How To Properly Optimize WordPress For SEO With The Help of Rank Math

How To Properly Optimize WordPress For SEO With The Help of Rank Math

Optimizing WordPress for SEO is one of the most crucial steps that determine the long-term success of a site. Unless you do it, chances of your blog showing up on various search engines for the desired keyword are next to impossible. So, learn to optimize your WordPress site without wasting any delay.

Usually, WP optimization comprises many technical tasks and executing all of them one-by-one can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. This is where a tool like Rank Math can automate everything and help you optimize any WordPress site without a hitch.

The below-mentioned guide talks about various steps needed to setup Rank Math on your site and optimize it for search engines. Pay attention to them and secure first page rankings for all the targeted keywords.

1. Select A Fast Web Host:
Even before you start the WordPress optimization, it’s essential to choose a web hosting company that’s fast, reliable and can keep your website’s downtime as low as possible. While selecting a web host, check its reviews given by others.

Simply, type [Host Name + Reviews] on Google and dozens of results will pop-up. Have a look at different leading web host options and select the one with the most number of positive reviews.

We recommend A2Hosting. is also on A2Hosting.

2. Use an SEO Friendly WordPress Theme
Once you have selected a web host for your site, the next step is to buy a premium WordPress theme that’s search engine optimized and loads effectively on different devices. There are plenty of such SEO friendly themes available in the market, so depending on your niche and budget, go for a WordPress theme that fits the bill.

In case you are not able to finalize one name, have a look at various MyThemeShop themes and decide accordingly. All of them come with a proven track record and can revamp your site’s layout in no time.

3. Install Rank Math
Now that you have a fast web host and perfectly designed WordPress theme installed on your site, the next step is to setup Rank Math. This will ensure that all the SEO related errors on your website get fixed immediately without any manual action being taken from your side. Follow this process to move ahead in this direction –

3.1 Setup Wizard:
You can upload the Rank Math plugin using the wp-admin panel, FTP or simply download it onto the server with the help of SSH. Once this is done, activate the plugin from your dashboard.

Rank Math SEO Setup
Rank Math SEO Setup

As you click on ‘Settings’ option, a new window with ‘Start Wizard’ option appears on the screen. Select it to start the setup wizard.

3.2 Chose The Best Settings:
After you click on the ‘Start Wizard’ button, many options related to importing data, website type, Google search console, sitemaps, etc. will pop up. Here is how you can select them effectively.

3.3 Import Data:
It’s essential to pay heed to each module in the setup wizard and make changes carefully. The first step here is to import data, including SEO settings, post meta, term meta, and author meta.

Rank Math SEO Settings
Rank Math SEO Settings

This import feature of lets you switch from your existing SEO plugin to Rank Math without losing search rankings.

3.4 Select Website Type:
Once the SEO settings and metadata are imported, the next step is to select your website type.

If you want to setup Rank Math for a blog, then go for an option like the personal blog, personal portfolio, and other personal websites.

Rank Math SEO Website
Rank Math SEO Website

If you want to set it up for businesses, then choose either a small business site or other business website option. Further, select a business type and add company name.

Rank Math SEO Plugin
Rank Math SEO Plugin

3.4.1 Add Site Logo: To make sure that your site keeps its brand image intact on various search engines and social media platforms, upload its logo here.

3.4.2 Multiple Authors: Are you the only author on your blog or have a team of contributors who keep on publishing posts under their respective names? Whatever be the case, make sure you use this setting to let Rank Math make necessary changes and improve your site’s SEO score.

3.4.3 OpenGraph Thumbnail: Usually, Rank Math allows you to setup OpenGraph meta for posts whenever you decide to publish them. But, in case you already have a large number of posts published on your site, making manual changes in their metadata will take a lot of time and efforts. With the help of this option, you can upload a default thumbnail for your website. This will be used whenever any of your blog posts (without featured images) is shared on social media platforms.

3.5 Google Search Console:
After you have imported data, selected website type and made necessary changes as mentioned above, the next step is to optimize Rank Math for Google Console.

Rank Math Search Console
Rank Math Search Console

There are two options — first one lets you authorize Rank Math to access Google Search Console data and the second one helps you select the relevant site with the same Google account.

Follow the instructions given on the dashboard to enter the correct information in both these columns.

3.6 Sitemaps:
This option ensures that search engines discover your blog posts, index them adequately, and send constant organic traffic. There are various sitemap options on this page, so you can select them accordingly.

Rank Math SEO Sitemap
Rank Math SEO Sitemap

If you’re not sure about the best sitemap setup practices, then stick to the default settings for the best-in-class results.

3.7 Optimization:
This option allows you to optimize SEO settings, such as image links, external links, redirects, strip category base, etc. You can either continue with the default settings or make changes as per your requirements.

Rank Math SEO Tweaks
Rank Math SEO Tweaks

All in all, it saves a lot of time that you would otherwise waste into making these changes manually.

3.8 Finishing The Setup:
The last step is to confirm that you’ve setup Rank Math on your site. Don’t forget to select ‘Click Here’ to let it optimize your posts immediately.

Rank Math Plugin Review
Rank Math Plugin Review

If you want more information, then proceed to ‘Help’ option or just go back to your WP admin dashboard.

4. Start Posting Content:
Setting up Rank Math will solve all of your SEO and ranking related issues. From this point, all you need to do is start posting high-quality content on a regular basis to see your rankings touching all new heights.

There is no better way to optimize WordPress for search engines than installing Rank Math plugin on your site. So, follow all these steps without any failure and improve your site’s SEO rankings in a hassle-free manner.

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