesting that you should stop working towards getting subscribers. They are only telling you not to freak out with the prospect of not having YouTube Subscribers.

Despite this statement, before you learn how to get more subscribers on YouTube for free, you need to realize that the higher your subscribers, the higher your chance of being an authority in your field. When you are established as an authority in a field, it gives you more references and makes you reach more lives than you might have imagined.

Moreover, you will have more confidence in doing what will make you live a comfortable life. As you get more number of youtube subscribers, you have a higher chance of making more money from people watching adverts. Not to waste time on the numerous things you stand to gain, it is right to point you towards the things that can be used to help you in this journey of getting the right number of youtube followers.

How to Increase Youtube Subscribers?

Video Content

1. Value Works Every Time

In the business of helping people, there is a need to help them in the right way. For every popular YouTube Channel out there, they are always linked to a certain niche and have been able to establish themselves in that area. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular youtube channels in various areas as listed by Wikipedia:

• PewDiePie with around 85 million followers is most popular youtube channel in Comedy Skits.

• T-Series also has around 85 million followers and is most popular in Music category. After T-Series, the name that comes is that of Canal KondZilla.

5-Minute Crafts has around 50 million subscribers and is most popular channel in How-to category.

Justin Bieber is the most popular entertainment channel on youtube with around 45 million subscribers.

WWE is still leading in sports with around 40 million fans.

The list above is just a fraction of the many that are striving in the world of YouTube. They have made a name for themselves by creating values in the same niche. Remember, it’s the same niche. This implies that despite owning a technology YouTube Channel, they can still review clothes and look for a way to relate it to technology.

In other words, before you decide to branch out, look for the bridge and connect them. Your channel must always hold the details of the same path that you want to thread or else, you will be seen as someone who dilly-dallies and is not sure of what he wants.

Please see the timelines of most subscribed youtube channels from May 2006 to January 2019 below.

get subscribers on youtube fast
Most Subscribed Youtube Channels

2. The Right-Away Mentality

Pass your value immediately you open your mouth to talk. According to Gianni Nicasio, the most important part of your video is the initial 8 seconds. So, whatever you want to show in your video, make sure you do that in the first 8 seconds only.

Suppose you are doing a product review then start reviewing it right away and do not punch useless information such as explaining about you, your company etc. If you want to add any information in the video then do that in the end but in the beginning, add only relevant data in the video.

Searchers who have numerous options are always browsing through what you have to offer. So, if all you have to offer is not enough to keep them going, they will click away and opt for the next available channels. So, if you want to increase your youtube subscribers, post the quality information within first 8 seconds.

3. Have A Schedule

Frequency is like the moon and the sun. People tend to watch out for the things for which they know the schedule. It’s our style to always build habits around a style. Thus, if you really have the intentions of getting a good number of followers, then, you need to create the time to build a habit for them.

To pull this through, look for a time at which you can always post your video. It will help you in creating just what the people need at the right time. If you seem busy, you can look for a way to create your YouTube Videos once a week.

Doing that will make it easy for you to create at least, 4 youtube videos in a month. Dropping these videos at a stipulated time helps your subscribers to continually return and that gives your page a higher chance of being ranked on a site. And in turn, you learn to how to increase youtube subscribers.

Remember that Google crawler is not restricted to blogs only; they also have a way of knowing the way that whether your viewers return to your channel or not.

4. SEO Should Be a Focus

As stated above, Google crawlers also check your YouTube channel when people search for items on Google Search Engine. For you to rank higher, you need to ensure that aside from having the details in your description, you also talk about it in your video. Thereby, influencing your fans and subscribers to make comments as regards to searched-keywords.

To do that and to increase youtube subscribers, you need to check out the various things people are discussing or searching for, so that you can speak about those things in your video. You can include the keywords which people are searching on google in your video and can speak about them. This will make your videos to be picked by Google search engine and you will get more subscribers on youtube for free.

5. Publish Long Videos Greater than 12 Minutes

Longer videos work well in youtube search. It has been seen that youtube videos with more than 12 minutes work very well in youtube search ranking. The lengthier videos of 12-18 minutes rank better than short videos of 3-5 minutes.

get more subscribers on youtube
Long Youtube Videos Works Well

Passive Adverts

These are the numerous simple things that can be done to bring readers to your YouTube Channel without a need to advertise.

6. Meta-tag, Descriptions

By meta-tags and descriptions, you have a better chance of getting more subscribers because a search on Google gives you the chance to be seen well. Therefore, if you need to be ranked higher and get more subscribers on youtube for free, follow the trend as stated above. Ensure that you get details of the keywords used by people.

You can check out various keyword-search tools such as SEMRush and Keyword Revealer and a lot of other ranking applications to help you with the right words needed to get a higher page authority and be ranked well.

So in order to increase youtube subscribers, make sure that you add proper description and tags in all the videos that you upload in your channel.

• If you have already published videos then you can edit those videos to add proper description and tags. For this, select the video and click on Edit.

increase youtube subscribers
Edit Youtube Video

• Click on any of the tag (Title, Description, Tags etc.) and edit it.

get more subscribers on youtube
Edit Youtube Video Tags

• After editing is done, click on Update Videos button to update the tag information.

Update Videos on Youtube
Update Videos

You can also check below video that shows the way by which you can find tags of any video.

7. Branding Distinguishes You (Add Watermark/Subscribe button)

Customizing some aspects of your channel make you different from others. Sometimes all you need to do is to pay a certain amount of money in getting just what you need. Branding is not limited to your channel. You should try to make a logo print on the video itself. It makes it look professional and gives people a reason to follow you through and through.

How to Add Subscribe Button to Youtube Videos?

• Login to your youtube channel.

• Click your account icon.

• Go to ‘Youtube Studio’.

• Click on ‘Creator Studio Classic’.

• From left menu, select Channel –> Branding.

• Click on ‘Add a Watermark’.

• Follow the instructions.

Active Internal Advert

8. Pop-Up

Like email subscriptions are used on blogs, you can use relevant popups on your youtube videos. Many YouTube users have attested to the fact that it works most of the time in getting them more subscribers. For you to truly enjoy this, look for a way to add this to your channel.

Nevertheless, you need to realize that people can be irritated if it is done in the most awkward way or even more often than not. So, if you intend to do this, which is advisable, go about it the right way.

• To add popups to your videos, open the youtube video.

• Click on Edit Video. The Youtube Studio will open.

Youtube Studio Edit Video
Edit Youtube Video

• Click on Editor.

increase youtube followers for free
Youtube Studio Editor

• Click on ‘Add Card’. A new window will open which will allow you to add cards.

Youtube Video Add Card
Add Card

• Click on ‘Add Card menu’. You will see that below options have become visible. You can add any video or playlist/channel/poll as a popup to your existing video by clicking on corresponding Create button.

increase youtube followers
Add Card menus

Adding various popups and subscribe button help you to get subscribers on youtube fast.

9. Intro-Outro

This is another part of your video that draws people to your videos and channel. The way you use your intro can either captivate your subscribers or send them off. Some people prefer to show a hint of what the viewers are to expect in the video.

While some will only give a brief discussion but they definitely know how to hold their viewers down. The same goes for the outro. Whatever outro you intend to use, ensure it makes your viewers stay hooked to your channel. Help them create a habit by pointing them to the right place.


10. Edit! Edit! Edit

If your production shows instances which cannot hold your viewers then your viewers would soon leave your page. In that vein, ensure you edit as much as you can so that your videos look appealing to your audience. Editing and adding the attractive content is one of the basic ways to get subscribers on youtube fast.

11. Create A Pattern for New Watchers

Another way to ensure that you retain people is to create a pattern for them to watch your videos and enjoy them. In a place that has been known to have more than enough videos, your viewers wouldn’t want to go through the numerous videos to scout for the ones they want. The implication of this is that you will lose your subscribers. So, in order to solve this, you can create different types for your viewers.

New Viewers: You can create a pattern for your new viewers. This will give them a chance to follow your vlog (video blog) from a particular time to your present video. And to do this, ensure you create a playlist in that order.

People In Need of Certain Skills: If your channel has enough videos on certain skills, you can create a playlist in that order. Group them and name them in the order you want. If you have seen TedTalks YouTube Channel, they place one video in more than one playlist.

The reason for doing this is because that video fits into that playlist. In that same vein, you need to realize that people are seeking ways to understand things better. So, a video can cater for more than one aspect of knowledge.

Topic-Specific Searchers: Some playlists can be specific to certain people. When you do this, people find it easier through search results. You have a better chance of being ranked higher if your videos touch certain topics that have been overlooked or rarely discussed. It might even be a popular one.

To do all this, after creating your video, click on the cross sign below the bullet list sign. You will be asked to create a playlist. If you have one before, all you need to do is to add your video to that playlist. But in case you don’t have any playlist in your channel, you will need to create a new one and give it the name that you want.

increase subscribers on youtube
Youtube vlog Playlist

12. Hacks Never Work!

Many people are always looking for hacks that work for their subscribers. Some would waste a lot of time watching YouTube videos when they can spend that time creating their own videos. Understanding this can help you know that nothing works except promotion.

There was an example of a YouTuber who tried to prank the followers by showing them hacks on how to get a lot of YouTube followers. He gave them some codes to add to the source code.

According to him, they need to change the number of subscribers they have to some number in the source code but this has to be done gradually.

He showed them that he had 500 subscribers and to increase it, he added 500 more (in steps, like initially, he added few people and then few more and in this way, he was able to successfully add 500 new subscribers to his channel).

However, in the end, he revealed that there is nothing like this and he has wasted his viewers time just to give them information that hacking doesn’t work. Infact, he revealed a nice message that instead of watching such hacking claims, use that time to upload more videos and edit the already uploaded ones.

External Forces

13. Use Pinterest

In this modern world, a lot of infographics and information are passed to the world through Pinterest. Thus, there is a need to make pictures that speak about your youtube channel. So, if you create a video on how to defend yourself against an assailant, all you need to do is to make a graphic designer look through your video and pick out the right pictures and give it a design.

Then you need to drop the link of your youtube channel on the pictures on your pinterest account. So, whenever people are surfing pinterest, they will come to know about your youtube channel and they might land on your channel. Thus, you will see an increase in the number of youtube subscribers.

14. Drop A Mention While Dropping Reviews on Amazon

Look for popular books on Amazon relating to what you discuss on your YouTube channel and drop a review about these books. Be polite about your reviews and you can drop the name of your YouTube channel in the comment box.

Note that Amazon really frowns at people dropping a link in the comment box. So, in order to get this comment published, you need to avoid dropping a link to your vlog. Instead, drop only your name. If anyone finds your comment valuable, they will take the pain of searching you up on Youtube or Google.

15. Use Facebook Groups

These days, Facebook has given people the right to form groups, making it easy to create more fans and followers than expected. It gives people the chance to get more than enough advertising.

You also can be a member of various Facebook groups in your niche. However, try to make sure that you have more than 10 groups. People find a lot of interest in videos that have a catchy headings.

Even at that, a lot of people are wary of allowing people spam their groups with links and they remove the offender. To avoid being removed from the group, try to watch out for the rule of the group. Some groups allow you to post links only on certain days.

16. Use Subreddits

Subreddits are like Facebook groups. They are there to help you with getting your followers and users. However, unlike Facebook groups, Reddit users have a chance of visiting your vlog more. In fact, you get a higher chance, if someone comments about the good quality of your video.

In that regards, it is advisable to ensure you get your facts right before you move on to publishing your videos on reddit. You need to publish excellent videos on reddit so that reddit users can land on your youtube channel.

If the people don’t like your reddit video or some of them even take the pain to write a bad review about your video, you have a higher chance of being kicked out of the subreddits.

17. Translate To Popular Languages

If you have a blog post that gets a higher rate of comments and views, look for a means to translate it to other languages. This gives you an edge in other parts of the world. All you need to do is to hire someone skilled in the translation of that language.

There are various popular languages like Mandarin, German and French etc. And to increase youtube subscribers, remember to embed your youtube video in each of the translated post.

You get more subscribers on youtube for free when you have your popular blog post translated in other languages because some of these people might value your video. And these people can be altogether new audience for you.

18. Try Other Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are social media that can be used to influence the number of subscribers you get on your social media. If the video you are passing to others is such that it speaks quality, people will want to get more from you and would definitely visit your YouTube Channel over and over again.

Also, through these social media, you can try to use the paid adverts. These adverts are given priority over any other business because that’s the source of income for these websites. It is such that must not be overlooked in the process of getting more subscribers.

19. Use Blogs

Another way by which you can get more subscribers on youtube for free is to try to write a blog-post to that effect. You might not need to write much. 400 words or 500 words are enough to pass the message that you need to pass. Just remember that you always embed any of your video in the post or atleast link your youtube vlog channel.

20. Collaborations Help

When you work with other bloggers on videos, you get references from them. Look for people in the same line of a niche with you and work with them. Start by featuring them on your YouTube Channel. If your delivery is beautiful, you will also get followers from those YouTubers.

That doesn’t mean that the person wouldn’t have his followers but people now understand the two of you have the same interest and they believe that they can get more than enough from you.

21. Fans Are Built

Reply comments. You need to continually build your relationships with your followers. That will help you in getting the fellowship you desire. People feel connected to someone who creates the time to reply to them.

22. Giveaways and Challenges Help

Another way to get followers is by asking them to subscribe, you can try to customize your channel in such a way that they will get their gifts after they subscribe.

We have shown various ways by which you can get more subscribers on youtube for free. Let me know which all tips are working for you and how many youtube subscribers you were able to increase by following these tips.

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