9 Benefits Of Push Notifications That You Don't Know

9 Benefits Of Push Notifications That You Don’t Know

Push Notifications are important for every website in the sense that it helps to increase traffic and readers base. If you are a blogger and have still not installed the push code on your blog then you are missing lots of real benefits that you would have got after installing the push code on your website.

In early days, the benefits of push notifications was only limited to big organizations but thanks to some small firms that took the initiative and made the web push notifications available to bloggers.

Let us straight jump into the benefits of push notifications and why push notifications are important for digital marketing.

Benefits of Push Notifications for Websites and Mobile Apps

1. Convert random visitors into Loyal Readers

Do you do search engine optimization of your blog posts do drive traffic?

Do you promote your articles on your social media channels in order to gain visitors?

I know that you might be nodding in response to above questions and if your response is no then I would say that you must work hard on your site till the time your answers become affirmative.

Anyways, if you are doing your best in all the promotions then it means you are very much interested in making your first time visitors into your loyal readers and you must want them to come back again and again to read your new articles.

And do you know that browser push notifications can help your one time visitors to convert into avid subscribers.

Actually, if they landed on your site and allowed the push notifications to popup everytime when you publish any new article then they are likely to come back whenever you are going to add new post on your blog.

If on first time visit to your blog they like the article then chances are that they would like to read more posts also from your site but due to no means of communication, your blog’s url gets lost to them in their minds and they forget to come back. They can only revisit your site if Google or Facebook shows your url again.

But the push notification is like a subscribing service and unlike google or facebook; your blog’s url is going to appear everytime on their screens. It does not matter that the screen they are using is of desktop computer or of a mobile phone.

Your competitor websites compete with you in organic search engines listing but push notifications are just for you and for your website. If a user has subscribed to your website with push notifications then till the time he does not unsubscribe, that user will get your every article on his browser.

As per a survey in 2015, the apps that send their users in-app messages experienced an average of 13 app launches per month while the applications that were not sending the messages got only 10 launches in a month.

Mobile Push Notifications Benefits
Mobile Push Notifications Benefits

It was also noticed that the apps which were sending the in-app messages got more loyal readers than the apps which were not sending any type of messages. It means that the apps those were sending the messages were able to convert the one-time visitors to loyal readers more than the ones which were not sending the pushes.

Although the percentage of returned users declined in the coming months but still we can see that it is far better when we compare the number with the apps which are not sending any sort of messages.

With push notifications, we can see that the percentage fall from 61% in first month to 46% in third month while with pushes disabled, the number in first month itself was at 28% and it further reduced to 19% in second month and came to mere 13% in the third month.

Push Notifications User Retention
Push Notifications App User Retention

So, you can see that one of the benefits of push notifications is that you can convert your one time random visitors into your loyal and avid readers.

2. Increases Engagement

A survey conducted by Localytics revealed that 88% more people launched mobile apps who had push notices enabled in their phones than compared with the ones who had pushes disabled. And further, this number varied as per the industry and niche. Ecommerce industry was one who gained the most benefit from push notifications as it saw a sharp increase in 278% more engagement.

push notifications important
Push Enabled Higher Engagement

As per another survey, the push messages provided 30% increase in engagement since January 2017. You can see in graph below that how the engagement of users is increasing and how the visitors are changing themselves into avid readers.

benefits of push notifications
Benefits of Push Notifications

People who have push-enabled return more to websites and mobile apps and with this; they reduce the app abandonment rate as well. The graph shows us that the people with push notifications enabled are using the apps more than those with disabled ones. The reason is simple that the pushes that an app or website is sending to users are forcing users to come back to the app or site and check out them.

Advantages of Push Notifications
Push Notifications App Retention Rate

The engagement of users with your mobile apps and blogs increase tremendously with push technology enabled. This engagement rate is continuously improving and below graph illustrates this as how 88% engagement rate in 2014 almost doubled to 171% in 2015.

benefits of push notifications
App Engagement Push Notifications

Now-a-days users are putting their interests in the alerts, messages and emails and you can see below that the average click through rate for push alerts grew in 2015 with click through rate as 10.2% while in previous year 2014, the average click through rate was 8.2% only.

Push Notifications CTR benefits
Push Notifications CTR

Thus, we can conclude that another advantage of push notifications lies in the engagement.

3. Helps In Tracking User Behavior

One of the benefits of push notifications is that it helps you in tracking your users’ behavior that on which types of articles they go more and read that news. Suppose you have a blog in which you post about SEO, Digital Marketing and Blogging Tips then you can check that on which niche your subscribers are coming more to your blog.

Suppose on Day 1 you have posted something on SEO and on Day2 on Digital Marketing and on Day3 on Blogging Tips then you can examine the traffic that you have got from your subscribed push notifications users on all 3 days.

You can repeat the process for few days and you would be yourself in a position to judge that what types of articles your subscribers like the most.

You can repeat the same method with similar niche articles as well. Sometimes your articles can be detailed reviews while at other times, it can be briefly described.

Also, if you have an ecommerce website then you can track your users’ behavior by checking that which products your subscribers are purchasing the most and what types of products they are purchasing time and again.

Thus, you have the reason to answer the question that why push notifications are important for your website?

4. Increase Sales

The advantage of push notifications stays in the fact that it increases the sales of your ecommerce website. I think you would be wondering that how the push notifications can increase your sales and how it can help you drive customers?

Actually whenever you post any new product review, your customers will get the push alerts on their browsers or mobiles. And if that product seems interesting to them then they will land on your website and will purchase that product.

Thus, the browser and mobile push notifications has increased your sales and they are making you rich. So, this is obviously for sure one of the biggest benefits of push notifications that it is making you rich both directly and indirectly. I know that after reading this you will install it on your website today itself because I know that everybody in this world wants to become rich :).

5. Gives Monetized Traffic

As I have mentioned above that the alerts help you in earning money and making you rich then it means you are getting the quality and monetized traffic. Any ecommerce website is always in need of such a monetized traffic because that is the reason that why ecommerce sites are into existence and due to this reason only, people build ecommerce sites so that people can sell their products and earn handsome amount of money.

Even if you are a blogger then also you get the monetized traffic because that is your readers who purchase the products through your affiliate marketing channel.

So, whether you have an ecommerce site or just a blog, you always have the advantage of push notifications and these messages are very much important for the success of your blog and website.

6. Increase In Traffic

Whenever you publish any new post on your blog then your subscribers see a message on their mobiles or browsers and that message force them to come to your site. Thus, you can see spike in traffic for your website.

Any new blogger or an established website always lounges for the traffic because traffic is something that gives you the real benefit of developing your site. Obviously when any blogger starts his blog, the first thing that he has in his mind is to earn money online. And the same holds for big brands as well.

So, the hike in traffic is one of the biggest benefits of push notifications and that is the reason that why push notifications are important for you to such an extent.

As you can see below that 62% of users who had the push-enabled returned to apps and websites while for mobile apps that did not have push technology installed in them were able to retain only 32% of users. This is almost half of the retention that what push technology is giving.

Push Notifications Benefits
App User Retention

You can see that as the months are passing-by, the percentage of users using the app is decreasing but still the push-enabled apps are dominating to non-push enabled ones.

App User Retention
Push Enabled62 %48 %38 %36 %
Push Disabled32 %22 %17 %14 %
 Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4

 7. Establishes Your Brand

The alerts and messages that your users get on his smartphone and browser helps him to think your site as a brand and thus, push notifications is gaining you a brand entity.

The alerts will contain your blog name and this is where your blog is getting converted into a brand.

For example: If you subscribe to BloggerPNG.com then you would be getting the messages as:
• BloggerPNG new post…
• New article by BloggerPNG…
• etc…

Above every alert type is helping me in establishment of my blog as a brand. Shouldn’t I be considering it as a benefit of push notifications?

8. Helps Customers In Finding Right Product and News

When the customers see web push notifications on his/her mobile or browser then he can at once see that whether that news article or product review suits to him/her or not. If that article or product is of user’s interest then he can get to that url and can buy your product.

This is a sale to you but if we look at other side then the browser push alerts has helped the user in finding the right product and overall, the customer-engagement has increased. And in the end, both customer and product-owner are happy.

9. Improves Search Ranking In Google

You will be wondering that how push messages improves ranking in search engines such as Google?

When the users start landing on your website after seeing the push messages then they have developed a psychological positive attitude towards your site and they are happy with what your site is delivering to them.

Now when they go to google and search something and your site’s url gets listed in one of the results then chances are that those users are going to click on that search result which is containing your link.

If such activity has been performed by a vast number of users from various parts of country or even global then obviously, google will consider it as a positive sign for your website and you are likely to get good rankings on google.

I have listed many reasons stating that why push notifications are important for you. Let me know that which benefit of push notifications is appealing more to you.

And if after reading all the advantages, you want to have push enabled for your website then I will recommend you below tools. You are free to purchase any one of them.

PushEngage – We are using the same on BloggerPNG.com and I personally recommend it.

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