Why I quit blogging and Can I focus on website now

Why I quit blogging

In 2012, I quit blogging and joined as a software engineer in a multi-national company. But that happened as of a sudden and I was left with no option, rather than just joining a company as a full-time employee.

Well, leaving all that, let me continue to write this article.

So if you are here on my blog and reading this article then let me first of all, welcome you to my blog.

“Welcome Welcome!!! on BloggerPng.com”

You might be having tons, not tonnes; infact only few questions in your mind :).
Example: What is this BloggerPng.com and who I am, etc.?

So, first of all, let me tell you something about myself. I am Atul Bansal, a blogger from India.

I started blogging some 10-11 years back in 2009. But due to some unavoidable situations, had to drop out of this field by stopping blogging and continue to my daily job. And so, I left blogging in 2012.

Now I am thinking to resume on my blogging career and as such, created this website, so that I can help myself and you too :-).

At that time, I created many blogs on different niches. The areas spanned from daily news, funny topics to android, iPhone, windows phones, web hosting, wordpress hacks, wordpress themes, plugins and blogging. But as I said, I had to quit all and almost all my sites collapsed, with no backup :(.

The days, months and years passed happily but just few days back, again blogging-worm came in my mind and shouted at me:

“Hey man, where are you and what you are doing now-a-days? Why not continue with any new website and of course, with old blogging knowledge.”

So I have to obey the worm’s orders 🙂
Obviously, I will learn new things also. I would be sharing all the knowledge and stuff that I already know and rest what I would be keep learning.

Why I quit blogging

Now, you must be having few questions in your mind. Some of them I have listed below:
1. Why I stopped blogging?
2. Did I leave blogging under anyone’s pressure or by self?
3. Did I regret after quitting blogging?
4. Why I want to continue blogging now?
5. Can I earn money again?

quit blogging

Why I stopped blogging

As I pointed above, I had to leave publishing on my website due to some unavoidable circumstances. Then I had to switch to daily 9 am – 6:30 pm job. And we all know that it’s very difficult for anyone to spare some time to do one’s own work when you already have to spend 9 to 10 hours in office daily. Also, the commute further adds to the time. Leaving in any metropolitan city such as Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai will add 1-2 hours’ time from your home to office and vice versa. So in total, I have to spend 12-13 hours daily for my office work. Then you need 6-7 hours’ sleep also; plus you need to eat, watch television and then you hardly get time for doing any other work.

Same happened with me and as such, had to leave posting articles. For some time, I hired few writers as well but they could not write the way I used to post and as such, my sites went near death.

Some of my domains expired and I didn’t even bother to renew them. This was again a big mistake that I did. Those sites were having decent number of articles and as such, all that my hard-work also went in vain. Now I am regretting that if I would have renewed the domains then atleast, those sites would have been in working condition.

Did I quit blogging under anyone’s pressure or by own

There was no pressure from anyone. My daily job didn’t allow me to update my sites and as such, I had to stop writing. I would say the only pressure was from time and yes, some dedication too because if I would have thought of keeping my sites alive, I would have done that by blogging on weekends also. But I also became lazy and kept my weekends only to enjoy and have fun and no writing and no posting any article on any site :).

Did I regret after quitting blogging

Honestly, yes I regretted after quitting blogging and the extent of regret was also large. I left my passion, my love for writing, and my reputation that I achieved in blogosphere world. But it was over and I could not turn back. I could only regret and that was the only thing that I was doing.

Why I want to continue blogging now

Now, you all know that I did not want to quit blogging at any time but circumstances made me to do so. Now I have some time and so, I want to resume on my passion.

Can I earn money again

Currently, I do not have the answer to this question but if things will go all well then I don’t think that money is too far. But as of now, I have started this blog for passion and yes, for few bucks too. The later question will be answered by time that how all this goes and if my hard-work works well or not. That I have left for future. But on this blog, currently I am on the initial stage and so, I am only looking for writing articles and creating a loyal readership.

Also, I will not repeat the writing-mistakes that I did before. I hope that everything will go in a good and smooth way. Let’s see.

Can I focus on website now

You all might be thinking that how can I focus on website now.

Below are the key-reasons which will allow me to focus on my blog now:
• My job timings have reduced.
• I am married.

Now, I will explain how above 2 points will help me to focus on website.

My job timings have reduced

Now, this is surprising thing that how in corporate world, my job timings have reduced :). Actually, I have shifted my home near to my office and as such, my daily job timings are reduced. Still my most of the time is going in my day-job but the commute time has decreased. So previously when my 12-14 hours were going per day; now only 9-10 hours are going. Still it is lot of time but I have managed to lessen few hours.

Before going to office in the morning, I do write for some time. Then after coming from office in the evening, I do write again. Plus, I have started utilizing my weekend properly. At the end of week, I do get Saturday and Sunday; and I do utilize these 2 days in my website work.

I am married

So what? If I am married then how it will help me in pursuing my passion?

Well, actually now I have my wife that can help me to reach my passion. I have one writer for free :). I would not say free because she wanted to do job and I have sacrificed her job and the money that she would have made in her job. Instead, I have asked her to continue blogging. I am sorry, not asked but infact; I have requested her to do so. You all know that we can only request wife and cannot ask :).

I have become more responsible now and have started working hard, both in office and at my home.

Problems in blogging

With every work and with every responsibility, come the difficulties and problems. Same is happening with me. Since my weekend is going in writing articles, my wife has started complaining on this. I have stopped going out with her. But looks, I have to focus on my personal life too.

The above is my personal problem and some of you might be facing the same. Besides this problem, many bloggers face other problems too. I will soon be covering all these troubles in the coming days. And as a plus point, I will be mentioning the ways to resolve these troubles, so that you can focus on your personal life too and your responsibility as a blogger also gets fulfilled properly.

But yes, the life will be little tough and yes, funny too.

So, keep visiting the blog. But before that, let me tell you something about this website.

What is the new blog

The one which you are surfing right now is my new venture :-). I have started this after a gap of 10-11 years… Oh! such a big gap. But inspite of regretting of what we did in the past, we should focus on future. And I have thought the same.

So, let me tell you now about my new venture, my new love BloggerPng.com :).

What is BloggerPng.com

BloggerPng.com is a blog that is created to share the topics on blogging, wordpress, search engine optimization, making money on the internet though several means (be it through any means but legitimate way only). I will also be covering wordpress hacks, coding snippets on wordpress, plugins and themes on wordpress.

As of now, I have thought on writing on above topics only. Let’s see how future goes and if I have to add any other category too in my blog. But initially, I will stick to mentioned fields only. And yes, I will stick to my niche for sure as multiple niches can be a frustrating for the blog’s-audience. Some people will not agree to my point and according to them, posting about multiple topics add value to a site but in my opinion, this does not work. I will cover a detailed article on this topic as well but not today; today I will just post the article that currently I am writing.

Do let me know in comments what you think if I will get success again or not.

4 thoughts on “Why I quit blogging”

  1. Hi Atul,

    I landed at this post from the comment you made on Johchow’s blog. I felt very interested in reading this article as the situation you explained appears similar to mine. I was working part-time when I first started my blog and then got a full-time job that does not allow me to get sufficient time to update the blog. Still, I continue to update the blog but not on a regular basis that worries me a lot as it affects the ranking of the site a lot. Anyway glad to hear more about you. Keep blogging and have a great time ahead.

    Best regards

    Reji Stephenson

    • @Reji Stephenson: Thanks and welcome. yes, it becomes difficult to post articles when our whole time goes in another full time job.

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