Unbiased WpEngine Review That You Must Read Before Purchasing
Unbiased WpEngine Review That You Must Read Before Purchasing

Unbiased WpEngine Review That You Must Read Before Purchasing

WpEngine is one of the best managed wordpress hosting companies to choose from. WpEngine company started specifically targeting to wordpress hosting only but if your site is not on wordpress then I would recommend you to contact them before purchasing their plans. And if you have a blog on world’s most famous content management system i.e., WordPress then you must try WpEngine.

But wait, lets first dive into the pros and cons of this famous webhost and lets conclude whether it is right for you or not.

So not wasting much time, let us jump straight into WpEngine review for managed wordpress hosting.

WpEngine Pricing

First of all, let us check the pricing model of wpengine.

WpEngine offers below plans and out of which, you need to select any one. With every plan, you are getting 60 days money back guarantee. It means that if you are not happy with their services then within 60 days, you can claim your money back and they will be happily refunding your money. I am sorry to use word happy. They will not be happy as they are losing a client :). But you need not to worry as you will get your money back.

WpEngine Pricing
WpEngine Pricing

If you are purchasing the annual pack with any of the plans then you will be getting 2 months of subscription free of cost. And in this way, you can save more money.

The different thing about purchasing WpEngine web hosting is that you will be getting the much hyped Genesis Framework and all Studio press themes for free.


This is the initial plan offered by WpEngine. The price is 35 dollars per month and you can host your single website under this plan. The allowed bandwidth per month would be 50Gb and max 25000 visitors would be allowed to surf your website. You will get 10GB of local storage in which you have to store your all files and images. If your site requires more storage then you need to purchase another package.

The Startup package is for people who just want to start with their new blogs and they are not aware of the complexities of wordpress and are looking for a hassle-free environment where they can plug their website so that it can start smoothly.


Another plan that the managed wordpress hosting wpEngine provides is Growth. The wpengine pricing of this plan starts at $115 per month. If you have a website with decent traffic, around 100,000 visits monthly then you can think of going with this plan.

You will enjoy 20GB of local disk storage capacity with this package and 200Gb monthly bandwidth will be allowed. This is not for a single site and you can host your maximum 5 websites under this plan.

If you are purchasing annually then at one go, you can save 230 dollars as the company will provide you free 2 months.


If you have a bunch of sites then you are free to buy Scale package. Although the plan is costly and the price is 290 dollars per month but if you have a good earning with your websites then there is no harm in paying $290 to a web host.

Monthly 400,000 visits will be allowed under a bandwidth of 400 GB. You will get 30Gb of local storage in which you have to keep your 15 sites data and files.

With this plan, you can save 580 dollars by purchasing the annual pack. WpEngine has listed their Scale package as the best value and bestselling package.


The last package that WpEngine sells is Custom. As by the name, the plan is custom only; which means that it has to be customized as per the client’s needs. This plan comes into picture when you have more than 15 websites or your monthly bandwidth is more than 400 GB and you get more than 400,000 visitors per month.

At such a huge traffic, even Scale package will not be able to handle your sites traffic and you need to upgrade to a customized plan. In order to purchase the custom package, you need to call their support team and need to discuss your site stats. Accordingly, their support team will create the best plan for you and you can go with that plan.

With every plan, you get SSL certificate free but if you want to have imported SSL then you need to go with any of the higher plans. The Startup package will not have imported SSL. Also, the 24×7 phone support is missing for the basic startup plan. So in startup plan, you can email them but just 24×7 phone support will be missing.

WpEngine Features

Since WpEngine is so much costly and so, we must know about its features first if we are willing to spend so much money. So let’s dive into the features of wpengine.

The wpengine features can be segregated into below 4 categories:
1. Creative Agility
2. Actionable Intelligence
3. Ecosystem Integration
4. Enterprise Performance

Please note that some of these wpEngine features are too technical in nature and you might not be requiring all of them for your website. I am mentioning it here but do not get confused with any of the technical terms. If you are unsure of any term, you can ask me in comments or can leave that thing.

Creative Agility

• With any of the plan you purchase with WpEngine, you will get Genesis framework free of cost. Along with it, you will also enjoy all the premium themes of StudioPress. This is one of the most profitable things of spending so much money on wpengine pricing. This whole bundle comprising of genesis and studiopress themes itself is valued at 2000 dollars.

• If you have your wordpress website hosted with any other web hosting company then the wpengine core team provides you with migration from your old host to their servers. This they achieve with their auto-migration plugin.

• They provide you with GIT tool. If you are unaware of GIT then it is used to check-in the code into production environment and checkout from production environment to your local computer. You can do your new changes in the code and then can check-in the changes back to the production files.

• The connection to your production server will be using SFTP connections so that the security is not compromised.

• You can deploy your site on cloud development environments.

• You will get single-click staging. It means that you can deploy your code quickly in production environment. You will be able to test your changes quickly as part of testing cycle.

• You will get 3 live code-environments for your site – Development, Staging and Production Live. Before you make your coding changes directly in production, you can test them in development and staging environments and can make necessary changes if required.

After you are happy with the changes then you can live them in production. This helps your site and it gets minimal downtime and if there are any coding bugs then you get the window to resolve them in either dev or staging environments itself.

• WP Engine will provide some predefined tools in which you can test your code changes and can test whether your code changes are not slowing down your site’s speed and whether they are good enough to be promoted to live.

• The core team takes the daily backups of all the sites hosted on their servers. So if you run into any issues on any day or if your site gets corrupted anytime then you always have a backup. You can use that backup to restore your website to original state and can prevent sky falling on your head.

• You need not to worry about the official updates of wordpress. The wpengine team will handle them automatically for you and you will always have the latest version of wordpress installed.

• You can enjoy free content delivery network CDN for your site.

• Along with CDN, free SSL certificate will also be available to you. Just some couple of mouse clicks and you can install both CDN and SSL on your blog or site.

• Turning multisite was never so easy and now, you can do that with few clicks.

• You can manage all your users from a simple interface. Whether you want to add new users or delete existing ones or want to assign specific permissions to a specific role or user, you can easily do that.

• The activity log is for logging all required events and you can check the logs anytime to track all the activities happened on your website.

• If you have good authority on Linux then you can manage your site by using Linux commands.

• If you have your clients under you for which you create new sites then with their ‘Ownership Transfer’ interface, you can easily transfer the ownership to authorized clients.

• WpEngine support team is available for you whole year and the support is available to you 24 by 7.

• You can have geo-target functionality to increase the user-engagement and can increase sales for your ecommerce site.

Actionable Intelligence

• WpEngine has its cloud servers in many parts of the world, whether it is Europe, Americas, Asia or Middle East.

• WpEngine has partnership with Amazon Web Services and you can keep your data safe with amazon web services.

• They always keep latest php version.

• Your site will remain always active and you will hardly bear any downtimes.

• Their caching technology Evercache further reduces the loading time of your pages and your visitors can experience quick loading time of your pages. With WpEngine, you will see almost 27% increase in the speed of your website as when you were with your previous webhost.

• With their security add-ons, you can block access to useless bots.

Ecosystem Integration

• You can track your visitors’ right from your wordpress dashboard. You can easily integrate your Google Analytics account in your dashboard. You can check Monster Insights wordpress plugin for integrating Google Analytics.

• If your website experiences any slowness due to any bad coded plugin or theme then the official team will be able to fix that for you and you can get rid of that slowness.

Sometimes you see that your site is not loading and you see some weird issues such as ‘Error establishing database connection‘. If anytime such issues come then the wpengine support team will always be there to check that for you. Infact, you just need to sit and relax and the technical team will always take care of all the issues for you.

Enterprise Performance

• You can search their knowledgebase and can learn a lot on wordpress hosting and websites.

• They have selected some of the best wordpress plugins that you can embed in your site.

Is WP Engine worth it?

Now when we have seen the features and pricing of wpengine managed wordpress hosting, the question arise if we should go with it or not and if wpEngine is right for us?

Based on above features, review and pricing, let us conclude the advantages and disadvantages of wpengine.

Advantages of WpEngine

The key benefits of using wpengine can be summarized as:

1. It has numerous advanced features that we already have mentioned above.

2. We get dedicated team of experts at our doorstep. We just need to sit idle and the technical team is there to look after all the problems of our site.

3. All of WP Engine’s plans give free access to Genesis framework and more than 35 studiopress wordpress themes. The genesis and studiopress combined value itself is more than 2000 dollars. And this whooping sum of money they are giving for free. Unbelievable, correct?

4. There will be daily backups of our websites. If tomorrow the site gets hanged due to any corrupt code or if it gets hacked then it can be restored to its original state with latest backup taken. Isn’t that awesome feature?

5. WpEngine support is available for whole year and for all 7 days and 24 hours. You are sleeping in the night and they are working for the success of your website. It is again an awesome thing. And if by chance the site gets into hell in middle-night then we will have dedicated team for us.

6. Thanks that the support is also available on phone so that we need not to wait for any email agent to respond to us.

7. The site will load faster, which is one of the best SEO tactics. Page loading time affects the Google rankings and also, the readers do not like the pages to load in minutes. This in turn will help you in reducing your bounce rate.

8. The website will barely see any downtimes. And thus, we are not losing any of our reader or valued customer.

9. Free SSL, free CDN, plus many other valuable tools will be provided you free.

10. Before hitting live changes to a website, we can test our code changes in Dev and Staging environments.

Disadvantages of WpEngine

Since unbiased review is only considered complete if we are flipping the coin both ways. So, let us go into some cons of wpengine.

1. First of all, the price. As compared to normal web hosts, wpengine is very costly. And so, everyone cannot drink this coffee and every webmaster cannot afford it.

2. With every plan, they have storage limits and if you want additional storage then you have to pay for that.

3. The company does not sell domains. So, if you are hosting with them then you need to buy the domains from another domain registrar such as Namecheap.

4. WpEngine has list of disallowed plugins which you cannot use in your wordpress website. So if your site uses any of these plugins then you need to disable that.

But the technical team of wpengine is always there to help you here and they can install any other alternative to that plugin for your site and so, you need not to worry in this case.

Also, if a plugin slows down my site or can clutter the progress of my website then I would be more than happy to disable it or even remove it from my dictionary. And I think you also have same views. Then why to worry if the webhost does not allow using that plugin?

Now, when I have reviewed wpengine and have listed its pros and cons, the time has come when we have to answer that whether wpengine is worth spending so much money or not and whether we should go with wpengine managed wordpress hosting or not?

I would say if you do not have money problem and you are seriously looking to grow your website traffic and acquire more visitors and customers then yes, you should definitely go with WpEngine.

WpEngine Discount

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WpEngine Review Discount
WpEngine Review Discount

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