Mastering LSI Keywords: A Must Read Guide For Every Webmaster

Mastering LSI Keywords: A Must Read Guide For Every Webmaster

When someone hears the term LSI keyword for the first time, he really gets confused. If a person has no knowledge of SEO industry and is unfamiliar to SEO terms then he cannot think of its real meaning. I have seen people co-relating LSI with computers and electronics.

The same happened with me as well when I was in my school and my teacher wrote LSI on board :). I thought that it might be some part of refrigerator or television but now I know that actually it is neither related to television and nor to refrigerator :).

Anyways, if you are familiar with keywords and how they closely relate with search engine optimization then you are in a better position to understand that what LSI Keyword is.

If the term is entirely new to you, do not worry as I will take you to the whole concept about LSI keywords and will give you in-depth insight regarding the following:

• What are LSI Keywords?
• How you can find LSI Keywords?
• Examples of LSI Keywords.
• Reasons as to why we need LSI Keywords?
• Who are the great beneficiaries of LSI Keywords?
• How you can successfully optimize LSI Keyword?

What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

The LSI got introduced into the SEO world just recently but the term is not new in the world of academics.

In simple terms, LSI is a unique way to identify the usage of additional words in SEO industry. For a quick understanding of what LSI keywords are, we must first look at two important aspects of search engines and how they operate.

These aspects include:
• The type of content.
• The audience intended for the content.

For the search engine to successfully achieve these two aspects, latent semantic indexing must be in place. In other words, latent semantic indexing forms part of the algorithm which is responsible for identifying related words in the content.

The main purpose is to classify web pages so that transparent, successful and perfect search results could be delivered to end users.

The algorithm works well by processing synonyms and by understanding the relationship that exists between words. To get results faster from the search engine, consider including the word aviator.

It does not matter what you are searching for; as long as you include that word, your searches will get enhanced every time.

How does LSI Keyword work?

Latent semantic indexing categorically uses LSI keywords for purpose of creating a relationship between words used in the content. The LSI keywords used in the content semantically relates to the main keyword.

Latent semantic indexing works well when search engine manages to process more keywords to give more accurate search results.

How to successfully optimize the Latent Semantic Indexing?

In order to optimize the LSI, we must first understand the meaning of LSI and how it works. Now that we already know how it works, let’s have a look at how we can use the LSI keywords in blog posts and website contents.

In the quest to find the LSI keywords, we must focus on eight essential methods that we can use anytime.

Method 1: Looking at the Google’s Related Search

Having a look at Google Related Search is one of the easiest ways of finding the LSI keywords. For Google search, you only require having a prior knowledge about the target terms for which you want to find LSI keywords.

Just key-in the terms in the Google search box. Immediately after you key-in the terms, the related keywords will automatically appear and you can find your intended information easily. For instance, you can search for the LSI keywords following this example:

Type the word aviator:

LSI Keywords Example
LSI Keywords Example

At this point, the search results might be general and to get the specific search results you want, you might be required to add more LSI on the search box. By doing this, you will manage to find the LSI keywords you intended.

Also, you can see that Google is displaying the related search terms in bottom bar. These are all the searches related to your word aviator which have been performed by users on Google.

How to find LSI Keywords
How to find LSI Keywords

So, Google is displaying you the searched terms related to your word. Sometimes, you can see your synonyms as well in the related searches.

The list of the keywords that appear should point back to the primary topic. Users who find their LSI keywords using this method incur zero cost as this method is free of charge.

Method 2: Use the Keyword Planner tool through Google Adwords

Using the Keyword Planner is another method that will help you in finding your LSI keywords quickly. One of the requirements for using this method is to create a Google Adwords account. You can then enter your keyword into the Keyword Planner provided.

For example, you may see the following:

LSI Keywords Ideas
LSI Keywords Ideas

The next step is to select the Keyword ideas carefully. Here, you need to choose the keyword that directly relates to the topic of your interest. To ensure you get the maximum search traffic with minimal SEO efforts, you need to select the keyword with the lowest competition and high volume of average monthly searches.

Having keywords with these characteristics means that many users are searching for the same terms and there are fewer brands that are competing for these terms.

Method 3: Use of the LSI Keyword Generator

The LSI keyword generators such as LSIGraph are available free of cost on the internet. Users only need to make additions of their preferred terms by inserting them into the searching bar in the quest to produce a full list of related keyword terms.

One significant advantage of using the LSI keyword generator is that it produces a long list of related terms which gives the user a chance to choose one that best fits the related topic, unlike other keyword search platforms that provide a short list of options.

For Example: when using the LSI keyword generator, you will come across the following:

LSI Keywords Graph
LSI Keywords Graph

Method 4: Use of UberSuggest

UberSuggest is another fast and user-friendly way to find LSI keywords because it is available at a free cost. The technique only involves typing the primary keyword in the search bar and then ubersuggest produces a long list of related search terms that start with the keyword you typed.

Most of the suggested terms are the ones which have gained a lot of popularity because of being searched many times by the user. The results you get while using this method involves a list of the most popular terms which users search on Google.

Here is a sample of what you will find when using the ubersuggest method:

what are LSI Keywords
UberSuggest LSI Keywords

Method 5: Use of the Keyword Research Database

The Keyword Research Database tool is almost similar to the Google Keyword Planner. You only need to key-in your potential keyword and click on search button.

The research database will show you the results related to your search. The tool is not available free. It looks to me very costly and thus, I will not recommend this to you. If you are looking for paid tools then read on below. SEMRush is far better than this keyword research database tool.

LSI Keyword Research Database
LSI Keyword Research Database

Method 6: Using Ultimate Keyword Hunter

The Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a unique application with which you can search the LSI words. For this ultimate hunter to work, you have to download it from the official website.

The ultimate keyword hunter tool can be downloaded free of cost and you can search your latest semantic indexing keywords with it.

The application will help you in matching the potential keywords you outline and easily helps in selection of the best keyword phrases to help you in attracting high ranking.

The only downside of ultimate keyword hunter is that it only works on Windows machines. So if you are on linux or on Mac then you cannot use this LSI tool.

Although you can try it on Mac via a virtual machine but windows users will experience to use it properly.

Check the below video if you are planning to use this tool.

Method 7: Use of SeoPressor Plugin

The SEOPressor plugin involves the use of advanced LSI analysis.

The SeoPressor Keyword Finder contains two main features which ease in search of LSI keywords:
• Progressive LSI Keywords Engine.
• SemantiQ Density Analyzer.

Latent Semantic Indexing SeoPressor
Latent Semantic Indexing SeoPressor

SEOPressor is a complete all-in-one solution for finding the keywords with their monthly search volumes so that you can focus your whole attention in creating content around those keywords.

Method 8: Use of SEMRush

SEMRush is the best tool when it comes to SEO. It is all-in-one completing marketing toolkit for digital professionals. It is one of the most hyped tools in SEO industry.

LSI Keyword by SEMRush
LSI Keyword by SEMRush

SEMRush will not only help you in finding LSI keywords but it will act as your one-stop destination for searching the right keywords.

I am personally using this tool and I highly recommend you to try it. SEMRush gives you free trial of 7 days and you can check its effectiveness in these 7 days.

Selecting the Best LSI Keywords

To make selections of the best keywords will require you to first come up with a list of the potential LSI keywords. Doing this is similar to having an idea of what you want before settling for the best. If possible, make a long list of the potential keywords so that you can come up with the best keyword phrase.

Always remember that if you want to market or publish your articles, visitors will find your articles easily and more interesting only if you provide the best combination of the keyword phrases.

To get the best, take the list of all the potential keywords and put them down on a notepad. After that, use the following factors to develop the best and most attractive keyword phrase.

Make consideration of the Intended Topic

While making the long list of potential keywords, keep in mind the topic for which you want to write article. The LSI keywords that you would be searching should be relevant and based on your topic.

For example: If your topic of interest is ‘Football Match’ and your potential keyword is ‘Football’ then do not choose your LSI keyword phrase as ‘Sports Match’.

The reason behind this is that your main topic of concern is specifically related to ‘Football Match’ and choosing ‘Sports Match’ will provide information about all types of sports and that is out of scope for our topic.

Make consideration of what the searcher might want

At all times, it is good to consider what the searcher might be having in mind. The best way to do this is putting yourself in the shoes of the person searching something on Google.

By doing so, you will manage to at least think of the reasons as to why the searcher is searching for that specific term.

When people search something on Google then they search by keeping one of the below intentions. You need to understand and think on these intents.

Informational Intent
The searcher might want to seek more knowledge about a specific topic of interest.

Navigation Intent
The searcher might also have the intentions of seeking to find specific information probably about a particular brand, website or even products.

Transactional intent
The searcher might be searching for specific items for the purpose of purchasing them. Putting yourself in the shoes of your searchers will help you in identifying the best LSI keyword phrases that fit their targets and eliminating keyword phrases that do not match their goals.

Do not put all focus on the most appealing keywords

What many marketers or publishers continuously forget is that the article you are writing is not for everyone but only for the specific target audience. Your article is meant only for the people who need that information.

At times, you will find website owners concentrating on building their website traffic with inappropriate posts and the much website traffic only lasts for a short period. In this way, the webmasters are even increasing the bounce rate on their sites.

It is good to attract a small following and making sure that they get the right intended information than to publish irrelevant information that will drive away your online visitors.

How to use the LSI Keywords

After successfully identifying the right LSI keyword, the next step is to know to how to use those keywords. You can use the keywords in your posts and pages by applying the following strategies:

Apply the selected LSI keywords naturally in the content

After learning on how to make the best LSI keyword, you went to the next step of selecting the best LSI keyword that closely relates to the content in your page. Now, you have to embed those LSI keyword phrases smoothly into the content.

The best strategy to use is to write the article normally and naturally and then afterwards, you should go through the whole post and make replacements of words with LSI keywords.

You need to identify that on which places, the LSI phrases can be a good fit and accordingly, you need to add there. Just make sure that after addition, the content should look natural. Remember to read the article once again after you have finished embedding the keyphrases.

Do not overuse the LSI Keyword

Always keep in mind that overusing the keyword phrase will only attract negative SEO on your article. Google hates the overusing of keywords and you might see that your articles have gone down in search-ranking.

Your readers will also not like this overusing of same words and sentences in the articles. Once your users begin to read your posts and they realize that you have repeated the same word multiple times, they will quickly get bored and might leave your site immediately.

In the long run, this action will scare your online visitors and will drastically reduce your direct traffic along with the organic traffic. Advisably, use the keyword at least twice for the content to flow naturally.

Stick to your main topic of interest

The primary purpose of using keywords is to make it easy to search for the information in the context so that the right information can be searched quickly. Do not add unnecessary keywords or popular attractive words that do not relate to your main topic.

Providing irrelevant keywords will only mislead your visitors and search engines.

Include the right page elements

To get your content noticed quickly in the search engines, make sure to use LSI keywords in the page elements such as in:

• Headings
• Subheadings
• Header tags
• Permalinks
• Meta Descriptions
Title Tags

Keep consistency of Primary Keyword

It is highly advisable to make your primary LSI keyword as your priority throughout the whole post. If possible, use the primary keyword in the page element to facilitate searchers to get the information that they require quickly.

Who are the Beneficiaries of the LSI Keyword?

In most cases, the LSI keywords benefit the following:
• Users
• Marketers
• Publishers
• Search Engines

Users/Searchers benefit by being in a position to quickly get the information they require.

Marketers can use LSI keywords in the quest to raise their search-engine rankings.

Publishers benefit by being in a position to connect with more users who seek to find the published information.

Search Engines also benefit from being in a position to provide more useful information to users and they see improvements in their search algorithms and search results.

What are the Benefits of using LSI Keywords?

Having LSI keywords will greatly work well in improving your SEO experience as well as heighten your user experience. Some of the benefits you will enjoy when using the LSI keywords include:

Acquire high Search Engine rankings

Having the LSI keywords in your content will work well in ensuring that your articles get high ranking in search algorithms. Google will give importance to your content and you will see increased traffic and visitors to your site.

Your content will look relevant and it will be easily found by the users on web. It is highly advisable for you as a marketer or a publisher that you choose important LSI keywords so that your content gets good ranking in google.

Increase in the credibility of the content

LSI keywords make the content relevant and highly credible to readers. The reason behind this is that with increased search-engine rankings, many people will get a chance to view your articles. They will further share your articles on their social media channels. This will further increase your website’s traffic.

As the time will pass, your content will become credible and stand out from the rest.

Never forget the power of sticking to the keywords within the main topic and not mixing up with the irrelevant famous keywords.

Improved On-Site Browsing Time

Having relevant and credible content means that your visitors will trust your content and become ambassadors of your website. High credibility of the content will also mean that the visitors will spend more time on your website.

Talking in a calm and soft tone will also make your visitors stick to your website for long hours and hence, making the LSI keywords very important and crucial in building an active website.

LSI Keywords help in decreasing the Bounce Rates

Content having the right LSI keywords will always match to your audience expectations. When the people get the content they are interested in, they trigger the right conversation with the website owner. In long run, this helps in reducing the cases of bounce rate.

Thus, using the LSI keywords is helping you in improving the user experience and is providing better SEO to internet world.

Helps in Increase of Sales

Having the right LSI keywords for your content will act as a plus to boost your income. Having the right content will rank you at the top inspite of high competition.

For example: Amazon reports about 57% of all its total sales through the use of keywords. Hence, maximizing on getting the best keyword phrases will not only help in user experience but it will also help in increasing the number of sales.

Helps in enhancing Blog Authority

The higher your content and website ranks, the more clicks you will acquire through the subscribed rates and in the long run, you will successfully enhance the authority of your blog.

Keeps you stay safe from Algorithmic or Manual Penalties

One of the notable benefits of using the LSI keywords is that your content will not be marked as spam, either by search engines or by users. You just need to avoid keyword stuffing.

Doing so will establish you as a content writer and as a marketer in blogosphere.

What to avoid when using the LSI Keywords?

We have seen that the LSI Keywords are beneficial in enhancing the user experience and in improving the SEO. But there are important rules to observe.

One of the most important rules to observe is avoiding over-optimization of your page for specific LSI keyword.

Using the LSI keyword multiple times and in excess amounts will lead to keyword stuffing. Google does not like the keyword stuffing at all and it will in-turn, lead to Google penalty.

So, it is highly advisable to use LSI keywords wisely while creating the articles.

What is the difference between LSI Keywords and Long Tail Keywords?

The fact is that there exists a difference between LSI keywords and Long Tail keywords. When viewed reasonably, they almost look similar because they are all keywords that enhance the user experience as well as improve the SEO.

The significant difference that exists between the two is that LSI Keywords broaden the nature of the related keywords while Long Tail Keywords cause a narrowing effect on the scope of the related keywords.

In most cases, search engines use LSI keywords to check whether all your content is well versed with sufficient knowledge as well as if the keywords are in line with the main topic.

If you match your target audience with the right content, your audience will help you in increasing the overall traffic of your website.


If you are a marketer or a publisher who has set the target of gaining higher search engine ranking, you should consider using the LSI keywords. Excluding the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords from your main marketing will cost your business heavily as well as your website.

While using the LSI keywords, you should pay keen attention so as not to overuse them anytime. It is highly advisable to use the keywords once or twice to avoid keyword stuffing as it attracts Google Penalties.

You can also use it more than twice or can use multiple times too but just make sure that do not overuse them and try to keep the keyword density less than 1%.

Reading through this guide will help you in getting more insight into the methods that you can use to find the LSI keywords quickly and without having to incur extra cost.

Always make sure that you formulate unique keyword phrases that directly relate to the main topic to make the content relevant and credible to the users.

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