15 Best Free Wordpress Push Notifications Plugins To Increase Subscribers

15 Best Free WordPress Push Notifications Plugins To Increase Subscribers

Adding Push Notifications is one of the modern ways to increase traffic to a website. Since the push technology came into existence, it has gained wide popularity among the website owners. The simple reason for this popularity is that if you have push notifications enabled on your website then you can easily convert your one-time readers into your avid subscribers.

I am going to tell you here some of the best wordpress push notifications plugins that you can use in your blog.

Best WordPress Push Notifications Plugins To Use In 2019

1. PushEngage

PushEngage WordPress Push Notifications
PushEngage WordPress Push Notifications

PushEngage is one of the best platforms when it comes to sending web push notifications to your readers. It provides you a code which you need to install in your blog and if you are using wordpress then you can install it with its wordpress plugin.

PushEngage is free for the first 2500 subscribers and after that; you need to pay monthly fees if you want to use it on your website.

You will notice that on BloggerPNG.com, we are also using PushEngage and so, we highly recommend this WordPress Push Notifications Tool.

Features of PushEngage

Abandoned Cart Push Notifications: If you have an ecommerce website where you are selling your products then many-a-times you might have noticed that customer adds your product in his cart but he don’t checkout the cart. What if you could send him a reminder as a browser push notification to buy that product?

Do you know that sending browser push notifications to users can increase your product conversions by 10 times? Then why not send them and have more sales of your products?

With PushEngage, you can send browser push notifications to your customers and remind them for purchasing the product. You can also set various time intervals when you want to send the notifications to your customer. The abandoned cart push notifications can be customized per hour and per day basis too so that your customer does not get annoyed by so much knocking on his browser and mobile.

PushEngage also allows you to check the analysis of your abandoned cart push notifications that how your customers are thinking of your products and how they are reacting to your knocking on their doors time and again. And accordingly, you can adjust the notices.

Dynamic Segmentation: You can segment the user based on the action. While segmentation, you can consider the factors such as its browser, its operating system, whether he is a mobile user or desktop user, from which site he came from, etc.

PushEngage allows you to create different rules based on the segments. The rules can be geographically defined; any festival based such as you want to send separate web push notifications on Diwali, Holi, Christmas and New Year etc.

Detailed Analytics: With PushEngage wordpress notifications plugin, you can access the detailed analytics for each and every subscriber that is subscribing/un-subscribing to your blog.

You can check that which opt-in funnel is behaving best for you and is giving you more subscribers and engagements. You can also check the number of users subscribing to your website per day and per month basis. You can track if any festival or special day is behaving well for you and which countries are giving you more subscribers. Accordingly, you can target your attention specifically to those countries and users.

Auto Triggers: The wordpress notifications plugin PushEngage allows you to send auto-triggers to your customers based on their last action. Suppose the customer has downloaded any ebook from your website then you want to send him some different trigger than the customer who has purchased something from you. You can schedule the auto-triggers such as if you want to send the trigger automatically on any particular action.

You can also limit the number of push notifications that your customer can receive from you because if after every minute, you are going to bombard anyone with your custom messages then no one will like that and he/she can be annoyed too. So, pushengage wordpress push notifications tool allows you to put a limit on that number. You can utilize this limiting feature wisely and can increase your conversions.

Multi-user support: WordPress Push Notifications Tool PushEngage allows you to add multiple users to your account so that you can have your full trustworthy team to manage your account for you.

Multi-Websites Support: In a single account, you have the provision of adding multiple websites. So, you can manage your all sites under single account.

Browser Support: One of the questions to ask when choosing a notifications plugin is that what all browsers your plugin supports? Because if your wordpress notifications plugin is not working on some major browsers then inspite of other useful features, it is not going to work for you.

The good news with PushEngage is that it works well with below mentioned browsers:
On Desktop: Firefox / Chrome / Safari
On Mobile:
Chrome / Samsung Internet

A/B Experimentation: PushEngage allows you to do A/B split testing so that you can check what your subscribers like the most and accordingly, you can craft your marketing style.

Support for Multiple Languages: If you have subscribers from your local area or your native country then you can send the notifications to them in your native language as well. PushEngage supports more than 115 languages. Infact, It supports almost any language that has UTF-8 compatibility.

Support for Emojis: Do you know that adding emojis in titles and messages can boost your conversion rate a lot? And the good thing is that you can now add those emojis in your wordpress push notifications with PushEngage.

Support for Https: The tool supports both http and https protocols.

2. PushAssist

PushAssist wordpress Push Notifications
PushAssist wordpress Push Notifications

Another tool that has been added in our list is PushAssist. Like PushEngage, it is also a standalone service. It also comes with a wordpress plugin that you can install directly on your blog.

Features of PushAssist

• PushAssist works on Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

• It is free for first 3000 subscribers and if you cross this 3000 number then you have to purchase any of their starter/business/elite plans.

• It is live in more than 138 countries.

• Like PushEngage, it works on mobile as well as on desktop machines.

• PushAssist supports segmentation. You can define your particular audience type based on their geographical location and their interests etc.

Personalization: You can personalize your messages and send them to your customers, based on the fact that whether they are new users or your existing customers.

Real-Time Tracking: You can track your subscribers behavior that what they are doing after receiving your push notifications and what actions they are taking on your website.

Increase Customer Base: You can increase your customer base by converting your website visitors into your real customers.

Scheduling: With PushAsssist wordpress notifications plugin, you can schedule your messages to deliver to your customers on a particular time and date.

3. OneSignal

OneSignal Web Push Notifications
OneSignal Web Push Notifications

If you are looking for just free solution to send the web push notifications then you must try OneSignal. The good thing of onesignal is that it is free upto 30k subscribers. 30,000 is a big number and if you have decent traffic on your blog then also 30,000 subscribers is a huge limit.

OneSignal is also a standalone tool and whether your website is on any CMS or not, you can use it. But if you are looking for a wordpress notifications plugin then that you can download from the official repository.

Features of OneSignal

• The basic plan of onesignal is free upto thirty thousand subscribers but this limit is only for web push notifications.

• There is no cap on mobile push notifications, which means there is no 30k limit on mobile. You can send unlimited messages on mobile phones. The reason that OneSignal is offering free 30k subscribers comes with the reason that it can use your customer data and can share it with its partners for advertising and research. But does that really matter to us? I think NO.

So, we need not to worry on this and if you are a big firm which does not want to reveal its subscribers base then you can anytime switch to its paid plans.

• Apart from Free, OneSignal provides you Starter and Pro plans. The starter plan costs $99 per month while pro costs $499 per month. OneSignal guarantees you that your customer data will not be shared with any third party and your users are totally yours.

• With starter and pro packages, you get a dedicated support team that is always there to solve your any queries. With Free plan also, you can query them and they will help you but when you pay them money then obviously they are likely to respond more quickly. For one of my clients, I am using their free plan and still OneSignal helps me, whenever I need them.

• OneSignal supports segmentation targeting, A/B testing messages and automated delivery of messages etc.

• It generally takes 10-15 minutes to setup onesignal on your website.

• It can send your messages across your android, iOS and windows phones. Apart from these devices, it supports Chrome and Firefox.

4. PushCrew

PushCrew WordPress Push Notifications
PushCrew WordPress Push Notifications

PushCrew is another platform that is capable of sending the browser and mobile push notifications to your readers easily. It also provides a wordpress plugin that you can install for your blog.

PushCrew is free for upto 2000 subscribers and if your customer base crosses this limit then you have to purchase any of their plans.

Features of PushCrew

• PushCrew has 4 plans – Startup, Premium, Business and Enterprise (Agency). The startup plan can be utilized for a maximum of 2000 subscribers but you can send only desktop notifications with startup plan. If you want to send messages to mobile users as well then you need to upgrade to any of the PushCrew’s paid memberships.

Also, the Startup and Premium plans can be utilized for only one website. If you want to install PushCrew on multiple sites then you need to purchase either Business or Enterprise (Agency) memberships.

• If you have an ecommerce website and people add something in their carts and then do not make the final payments then you can send them the browser push notifications reminding them to continue on their lost carts.

Hyper-Personalized Web Push Notifications: You can personalize the messages by including your customer first and last name and can remind him of his interested products. You can also send him messages on items that are on sale.

• If you want to try all the features of PushCrew then you can do that for free for 14 days. And if you want to continue after that then either you can continue with Startup plan or can purchase any one of the paid packages.

• You can also include emojis or pictures in your messages.

5. LetReach

LetReach Web Push Notifications
LetReach Web Push Notifications

LetReach is a standalone web push notifications service that you can integrate in your blog. LetReach is free upto 2000 users and after that, you have to purchase any of their plans. To these 2000 users, you are allowed to send unlimited messages for free.

Apart from Free plan; they have Standard, Pro and Elite plans. The starting price of Standard plan is 15 dollars per month.

6. DeliteStudio Plugins

DeliteStudio WordPress Notifications Plugin
DeliteStudio WordPress Notifications Plugin

DeliteStudio offers 2 wordpress push notifications plugins – Lite version and full featured version. The Lite version is free and you are allowed to send maximum 1000 alerts per month while there is no such restriction in Full Featured version.

Another point to note is that Lite only works on iOS and Android mobile devices and if you want to use it for desktops then you need to upgrade to their paid full featured plan.

The Lite version is also not compatible with wordpress multisite and WPML. The full featured can be used to send web push notifications on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. while Lite works only for Android and iOS smartphones.

The marketing model of DeliteStudio works on the number of websites on which you want to configure their plugin. The single website license costs you 99.90 euros per year and if you want to purchase the license for unlimited websites then you have to pay 699.90 euros per year. After one year, your plugin will continue to work but you will just miss the help from their technical team and any new updates to the plugins.

7. SendPulse

SendPulse WordPress Notifications Plugin
SendPulse WordPress Notifications Plugin

SendPulse is another service that allows you to send unlimited web push notifications to your unlimited users every month. The only thing you will notice is that the SendPulse branding on the alerts and if you want to remove that branding then consider upgrading to their paid plan. They have only one paid plan by the name ‘White Label’ and they charge 9.85 dollars per month for it.

8. Izooto

Izooto Web Push Notifications
Izooto Web Push Notifications

IZooto is free till 2500 users subscribing to your ecommerce website and if you cross this limit then you have to buy either of their Essential or Advanced plans. The essential plan starts from 25 dollars per month while advanced plan starts from 75 dollars per month.

In Free plan, you will not be allowed to remove Izooto brand name while if you are paying them then you are allowed to remove their brand name from your web push notifications. You can download IZooto’s wordpress plugin from official repository.

9. FoxPush

Foxpush Web Push Notifications
Foxpush Web Push Notifications

FoxPush is another name that comes when looking for web push notifications solution. Unlike other tools, it does not have any fixed pricing model. Infact, it just has 2 models – Free and Custom.

With free plan, you can use FoxPush free for unlimited users and can send them unlimited alerts and you will enjoy all the basic features in the free plan.

But if you are looking for advanced metrics then you can go with custom plan and in order to go with custom membership, you need to contact their support.

The support team of FoxPush will respond and will decide your monthly payments based on your metrics (such as number of users that you have and number of messages that you want to send per month etc.).

In custom plan, FoxPush allows you to target the people based on age, gender, ISP, city and state etc. You are allowed to perform A/B split testing and you can use custom cNames too.

FoxPush works on both desktops and mobile devices. It supports Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS and Android systems.

10. AimTell

AimTell Web Push Notifications
AimTell Web Push Notifications

AimTell is a company in South California, United States. AimTell has 4 plans and the initial starter one starts from 29 dollars per month in which you can manage maximum of 2500 users.

Above it, there is a basic plan which can handle till 10k users and above it, there is ‘Plus’ package with which you can manage max of 50k users. The basic membership costs around $49 per month while the plus package is at $99 per month.

If your subscriber level is more than fifty thousand then you need to contact them and pay as per the number of users you have. The good point is that you can start free trial of 14 days with any of their packages.

If later on you want to move to another platform and want to export your users-list then you can do that too with AimTell.

11. PushMonkey

PushMonkey Web Push Notifications
PushMonkey Web Push Notifications

PushMonkey is another service when you want to send wordpress push notifications to your readers. The only loophole with this service is that it is free for only 100 users and after that, you need to purchase the custom package.

But even with free package, they give you all the features of any paid package. You can even remove their brand name and can add your personal branding. Their 2k user base package starts at 16 dollars per month.

12. PushPad

PushPad WordPress Push Notifications
PushPad WordPress Push Notifications

PushPad is another standalone tool that you can use. It works with Opera, Firefox and Chrome on mobiles and for desktops; it works with Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers. They do not provide any free plan and their pricing style is also different as compared to other companies.

If you are going with PushPad then you have to pay per subscriber and the cost is 0.002 euros per subscriber. However, if you want to try it before purchasing any of their plans then you can try pushpad free for one month.

13. Pushed

Pushed WordPress Push Notifications
Pushed WordPress Push Notifications

Another tool that you can use to send the web push notifications is Pushed. Although Pushed also developed a wordpress plugin for the same but they didn’t update it from so long. As of writing this article, more than 2 years have passed since they updated the pushed plugin and even many people didn’t install it also.

They have 4 plans – Sandbox, Personal, Pro and Enterprise. Sandbox is free for 1000 messages per month and with this sandbox plan, you lack many major features also such as scheduling of messages etc.

To me, it looks too costly and featureless as compared to other tools and so, I will not recommend this tool to you. But for the sake of knowledge, I have mentioned it here.

14. PushAlert

PushAlert WordPress Push Notifications
PushAlert WordPress Push Notifications

Another alerts service is PushAlert that is free for 3000 users for you. The basic package starts from monthly 12 dollars. Apart from Basic, they have premium and platinum packages.

The starting range of premium is 39 USD monthly and that of platinum is monthly 99 USD. You can use it on max 5 websites and if you want to have it on more sites then you need to contact their customer support to check that how they can help you.

15. PushWoosh

PushWoosh Web Push Notifications
PushWoosh Web Push Notifications

PushWoosh is free till one thousand users. After 1000, their next package ‘Developer’ jumps directly to 50k users and it costs $41.95. The next packages that they are offering are ‘Marketing’ and ‘Enterprise’. The price of marketing is $125.95 which can handle 300k customers or devices.

I will not recommend PushWoosh to you unless and until you have extra cash and you are willing to spend extra money.


Of all the wordpress push notifications services that I have mentioned, I would highly recommend you to try PushEngage first. We at BloggerPNG.com are also using the same. And if you want to try other tools then you can go with PushMonkey, PushAssist or SendPulse.

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