WuFoo Alternative : WPForms Wordpress plugin

WuFoo Alternative : WPForms WordPress plugin

I am comparing here 2 famous contact form plugins of wordpress – Wufoo and WpForms.

First of all, what a blogger expects to be in a contact form plugin?

If you just want to have a simple contact us page for your website then let me tell you that you don’t need any plugin because almost every theme does that job. If you are using a very outdated wordpress theme (coded back some 15 years back) and it is not having any contact us page then you need a plugin so that you can have a good contactus page on your website.

That is something the basic feature of a contactus plugin but what if you are serious into blogging and looking some advanced features?

Then such simple solutions will not work for you and you need some framework that can build some good forms for you. Those forms can be related to newsletter registration, contact form or suggestion form etc.

Wufoo is one such online form builder tool that creates such forms for you within seconds. But is it the best option or do we have other options available in the market? It is a product by survey Monkey and was created in 2006.

We are here to let you know Wufoo Alternative, another form builder plugin for wordpress known as WpForms and will also review WuFoo with it.

Characteristics of a Contact Form Builder

• Easy to use
• Integration with other services
• Features
• Price
• Brand name
• Customer Support

Easy to use

Whenever I go with any plugin or software or theme or anything, the first thing I go with it is that how easy it is to use. Do I require any professional coding knowledge to use it or even any non-technical person can use it?

When I see Wufoo, it is a simple drag and drop functionality in which you can drag the fields from left hand side and drop them on the form on right hand side. On left hand side, you can see three menus:
• Add a Field
• Field Settings
• Form Settings

Wufoo form
Wufoo form

In “Add a Field” menu, you will find various HTML controls which you can embed in your form on right-hand side.

In “Field Settings” menu, you will see all the HTML controls that you have embedded. You can do some customizations of your fields from there. Example: if you have added email functionality then you can confirm if its mandatory field for your web form or not.

In “Form Settings” menu, you can customize the positions of various fields and can change the text, wherever required.

The above settings look easy to use. Some of the changes that you make in WuFoo can be viewable real-time but in order to view overall customizations, you need to click View Form. But that is also not a big thing and you can easily do that.

Wufoo Email form
Wufoo Email form

Let’s now consider WpForms for Easy to use section. You can see 2 menus here:
• Add Fields
• Field Options

In “Add Fields” menu, you can use drag-and-drop functionality to embed any html control on your wordpress form.

“Field Options” menu is for customizing the html controls such as for changing the label names, formatting the text-field that you want to use etc. You can also go in Advanced Options to change the size and to add any custom css class.

The settings here too in WpForms are quite straight-forward. Plus, the changes are real-time. Any changes you make to your wordpress form would be directly in front of your eyes. There is no View Form button here. So, it is slightly on positive side as compared to WuFoo.

WpForms WuFoo alternative
WpForms signup

Integration with other services

As I stated above that if you are looking for advanced features of a contact form builder then you should consider getting some nice tool such as the ones we are comparing in this article. A nice contact form builder is one which can be easily integrated with third party services such as email service providers and payment gateways etc.

When it comes to integrating the third party vendors then WuFoo looks very advanced as it easily integrates with more than 60 vendors. Confluence, Dropbox, MailChimp, Salesforce etc. can be easily embedded while it is also good for social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are looking for collecting payments from your clients then you can easily accept payments through Square, Braintree, Paypal, Freshbooks etc. This is a plus-point and negative point too since you have to manage all the accounts in order to accept the payments.

When we see WpForms builder, it can easily integrate with email service providers such as Aweber, MailChimp, Drip, Campaign Monitor etc. However, you need pro account for all these integrations while the free account works only with Constant Contact.

For accepting payments from users, you only have the option of using Paypal and Stripe. If you want to embed another payment gateway then you cannot use WpForms and so, you should go with WuFoo. But if you think that stripe and paypal are enough then go blindly with WpForms, making it a nice wuFoo alternative.


When you compare the features of both contact form-builders then Wpforms dominates in this field. It gives you additional features such as Smart Conditional Logic, Entry Management etc.

• Smart Conditional Logic: You can create different rules as per different conditions.

• Entries: You can see all your entries at one place which makes it nice WuFoo alternative. But this feature is only available in pro version.

• Creating polls and surveys: You can create various polls and surveys on your blog with survey addon functionality.

• File Uploads: You can upload the files easily and that too without any limit. The limits only depend on your web host servers and bandwidth.

• Captcha : You get the captcha functionality which helps you in protecting spam.

• GDPR Enhancements: WuFoo alternative WpForms provide you a simple checkbox, which when checked, turns on GDPR enhancements and features.

• There is no GDPR feature available.
• There is no smart conditional logic functionality.
• The tracking is possible only with Google Analytics and that too, only in the paid version. Free version will not give you any tracking feature.
• You have the file storage limits.

So if we compare the features which is the foremost requirement of any form builder then WpForms is nice WuFoo alternative.


Price is something that everybody is concerned of. So let us compare the prices of both the tools.
Wu Foo comes with 4 plans – Free, Starter, Professional and Advanced. The Starter plan starts from $14.08 per month; Professional is $29.08 per month while Advanced plan is 74.08 dollars per month. These prices are when your billing cycle is annual while the prices will go little high if you plan on paying monthly.

Wufoo price
Wufoo price

WpForms is very cheap. Apart from the free plan, it has four advanced premium plans – Elite, Pro, Plus and Basic. The basic plan is just $39.50 per year while the Elite (the highest one) is $299.50 per year. Plus is around 100 dollars while Pro is 199.50 dollars per year.

WuFoo alternative WpForms
WpForms price

So, as far as money is concerned, WpForms is best Wufoo Alternative.

Brand Name

No one wants to spend anything on a non-reliable and cheap company. When it comes to brand name, both our tools lead in the market. So your money is safe with whosoever you spend.

Customer Support

No one is expert in this world. Whether you are more into technical side or a non-technical person, everybody needs support from official customer team today or tomorrow. When I say about myself, I only look for products with good customer support department. Whether I purchase any small thing or do any big investment in online world, I always look for a caliber and professional support team. And this is the reason I have considered this point too in my review.

The customer support department of both the products is awesome and you need not to worry about dealing with any of the teams.

Author Rating
  • Easy to use
  • Integration with other services
  • Features
  • Price
  • Brand Name
  • Customer Support


I would say that WpForms is winner here in all the aspects and can be considered as a nice alternative to Wufoo. It is cheap, has overall extra features and easy to use drag-and-drop built-in functionality.

If you are not in a position to spend extra cash now then you can try with the free version and can upgrade to premium account whenever you want.

Let me know what you think of WpForms – is it a WuFoo alternative or not?

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