How to get Keyword Search Volume in Google Planner

How to get exact searches in Keyword Planner

Google planner not showing keyword search volume accurately

Keyword Research is an important aspect of any successful post, as part of SEO is concerned. Without proper research on keywords, your article will not get much traffic and as such, your hard-work can go waste. We all know that Google provides an excellent tool for this purpose, known as Google Keyword Planner (GKP) for Adwords. But the irony is that when you login to it then you just see the search volumes in a range; it does not depict the exact searches for that word.

Long back, Google Planner used to provide the exact keyword search volume but later-on, the big daddy removed this feature. Although if you are spending good amount of money on your adwords ads then big daddy will display the exact number of monthly searches for your watchword. But if you are a low-spender like me then probably you will miss this feature.

On Twitter, on replying to one of tweets, GoogleAds confirmed that they have done this change with respect to close variants. It means the terms that are almost similar and they fall into close variants category will show the same volumes in range and not individual searched term.

GoogleAds Tweet
GoogleAds Tweet

Google Keyword Planner search volume ranges

As of now, Google Planner shows below volumes in search ranges:
100K – 1M
10k – 100k
1k – 10k

You can see that the above data is not enough for any of us to write a proper SEO optimized article.

How to get exact search volume in Keyword Planner

So, let me tell you that how you can get exact count in Google Keyword Planner while spending less money or not spending a single penny at all.

You will find too many articles on this topic, where every blogger has tried to explain on this. Some have written too much lengthy posts with explaining their tricks on this. Even SearchEngineLand has mentioned on this that how you can get the old Google keyword planner back. The article is nice but I would say it’s really awkward. I would like you to show here the simplest method that will does the same purpose but in a very simple manner.

I am talking here of a free browser extension that you just need to install with a click.This extension is known as Keywords Everywhere. Please note that this extension works only on 2 browsers – Firefox and Chrome.

After you install it on your browser, you will see that the exact searches are back within your Google Keyword Planner. Have a look at below image; you can see 3 extra tabs (Vol/CPC/Comp).

Keyword Planner search volume
Keyword Planner search volume

How to use Keywords Everywhere

As I said, this free extension works only for Chrome and Firefox. So, open your favorite browser and add it.
Add for Chrome
Add for Firefox

I have tested this with both of these browsers on my windows laptop and it works well on both Firefox and Chrome. But here, we are going to show you that how we added it on our Chrome. The same steps will work for Firefox as well.

1. Enter your emailId and click Submit.

2. Check the email from the developer. It will be from Akash Mansukhani.

3. Click on the email and locate your API key.

KeywordEverywhere email
KeywordEverywhere email

4. You will notice circular icon of this extension KeywordEverywhere on the right hand-side of Chrome.

5. Open it and click on ‘Update Settings’.

6. Enter the API key and now, your subscription is active.

7. You can change the Vol/CPC and competition as per your needs. For the time being, I have kept it as it is.

Keyword Everywhere
Keyword Everywhere

8. Check the below GIF image too, explaining the easy process.

Keywords Everywhere API
Keywords Everywhere API

9. Now whenever you enter something on google or search for a term in it, you will see Volumes and Competition tabs there. It will also suggest you the Related terms and what other people are searching.


Video Tutorials

Below are the three videos that you must see. These will help you in using this extension.

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