10 Reasons Why Bloggers Do Not Succeed In Blogging
10 Reasons Why Bloggers Do Not Succeed In Blogging

10 Reasons Why Bloggers Do Not Succeed In Blogging

On each successive day, internet is introduced by a great number of new blogs by the bloggers having some specific goals. Most of them have their mind set to become popular in very short period of time. This is not false to think as all of us know that every person dreams to be prominent and so they try to attain their goals.

But in the millions of bloggers, most of all do not succeed because the passion is not just to earn and known about by many people but it is all about concentration and confidence towards the objective. Plus, most important is to provide worthwhile for the audience so that they engage with full attentiveness.

I would like you to know all the facts that influence on the accomplishment of a purpose. All these facts are the reasons that why new bloggers fail.

10 Reasons That Why Bloggers Fail?

Below are the 10 reasons that you should avoid so that you can be successful into blogging and can become a successful blogger:

1. Not as Much Dedication to Work

This is a big reason that why most bloggers fail to arrive at their goals. You have to be passionate for blogging and that requires your dedication to a certain extent. You have to make sure on what you are blogging? Devote your time and put maximum efforts to get succeed.

There can be some reasons that why few bloggers are unable to devote their dedication towards their work.

• Generally, when after spending much days and months in blogging, if bloggers do not succeed then few questions arise in their mind such as:

Am I following the right path?
What people will think about me?
Whatever I am doing is correct or not?
Am I following the correct Blogging Tactics?
And so on.

Let these questions arise in your mind but don’t afraid to win your passion and just follow whatsoever your mind says and soon you will look yourself closer to success.

• Time devotion is again can be affected by the relationships but yes, it is foremost responsibility of your life. Make your time by yourself; for instance: get up early, stay for late night BUT never compromise on your relationship. Blogging is your business but never take it on the cost of your relationship with your family.

• Never dishearten your dreams by negative thoughts. Don’t think that you cannot write, you are new to this passion and all. Search about your passion and grasp the knowledge and execute your dreams.

2. Deficiency of Exclusive Content Writing

This is again a major factor in successful blogging career. Content writing is a magnetic effect to your audience and hence you should always go for exclusive and creative content. Also, add some unique elements that attract new visitors as well. Some key points are there on which you can focus on.

• Success in blogging is not only about writing but yes; it is all about the way in which you write your blog post. A blog and a blog post consists of design, presentation, adding pictures, some highlights etc. So, utilize these features to make your content more effective.

• Not all bloggers are good writers or publishers. Just focus on your purpose and write appropriate information for intended readers.

• Have interest into learning about latest techniques of content writing which affect the readers most. New techniques are the fast access to your success.

• The main point is that either your blog conversation is regular or your content is almost similar. But the query occurs that which is the thing that makes your blog post special and different from other bloggers’ posts. You must have to ensure on this so that you can stand out in millions of blogs.

Why Bloggers Fail In Blogging
Why Bloggers Fail In Blogging

3. Money Mindedness

Generally new bloggers have only one purpose and that is to earn money and this is the main reason that why new bloggers do not get success. The initial motive of you as a new blogger should be to establish yourselves. As you grow up yourself, dependability and integrity increases towards your work and you will acquire your goal. So be cautious and remember below points:

• Don’t drop your passion of earning due to your inactivity or idleness.

• Don’t await huge success in a short time because it takes time for catching the attention of an audience. Follow some traffic increasing sources such as commenting on popular sites, social media etc. to make your blog well ranked and known.

• Don’t be so quick to launch your website. Until you don’t have enough number of solid articles, do not start the website. It can disappoint the readers. Just register the domain and when have some 10-15 handy articles then start posting on daily basis.

• Initially, focus only on a single blog for which you can dedicate your full efforts. Sometimes what happens is that new bloggers start multiple blogs at same time, especially when they have no proper knowledge about blogging. They launch multiple sites just to earn more and accomplish their desires. Obviously, it’s a bad trick to get succeed as a blogger.

Why Bloggers Fail No Dedication
Why Bloggers Fail No Dedication

• Blogging is like a business and every business takes a lot of time to get established. So, have patience and let your blog be popular.

4. Non-Goal Oriented

New bloggers have generally the same goal and that is to earn money. Blogging is making money online but it should not be your goal. You have to set your ambition to get successful as a blogger.

First of all, make some plans to execute your blog properly and see what the results occur. Accordingly, fix your goal which is too important to focus in a straight way. If your daily results fulfill your expectations then do not bound yourself upto that only and try to think beyond that. Your initial goal should be to get the loyal readers and visitors for your blog and try every possible way to achieve that. Try to learn new things as much as you can.

5. Lack of Confidence

Don’t be afraid so much for describing yourself in your genuine way. Have belief in your personality and show your own potential. It will surely help you to build up your confidence level and take you more steps ahead to the success. Avoid some points that interrupt your plan.

• Don’t think that you need to be famous before you present your new blog. If your blog has such ability and you have belief in your credibility then undoubtedly, it will be well liked by your readers.

• Confidence also increases as you personally interact with your audience. So, don’t be nervous to do this. People will like you more if they will know more about you.

• Even if you are a failure at every moment of life, don’t think that success is not made for you. If you want to achieve your best, have faith in yourself because nothing is impossible in this world.

• Don’t let down yourself when you are criticized by your commentators. Take it as a challenge and just focus on your aim with positive spirit.

• Never give up efforts in case you are unable to give your best. Keep trying and you will definitely reach your goal.

6. Being Scattered / Not Paying Attention

New bloggers have their aim of making money online but they become unsuccessful in achieving their ambitions because of not paying much attention towards blogging. When you have chosen your aim (whatever that is), you need to plan and focus on your plan to build a successful blog.

Lacking your concentration towards your blog and blogging may include:

• Generally what happens; as you get to know about blogging or making money online, you start building multiple blogs and in that case, you lack your focus on a particular blog which automatically results into the failure of new bloggers. So instead of being scattered, just pay attention on a single website till it is well established.

You should consider publishing some 10-12 new posts per month for sure on your blog.

Why Bloggers Do Not Succeed
Why Bloggers Do Not Succeed

• At initial stage when you start a blog, you present yourself with new blog posts day to day. As you grow up with time and practically learn with facts, you start leaving a good impression on your readers. In that case, you don’t concentrate on your past articles in which you have committed many mistakes.

So, it would be a great if you maintain previous blog posts and edit them so that the initial mistakes that you did could be mitigated. This will surely be very effective for new visitors to your blog. Also, what you have posted 3 years back might not be true as of today.

For example:
If you have written about tips on gaining traffic from Orkut then it is high time that you should edit your article and convey your readers that Orkut is already closed.

• Blogging is a long time profession which will give you much more in future as you are devoting yourself today. Don’t lose your power of focusing if you are unable to achieve at present moment. I have noticed that all popular bloggers have worked for many years before they became successful in blogging.

• Don’t think that you are following others blogs. Have some time to read others blogs, also focus on e-books and read as much content as you find anywhere to get new ideas for your blog posts.

7. Worrying About Investments

I have seen many newbies worrying about investing money in various tools. You should be open in investing money in good web hosting, wordpress themes and some SEO stuff. Remember that nothing comes free. Some newbies even start their blogs on free blogspot platform. If you are serious to earn money through blogging then never ever go with blogspot platform. Buy a new domain and purchase hosting from a good webhost. Domain, WebHosting and a nice theme are the basics to start a blog.

Consider purchasing below stuff if you are serious into blogging.

Domains/WebHosting: You can purchase from either BlueHost or A2Hosting. However, if you are already having server space and you are looking only for a domain then I would recommend Namecheap.

WordPress Theme: You can go with either of GeneratePress, StudioPress, WpZoom or Divi.

SEO Keywords: You can try SEMRush.

8. Being Tangled at Advertising the Content

After having a good stuff, you will have to promote your blog to get traffic. This is very important step so that people would know about the existence of your blog. New bloggers do not have much knowledge about that and this is also a reason that why bloggers do no succeed. Don’t confuse at advertising your blog writing. It is simple and you need to spread out your blog as much as you can.

To make it possible, just remember below mentioned few points:

• To establish any business, it is required to do well marketing for its success. Blogging is also like other businesses and it also requires the marketing and that you have to do in a right way so that you can gain maximum publicity.

• To promote your work, there can be many sources such as social media, participating in comments on others blogs, interacting with audience of your blog etc. You should also connect yourself with online communities and forums, e-mail subscriptions etc.

• Whether your content is better than other blogs and websites but it is of no use unless people do not know about it. So for this purpose, you need to do effective email marketing. Even if your content is not so good but right marketing skills will result into much traffic for you.

• Besides writing content in daily routine, also take part in advertising your blog as your everyday activity so that you get new visitors continuously.

9. Myths about Blog Writing

Bloggers have some false ideas about writing on their blogs.

• When you publish your blog article, no matter how good the content is and you think that you are done with your work but in actual, your work is not finished. Now your task is to promote your posts to have a successful blog.

• Don’t think that your posts are only for those who support you. You have to create a huge audience to acquire your goal and so, you need to present your best valuable content for new visitors as well.

• If you think that writing too much content is an only way to get more readers, then obviously this is your myth. Because, only writing will not gather more readers. Apart from this, you will have to do marketing for your blog and assuredly you will see 1000’s of new visitors daily.

10. No knowledge About SEO

Readers are always eager for accessing about something new. They mainly use search engines like google, yahoo to search about new topics and enter different keywords or strings. These keywords are the tricks that bring your posts on the top hit list and you can use these keywords in your blog posts to get more and more traffic for your site.

If you have sufficient knowledge about Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO, you can frequently get new visitors. Otherwise learn about SEO which is a great technique to create more traffic and you become more close to your success quickly.

Now, you can see that which factors are your interruptions to get succeed as a blogger and why bloggers fail. Try to avoid them and you will definitely success in your goal and will become a successful blogger.

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