Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector - Review of Grammarly

Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector – Review of Grammarly

Are you a content-writer?

Do you write articles either for your own blog or for others?

Are you native English-speaker having English as mother-tongue or you are not so good in English language?

Do you make grammar mistakes while writing articles?

Do you think that you can create language mistakes while writing?

If any of the above questions hold yes for you then this post is worth reading for you.

Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector
Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector

I am letting you know one Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker and Corrector tool which is known as Grammarly. The tool checks all the grammatical mistakes that you might have done while writing your content. Please note that it supports only English language.

Review of Grammarly
Review of Grammarly

How Grammarly can correct grammar in English?

Grammarly has lots of words with the correct spellings and with their synonyms stored in their database. When you have written some text then it scans your whole content with its database words and based on the scanning, it suggests you the correct spellings.

It is then upto you to review those suggestions and make the necessary amendments.

The punctuation checker tool also offers a premium plan which enhances the free version capabilities and provides the advanced writing-checks.

Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker
Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker

The best thing about this free Punctuation Checker and Corrector is that it provides you a chrome extension which you can integrate with your Chrome browser. After integration, when you write anything in Chrome then the tool will work for you.

• Suppose you have opened your gmail in Chrome and you are drafting any email or replying to someone then it will check for the grammatical mistakes, if you have created any and accordingly, you will see the suggestions.

correct grammar english
correct grammar english

• It also provides you an addon for Microsoft office which you can integrate in your office and you will be able to see suggestions within your outlook and Microsoft word. This Microsoft office addon only works if you have purchased premium membership with them.

• You can also use its web version.

Free versus Premium Plan

If you upgrade your account to premium one then there are numerous benefits that this best grammar checker tool gives you.

• It helps you in advance-checking of punctuation errors.

• Advanced techniques to correct grammar in a sentence.

• Tips and suggestions for enhancing vocabulary.

• The checks on niche-specific writing.

• The best thing of premium version is that helps you in detecting plagiarism in your content.

• For premium membership, they provide you 3 options to choose from – Monthly, Quarterly or Annual. If you go by annual plan then you can save few extra bucks.

Grammarly Plans
Grammarly Plans

Is Grammarly 100% accurate?

Nothing is 100% accurate and when it comes to any tool, I would suggest that do not ever trust any tool blindly. Same holds with our best grammar checker grammarly too. Whatever suggestions it provide, it’s your duty to review those suggestions and based on that, you need to correct grammar in a sentence.

Pros and Cons

You have already seen the pros of this grammar tool above. But are there any cons also of this free tool?
The one drawback which I can see is that in order for this tool to work, you should have an active internet connection. Either you use it as a chrome-extension or you have to login through web version, you must have a valid working internet. But if you are a serious blogger then I don’t think you will not have a valid internet connection and thus, you can ignore this cons and can go by registering with Grammarly.

How to use Grammarly

Using extension

• Download the Chrome extension.

• Restart the browser.

• Now, whenever you will use your Chrome browser then the tool will show you the correct spellings and you can change the spellings accordingly.

Using web version

• Create your free account.

• Login to the dashboard as shown below.

Grammarly dashboard
Grammarly dashboard

• Click on New and paste the text for which you want to do grammar-check.

• You can also click Upload and can upload entire document for spell-check.

How to install Microsoft products add-on?

If you have purchased the premium plan then you can go installing the Microsoft addon and can integrate grammarly direct in your Microsoft word.

• When you login to your account, you will see a notification like below, asking you to install the addon.

Grammarly Microsoft office
Grammarly Microsoft office

• Click on the Download button.

• Select both (Word and Outlook) and click Install.

• You will see the Grammarly icon in your Microsoft word as shown below.

Grammarly in Microsoft Office
Grammarly in Microsoft Office


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  • Ease of use

My Personal Review of Grammarly

To be honest, when I started blogging then at that time, I used to refer Microsoft office for spell and grammar check. And to me, it looked that it was enough but since I have started using grammarly, things have pretty changed.

Now, I have a nice grammar and punctuation checker and corrector tool that does much of my proofreading job and solves my many errors which Microsoft word failed to resolve.

It also helps me in checking the plagiarism for the text that has been written by my authors. Plus, I can check the guest-articles plagiarism with this tool.

It provides me with vocabulary suggestions as well.

The best part which I like about this tool is its integration with Microsoft word. Thus, it has enhanced my Microsoft word as well by adding more features to it.

The Chrome extension helps me in checking my emails. Now before hitting Reply button, I check the content of my email so that my clients do not mock at my email and I can send more professional emails to them.

So, I would recommend Grammarly to every content writer and blogger.

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